The Ultimate Guide To Kayaking In Melbourne

    The Ultimate Guide To Kayaking In Melbourne

    In Melbourne, you will be astonished that you don’t have to go far to find a great kayaking experience. The best kayaking is done right in the middle of Florida.

    Kayaking involves propelling a light craft across the water via a double-ended paddle. It’s an easy and fun sport, great for kids and adults. Kayaking is a fantastic low-impact exercise that helps to boost cardiovascular fitness and build muscles in the back, arms, shoulders, torso, and chest.

    In Melbourne, there are different spots where you hire a kayak and enjoy the beautiful water views. The rates of renting a kayak vary depending on the size and the time you want to stay with it. In this article, I will discuss how to rent a kayak, what to bring during kayaking, and popular spots for kayaking in Melbourne.

    How To Rent A Kayak

    The easiest way is to book a kayak online. If you want to explore the Indian River Lagoon, renting a kayak or a paddleboard could cost you about $30 per hour.

    A single rental for two hours to sightsee wildlife will cost you approximately $45. If you want to share the kayaking experience with a partner, you can hire a two-seater kayak for $35. The tandem kayak could cost you close to $50 if you want longer adventures.

    What To Wear And Bring Along During Kayaking

    When going kayaking, you should wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting wet. You can also wear a life jacket if that makes you more comfortable during your adventure. Dress up for the water, not the weather, by wearing a dry suit or wetsuit to avoid

    being uncomfortable during cool water splashes.

    Even during calm days, expect your valuables to be splashed if not fully submerged in case you capsize. Bring along waterproof bags to protect your electronics and valuables against potential splashing.

    Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands

    Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands is a group of natural and modified islands in Banana River Lagoon. The area comprises 900 acres of mangroves, salt marsh, maritime hammocks, and spoil sites with upland vegetation. 

    When you rent a kayak, take the Ramp Road and head north to the boating channel. This trip allows you to explore the northern part of Banana River and the Thousand Islands. The main goal is to locate dolphins, manatees, and marine birds.

    Legendary Fisheating Creek

    Another fantastic spot for kayaking in Melbourne, Florida, is the Legendary Fisheating Creek on the west of Lake Okeechobee. When renting a kayak, take this scenic trip to enjoy the sound of wildlife, view birds squawking and trilling, flying wood storks and herons, and dozens of alligators. The forest is made of ancient cypress trees, Spanish moss, and unique air plants.


    Kayaking is one of the fantastic sports you will find in Melbourne, Florida. There are different spots you can rent a kayak; you need to be careful to select the best kayak for your adventure. Take the necessary precaution by bringing the proper water suits and plastic bags to protect your valuables from water splash.

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