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    The iFuntv, as the name suggests, is a TV broadcast service created by Chinese corporations for Chinese people living abroad, allowing them to watch Chinese TV series on the internet in the same way that other platforms, such as Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, do. The iFunTV web platform provides viewers with a wide range of entertainment shows, reality shows, dramas, movies, action, films, short stories, and video content from the diverse Chinese content producer community.

    It was an excellent internet video content platform for the global Chinese community. The IPTV service debuted in 2019 under the domain For its larger community, iFunTV’s management created a cross-platform web application version such as the iFuntv android app, iFunTv iOS app, and desktop version. This post will go over the IPTV apk and the history that iFun TV developed for the Chinese population worldwide.

    What exactly is iFunTV?

    iFunTV is an online streaming platform where users can watch online movies and dramas etc. The iFun TV is so big that it is available on all devices and works well on Windows Desktops, iOS, MACs, and Android smartphones. The interface is nice, easy to use, and handy. Many cutting-edge technologies are used to give users a high-definition and smooth video experience; a large video library with a capacity of up to 2PB, including 15,000+ domestic movies, European and American blockbusters, popular TV plays, popular variety shows, new animations, and so on. A skilled team of updaters works seven days a week to ensure the network is always up to date.

    The iFun TV app’s transitions

    It will be committed to actively creating industry standards and leading the video industry pattern and the general pattern of the Omni-media era as a leader in the overseas video industry.

    There are numerous transitions in popular Chinese web TV platforms. The iFunTV web platform was recently stopped, and their website displayed a “This site is Closed” static page. Following that, the app replaced the iFun TV app with comparable content availability. The platform is fully operational for the Chinese community worldwide.

    What Does iFunTv / iyfTV Have to Offer?

    iFunTV / other online video content platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney, and Chrome Cast, TV is an online Chinese video content web application targeting Chinese individuals living in the United States, Europe, or the Middle East. On the IPTV app, you can view a wide range of material, including the latest Chinese movies, TV dramas, variety shows, cartoons, news, entertainment, life, fashion shows, and technology shows in Chinese.

    Free version 

    You can watch free content on iyf.Tv. You will see video advertising after 15 to 20 minutes of watching in the free edition, and you cannot skip the adverts.

    You may view Chinese movies and news online indefinitely.

    You may watch free online TV dramas and premier videos.

    You can add things to your wish list and keep an eye on them later.

    The video resolution is limited to 480p.

    Ads appear after 15 to 20 minutes of watching and cannot be skipped.

    If you want to watch videos offline, you can’t download them.

    Premium version 

    With a premium subscription, you can go beyond the limitations and enjoy high-quality picture quality and an ad-free movie-watching experience. You can also have access to popular prime-time shows. VIP users can watch high-definition movies without a network by downloading online episodes via mobile apps and computer clients. Check it out and enjoy the quick download. You can receive iyf.TV by downloading the iyf.Tv app or the iFuntv app from their official website.

    1.  Include setting video quality up to 4k for available video content.
    2. I downloaded the web shows so that I could watch them later.
    3. Request particular videos.
    4. Look for videos.
    5. Hide your true identity.
    6. On the go, filter advertising and skip them.
    7. High-definition video quality
    8. It is inexpensive at only 15€ per month.
    9. Rate the program based on your thoughts.

    Top 5 best alternatives of iFunTV 

    However, IPTV is an outstanding service for Chinese people and their companions worldwide. However, their website is currently unavailable due to a service disruption. But don’t worry. Our technical team has studied and discovered the finest alternative for the iFunTV app for you. These alternatives’ extensive information and offerings on their sites are listed below.

    Media Network FTV

    Because IPTV is a premium membership network, it may be a no-brainer for some customers. There are the finest iFunTV alternatives. The FTV media network offers internet streaming for their shows and the entire television experience. Furthermore, you can read news and short stories in Chinese on their official website. It’s a real TV network with online streaming capabilities. You can only watch their shows online; you cannot download and save them for offline viewing.

    Bedtime television

    The Beijing Time website and news client (APP) were launched on April 12, 2016, by the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China’s Beijing Municipal Committee. They are one of the Beijing-level financial media platforms and the Beijing Radio and Television Station’s new media. The only video export company permitted to operate and maintain the Beijing Internet Radio and Television Station. Beijing Time Co., Ltd. operates the Beijing Time website and APP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing New Media (Group) Co., Ltd., is linked with Beijing Radio and Television Station, and has current first-class affairs news qualification. TV, radio, new media integrated editing, and new communication formats. 

    Beijing Radio and Television Station and Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. have invested in Beijing New Media (Group) Co., Ltd., iFunTv, and iyf.TV is all the same. Lyft provides similar services on its platform as iFunTV did previously. It offers a wide selection of Chinese movies, dramas, technology videos, news and current affairs videos, entertainment, fashion news, Chinese celebrity gossip, and a movie-on-demand service. You can purchase a subscription online, download the Lyft app for your desktop, Android, or iOS device, and watch Chinese language programming natively on the Chinese platform.

     Duonaovod TV

    Another good alternative is Duonaovod TV, where you may watch online Chinese cartoons, Movies, Native reality shows, Netflix trending shows, On-demand movies, and much more. These days, the Duonaovod TV is the greatest alternative to iFunTv and works flawlessly. You can go to their official website, Furthermore, simplified the design to allow you to swiftly navigate through the numerous alternatives for watching cartoons, Leaderboards, Shows, and online TVs. The Live TV option lets you view CHC HD Movies, FOX Sports, Guangdong Satellite TV, and Liaoning Satellite TV.

    CCTV Network Media

    The CCTV Media Network is the most well-known Chinese media network, having a diverse range of channels in several categories. Its offerings range from news to other electronic visual services such as TV shows and hosting governmental functions. It is China’s national television, and it broadcasts news from around the country and worldwide. CCTV channels can be viewed straight from their official website. CCTV television network is charmingly expanding Chinese culture and civilization. It’s available for Android, iPad, iPhone, and Android TV. The CCTV channels are diverse, making it the ideal option for iFunTv and other industry competitors.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about iFunTV.

    Is TV available offline?

    No, iFunTv is a web-based TV network that only functions online. You can, however, download TV shows and watch them later when you are not connected to the internet.

    Is it possible to get into other languages?

    It is a Chinese-based web platform with only Chinese content.

    Is iFunTV the only way for Chinese people living abroad to consume content in their original language?

    We have previously discussed the finest alternative to iFun TV, which provides Chinese content. CCTV media network proves to be the greatest option. Furthermore, iyf.Tv is a replica of iFunTV.

    Is the IPTV app accessible on Google Play?

    The IPTV apk can be obtained through third-party Android app shops. It was once available on the PlayStore and iOS Appstore but has now become unavailable.

    Last Thoughts

    It’s basically what our technical staff has said about reviews. It was, nevertheless, the best online Chinese TV service in the last few days. However, many significant players have performed well in the business over time. The Lyft app is convenient and simple to use. You can enjoy Native Chinese TV programs on the go by downloading cross-platform iyf Tv apps directly from their website.

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