The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend

    You and your best friend from childhood were always together. You went to school, learned magic, and got into trouble together. But as you both became wise and strong, jealousy and competition crept into your relationship. Before you knew it, you were sent away from the land for a crime you hadn’t done. Your friend betraying you hurt more than being sent away.

    You walked around for a long time, practising your magic and letting your anger grow. You thought about getting even, even though you also missed your old friend. Then, one day in a bar in a border town, you heard a laugh you knew. He was as relaxed as ever as he raised a glass to his success. Your blood was rushing. You had a chance. But as you stood up to talk to him, thoughts of your friendship with him stopped you. You felt bad when you learned that, despite everything, you couldn’t hurt him.

    You left the bar in the middle of the night, no longer wanting revenge. No one would ever know how close you came to killing your friend. And you started your journey again, finally free from the past.

    Early Years: Two Friends Who Never Left Each Other

    You and your friend lived in the same village as kids and were never apart. As a child, you used to spend the whole summer playing make-believe in the forest and making up stories about great experiences. Your friend always played the brave and good hero, while you were the wise sage who gave help and direction.

    Those times when you didn’t have to worry about anything made you two close. As you became young adults, that bond only got stronger. You both learned about and talked about spirituality as you studied it together. It seemed like your lives were tied together.

    When your kingdom went to war, you fought together on the battlefield. Your friend was brave and good with a sword, but you were smarter and better at magic. Together, you changed the outcome of many fights, and people called you their heroes.

    After your friend won, however, evil began to grow in his heart. He turned against the king and started gathering people because he wanted power and fame. You tried to talk to him, but his pride and desire had turned him into someone you didn’t recognize.

    You joined the fight to stop his rise to power with a sad heart. In the final showdown, you and your old friend fought a fight of magic and steel. Even though you won and sent him to a faraway land, the memories of your happy childhood together still made you cry. The wise man had tricked the hero, but it cost him a friend for life.

    A Budding Sage and a Rising Villain

    You and your best friend from childhood were always together. You trained and studied together, and you both wanted to become famous teachers. But at some point, your friend began to play around with dark magic and got a taste for power.

    When you were given the title of Sage in your town, your friend became angry. He started making plans to get rid of the Elders and become the Sage himself. You tried to talk to him about it, but he wouldn’t listen. His desire for power had eaten him up.

    Your friend sneaked into the temple one night and stole an old scroll with a curse on it. When you found out what he had done, you knew you had to stop him so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. You went up to your friend and begged him to stop going down this dark road, but he just laughed and said he would become the best wizard the world had ever seen.

    You kicked your old friend out of the town with a heavy heart. You had thought that this would show him how wrong he was, but his desire for power was too strong. He spent years going from place to place, perfecting his dark magic and killing any sage or magician who tried to stand up to him. Your old friend had turned bad, and he was now using his gift to cause trouble instead of helping people.

    Even though it hurt, you knew that sending him away was the right thing to do. Some bad things must be stopped, even if they look like old friends. You could only hope that he would find the light in himself again someday. Until then, you would stay on your guard and be ready to fight the man who used to be your brother.

    The fight that set everything off

    Since they were kids, the two friends had never been apart. They had many adventures together in their small town. But as they got older and became young men, a rift grew between them that finally ended their friendship.

    A Battle of Ideas

    Your friend was always more optimistic, while you were always more realistic. He thought that if you worked hard and didn’t give up, you could do anything. You were more honest about your weaknesses and problems. When you both fell in love with the same country girl, these different ideas came to a head. Your friend was sure that she would like him because of how nice he was, but you knew that her family would never like him. When she picked you instead of him, he was angry, which led to a fight that ended your friendship.

    The Last Strain

    You put up with each other in the village for years after that, but you weren’t as close as you used to be. But your friend’s constant positivity and sense of self-confidence kept getting on your nerves. The last straw was when his arrogance led to a problem that the whole village had to deal with. His actions were so careless that they put people in danger and caused damage that took months to fix. You could not keep quiet any longer.

    Hard Truths and an Expulsion

    You talked to your old friend face-to-face and told him some hard facts about how careless and cocky he was. You said that his careless actions were putting the village in danger. Your words hurt him, so he wouldn’t take any blame. The fight got worse and worse until the village leaders stepped in. When they saw how bad this split was, they decided that the only way to fix it was to send one of you away. Your friend will die because of what he did during the last crisis. They told him to leave and never come back.

    Your once-close friend was sent away, and you were both sad to lose him as a friend and glad that his bad decisions could no longer put your home and its people in danger. His banishment meant the end of your shared history and the childhood adventures you could now only remember with bittersweet regret.

    Escape into Exile: A Dangerous Escape

    Getting Ready to Run

    As an expelled sage, the only way to avoid being locked up was to run away into exile. But getting away without being seen would be hard, especially since your old friend is now in charge of the kingdom’s army. You know all too well how smart and cruel he is. To beat him, you’ll have to carefully plan each step.

    Night’s Cover

    Your best chance is to do it at night. Wait for a night when there is no moon and it is so dark that his troops can barely see their watchfires. Gather food, drink, gold, and weapons to protect yourself on the journey ahead. Say goodbye to people you care about in a quiet way. Their sadness at seeing you go will make you more determined to get out of there safely.

    Uses of Distraction

    Make distractions to keep people from looking at the western gate, which you want to use to get out of the castle. Pay sellers to come after dark and stir up trouble. Pay kids on the street to start small fires in the market. Slip through the western gate while the guards are busy. Your friend will think you’re running away to the east, so go west instead. Stay off the main roads and cover your tracks with deer trails and streambeds.

    Setting up fake trails

    Set up fake trails to throw anyone off. Along the eastern road, leave personal things you no longer need. Have your friends tell people that they saw you going east while dressed as a monk or peddler. While troops look for ghost trails, you go west pretending to be a simple pilgrim. No one will suspect a visitor who is not armed.

    Hard Road to Come

    The road ahead is hard, but you move forward because you want to be free. Each mile you move away from the kingdom makes your heart feel better. Before your friend figures out what’s going on, you’ll be far away. Let him be king of a country without a wise person. His loss is the gain of exile. You will be able to give advice to masters who are smart enough to listen. This is just the beginning of a long trip, which you can now do as a free man.

    Life on the Run: Wandering the Wilderness

    It was hard and lonely to be on the run. You wandered around in the wilderness for many years, never stopping in one place for very long. Every day was a fight to stay alive, but you did it with wit and will.


    You made houses out of fallen logs, big branches, and thickets of brush that you found in the forest. These kept you safe from the weather while you slept, but you had to keep one eye open in case of danger. Some nights, you went up high into the trees and found comfort in their old, twisted branches.

    Water and Food

    When there wasn’t much game, you ate berries, nuts, and wild plants. To catch mice, birds, and fish, you set up traps and snares. It was important to have clean water, so you went along streams and rivers, filling up your water supply and taking baths when you could.


    Wild animals, bad weather, sickness, and getting hurt or sick were always a danger. You were almost eaten by a hungry animal or cut by a human enemy more than once. Even though you were tired and hungry, you kept going because you were smart and lucky.


    Even though you were alone, you had a reason to keep going. Every day you stayed alive got you closer to freedom and a chance to make things right. The memories of past mistakes and the people you had to leave behind kept you going. You knew that you would come out of hiding when the time was right to finish what you had started.


    The woods taught you many things, like to be humble, to be patient, and to be able to change. You learned which plants could heal you, which tracks to follow, and what the birds were saying when they sang at dawn. You were moved by the beauty of a wild scene. Solitude became a reliable friend who gave you time to think about your life’s path. Hard times made your body and spirit stronger. In spite of everything, you never gave up hope. The flickering light was what kept you going.

    After years of living in the wild, you finally came back to the world, but you were no longer the same person. The sage who had been sent away was back.

    Rumors of His Former Friend Becoming His Enemy

    You have heard that your old friend is mad at you. Even though he was sent to the edge of the country, you can still feel his anger and vengeance.

    Spys and Tellers

    It looks like your old friend can see and hear everything. Spies and people who talk about other people tell you that he is angry that you got away and that he is going to find you. Every new whisper makes you worry about what might happen. You know all too well how sneaky and mean he is.

    A History of Breaking Trust

    Your old friend was good at manipulating people and liked being in charge, which made him turn against you. His betrayal still hurts like a fresh cut, reminding you of a friend you used to have but no longer does. He has been replaced by a cruel dictator who will do anything to get what he wants. His past lies have shown you who he really is. You worry about what new plans he might be making to hurt you.

    A Future That Is Unknown

    Your days are filled with dread because you don’t know what will happen next. Will troops come to chain you up and drag you back? Will a killer’s blade come after you at night? You jump at every strange sound and wonder if this is the moment when your luck will finally run out. The pain comes from not knowing, which hangs over everything you do like a dark cloud.

    Trying Not to Be Afraid

    Fear follows you everywhere you go, but you have to find the strength to keep going. You won’t be saved if you give in to fear and hopelessness. The only way to stop your old friend from making you scared is to stay alert and keep living and fighting for what’s right. He has power over you as long as you are afraid, so stand up to him by meeting each day with determination. The road ahead isn’t clear, but you’ll face whatever comes with your eyes open and your head up.

    A New Identity: Hiding in Plain Sight

    The sage knew he had to change his name to get away from his childhood friend, who had kicked him out. Living where everyone could see him was his best chance to start over.

    Name Change

    The first thing he did was pick a popular name that would help him fit in. He chose the name “Jiro,” which is a common name that would not make anyone suspicious. With a new name, he could meet new people without telling them who he really was.

    Wear that doesn’t stand out

    He had to get rid of his sage’s robes and put on regular clothes. Simple pants and a tunic in brown and gray that didn’t stand out helped him look like a regular farmer. With his new boring clothes, he would not stand out in a crowd.

    Changing to a New Town

    It was too dangerous for him to stay where people knew him as a wise man. He chose to move to a village a few days’ walk away, where people wouldn’t know about his banishment yet. People in this new town only knew him as Jiro, a simple wanderer who wanted to settle down.

    Getting a Skill

    The man who used to be a wise man became a woodcutter to finish his change. Spending his days cutting wood and moving logs helped him feel more like a regular worker. His rough hands and simple clothes made it impossible to tell where he had been.

    Keeping himself busy and to himself

    Not showing how smart and knowledgeable he was

    He stayed away from places and people from his past.

    By following these rules, the outcast sage was able to hide in plain sight so that no one who knew him before would be able to find him. With his smart escape, he was able to start a new life without the mistakes of the past following him. He outsmarted the people who wanted to hurt him and found a way to start all over again.

    Narrow Escapes and Close Calls

    The banished sage knew he was still in danger after he left the house. His childhood friend, who is now a powerful advisor, would not give up the hunt so quickly. The wise man had to be very careful not to get caught again.

    The Hideout in the Woods

    The thick forest was a good hiding place, but the wise man knew that his friend would look there first. He couldn’t stay in one place for long because he had to keep moving. One night, he heard the men of the advisor’s army coming toward his camp. Just as the troops came into the clearing, he put out his fire and ran away. He was able to avoid being caught again because of how quickly he thought.

    The Valley Pass

    The sage ran into the mountains, thinking that the rough terrain would keep the people who were after him away. He was going up a narrow pass when he saw a group of soldiers standing in the way. The sage couldn’t go back without being seen, so he hid in a crack and held his breath until the last man was out of sight. His hiding place was only a few inches away from being found.

    The Village by the Sea

    The sage thought he was finally safe, so he stopped to rest in a small fishing town. He was trading for supplies when he heard two locals talking about a reward that the palace was offering for his capture. After all, his friend had not given up. The wise man understood that as long as the advisor kept looking for him, he would never be safe. He understood what he needed to do.

    The wise man got back into the palace when it was dark. He approached his childhood friend with a knife and told him to stop looking for the man. The assistant said that he was only doing what the king told him to do. The wise man said that the king would be glad to have him back if the assistant could say that he was trustworthy. His friend agreed, and the wise man was finally able to come out of hiding. Every time he tried to hide, he was almost caught.

    Will the past catch up to the present?

    You worry a lot because you don’t know what will happen next. Even though you got away from your childhood friend for now, you can’t help but wonder if your past will catch up with you soon.

    After leaving the only place you’ve ever known, you don’t know what will happen next. Where do you want to go? How are you going to live? Your friend was the only family you had left, and now that person has moved away. Even though being free from them is freeing, the unknown road ahead is scary.

    Will the armies of your friend come after you to bring you back?

    Do they care enough to look for you, or were you just a piece in their power and control game?

    How long can you stay hidden if you jump at every sound and always look over your shoulder?

    This is not a good way to live, always on edge and afraid of other people. But after being locked up for your whole life, you don’t know how to do anything else. Your abilities to stay alive are good, but you have very few social skills. Every time you talk to someone, you worry about what will happen next.

    Do you keep moving around aimlessly and fighting every day until your friend’s forces catch up with you? Or do you take a chance on humanity again and look for people who might help you get back on your feet, teach you skills, and show you the kindness that was so missing in your old life?

    The way forward isn’t clear, but you can’t keep going like this forever. Your future isn’t clear, but you have to decide whether to face it with courage or give in to the chains of your past. The first step was to get away, but now the real trip starts. Still unknown is where it will lead, but for the first time, you can choose.


    So, in the end, you were able to trick your old friend, who had kicked you out of the country, with a trick. You were able to get away from him and start a new life far away by using your skills and magic. Even though it was hard to leave the only place you had ever lived, you knew you couldn’t stay where you weren’t accepted or valued. The lesson of the story is that sometimes in life you have to make hard decisions, even if it means losing people you used to care about. But the good news is that those who are brave enough to look for new adventures will find them. You bet on yourself, and it worked out. Who knows what other exciting things will happen to you now that you’re on your own? There are as many options as there are miles of road ahead.

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