Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1

    The Story’s Beginning

    Keiki Kiryuu is recruited as a “hero” to a parallel realm to defend the princess. However, he is only a high school student with little interest in girls. Keiki is summoned daily after his successful return to his realm. The same thing happens every time: he is placed in life-or-death situations, saves the day, and returns home. Being a hero appears to be a source of frustration for Keiki. But then he meets a girl who alters everything…

    Characters’ Backstories

    The story’s four main characters are all summoned to a parallel realm. Their origins and objectives, though, are all very different.

    Sora is the story’s protagonist. She has often been called to a parallel world as a high school student. Her goal is to find a way back home and avoid being summoned again.

    Aqua is a close buddy of Sora’s. She has been summoned to a parallel universe, too, but she has no idea how or why. Aqua is compassionate and caring, although she can be rash at times.

    Kairi is another close buddy of Sora’s. She was born in a parallel universe and has never left. Kairi is determined and strong, but she can be irresponsible.

    Kairi’s older brother is Riku. He was also born in the parallel universe, but he left when he was younger and has since grown into a strong sorcerer. Riku is serious and self-sufficient, but he can be cold at times.

    How Did They Become Summoned?

    Some people are born able to see beyond this reality’s curtain and converse with otherworldly beings. They are referred to as summoners.

    Some cultures believe everyone can summon, but it is a skill that must be developed. Summoners learn to open themselves to other planes of existence and summon monsters to do their bidding after years of study and practice.

    Others think that the spirits themselves choose summoners. When a ghost seeks a vessel to possess or a tool to aid them in their quest, it is stated that they will find a method to enter the summoner’s dreams and link themselves to them.

    Whatever path they follow, the power of summoning is not to be underestimated. Those who employ it must be careful not to summon anything beyond their control or comprehension because dealing with forces from beyond always carries the risk of losing oneself.

    The Present Situation

    Assuming you want a full description of the world to which the characters are transported:

    Magic and other supernatural elements are real and ubiquitous in this society. The rich and vibrant atmosphere, with vibrant vegetation and fauna dotting the area. In this world, the sun is supposed to be extremely beautiful, and the stars at night are reported to be so bright that they may light up the sky for kilometres. There are hazards in this realm, such as vicious creatures and powerful magic users.

    Strange Creatures and Elements Discovered

    Historically, There have been accounts of odd creatures and materials discovered within our globe that defy understanding. Some animals are so strange that they have become legends, while others are more well-known but no less enigmatic. Here are just a few of the unusual species and elements discovered in our world:

    The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is a creature claimed to live in the Himalayan Himalayas. The Yeti originally appeared in reports in the early 19th century, and sightings have continued to this day. The Yeti is described as a gigantic, ape-like monster clothed in fur, standing up to 10 feet tall in some tales. While there has never been definitive proof of the Yeti’s existence, many believe it is a descendant of an extinct ape species.

    The Kraken is a fabled sea monster claimed to live off the coast of Norway. The Kraken is reported to be enormous, with some tales stating it can grow to be 100 feet long. It is claimed to have tentacles that it employs to attack ships and drag them beneath the water’s surface to their fate. While no documented sightings of the Kraken have been reported, many believe it is based on genuine creatures such as squid or octopuses.

    El Chupacabra is claimed to be a Puerto Rican beast. It is believed to resemble a dog.

    The Difficulties Faced in This New Environment

    I faced two major issues in a parallel universe that I was summoned to several times.

    The continual battles were the first. There appear to be constant wars between various factions in this world. As a result, as soon as I arrived in this new environment, I was forced into the midst of these conflicts. It was tiring to be continually fighting and trying to survive.

    The second issue was more psychological. It was dealing with the realization that no matter how hard I worked, I would never be able to make a lasting change in this world. Every time I made progress, something would happen to restore everything to its previous state. It was exasperating and upsetting.

    Surprising Allies and Enemies Discovered Along the Way

    While it is usually assumed that one is alone on their life’s path, this could not be further from the truth. We are allowed to make new pals or foes at every turn. These connections are frequently formed accidentally.

    We may find ourselves at odds with someone we believed was a friend or create a tight friendship with someone we thought was an adversary. It’s all part of life’s adventure. Handling these connections might be challenging, but it’s all part of the experience.

    Learnings As a Result of Being Summoned

    Being summoned to a parallel realm can teach you a lot of things. For example, one can learn how to adjust to new environments swiftly, make friends with people who are different from them, and be resourceful in challenging situations. Furthermore, getting summoned frequently demands bravery and facing one’s worries. As a result of these encounters, those summoned frequently emerge stronger and more capable than before.


    This chapter describes how our protagonist, Jinko, was transported to a parallel world and his struggles to comprehend the rules of this new reality. We learnt about the monsters he’s faced thus far and the challenges he’ll face in the future. This chapter established an intriguing premise that should keep readers interested as more chapters are released. It’s evident that Jinoko still has much to learn about himself and this unusual environment, making each chapter an intriguing voyage!

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