Who is IYF TV for Can you use it

    Asian movies and dramas are becoming more famous worldwide, especially those from China, Korea, and Japan. Millions of people like them because they make them feel different and foreign, and their stories are very moving. There aren’t many ways to watch Chinese, Korean, or Japanese movies and shows in Europe or the United States. There aren’t many websites that have enough Asian movies and are of good enough quality. 

    Most Asian movie websites on the internet don’t have the newest plays and movies, which is a bummer if you want to watch a new Chinese drama. This piece discusses IYF TV, a website with many Asian movies, dramas, and documentaries.

    Who is IYF TV for?

    IYF TV is an Asian website where you can watch movies, plays, documentaries, variety shows, and other videos online. Even though it is a new website, it has the same amount and quality of information as other sites. The site has over 10,000 movies, more than 10,000 TV series, more than 3,000 cartoons, and more than 1,300 documentaries. This website is one of the best Asian movie sites in terms of how much information it has. Read on to learn more about IFVOD TV.

    There are two ways to use IYF TV: free and paid. Both have pros and cons.


    In the free mode on IYF TV, you can watch all the movies and shows for free. It is the site’s default setting. You don’t have to sign up for an account or give any personal or financial information to use this mode.


    But the free mode is backed by ads, so annoying ads will pop up from time to time. The quality of the movie is another bad thing about free mode. In free mode, you can’t download anything from the site and can only watch movies and shows in 480P or lower quality.

    The best mode


    IYF TV’s Premium mode doesn’t have any annoying ads. It lets you watch your favorite movie in high-resolution formats like 2k and 4k. You can get any movie or TV show in 4k to watch when you’re not online. In premium mode, you can ask for movies, dramas, and variety shows that aren’t on the internet. So, if you want to watch a show or movie that IYFTV doesn’t have, you can ask for it in premium mode, and the site will get it.


    To get into the premium mode, you must pay a fee based on your chosen deal. You must sign up for an account and give information about your finances. IYF TV has the following high-quality packages:

    Gold VIP: Package for 30 days for €15.

    Gold VIP: Package of 180 days for €69.

    Extreme VIP: A deal for one year costs 119 euros.

    How do I find movies, plays, and documentaries on IYF TV?

    IYF TV is a website with a detailed way to find your way around. It has movies, TV dramas, variety shows, cartoons, videos for physical education, documentaries, game videos, news, videos about daily life, music videos, Fashion videos, and Technology videos in its video library. 

    These are important groups, and each has its subgroups or genres. Each main group has different types of music, making it easy to find what you want quickly. Here is a list of the different types of music that each main group has.

    Movie:It has comedy, love, action, crime, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, disaster, fear, thriller, plot, war, singing and dancing, classic, suspense, animation, homosexuality, and an online movie as themes and subcategories.

    TV Dramas: This main category includes Idol, love, romance, ancient costumes, history, fantasy, spy war, adventure, city, science fiction, military, comedy, martial arts, rivers, lakes, crime, youth, family war, suspense, pass through, palace, myth, Trade war, gangster, action, thriller, plot homosexual, fantasy, and skits

    Variety show:Reality shows, drafts, Network synthesis, talk shows, funny, sports, emotions, interviews, concerts, parties, and more are all subcategories of this major category, “variety show.”

    Cartoon: It has blood, fighting, aircraft warfare, a girl, sports, science fiction, magic, funny reasoning, adventure, love, college, cure, instant noodles, pass-through, supernatural, danmei, theatrical version, and more.

    Physical education : this major category are subcategories for the Olympics: comprehensive, basketball, and football.

    Documentary:It has subcategories for culture, travel, the military, decryption, technology, history, people, nature, and more.

    Game: This major category is for videos about gaming, and it has subcategories for Gaming, Online Games, Stand-Alone Games, Games with a Host, and Mobile Games.

    News:This category is for videos about the news. There are subcategories for foreign news, China News, Chinese information, finance, and the military.

    Life:This category is for movies about life in general. There are subcategories for funny, daily, food, animals, beautiful flowers, travel, learning, constellations, getting married, and catching the sea.

    Music: All of the music videos on www.IYF TV are in this group. It has subcategories for music material, MV, self-made, dance, song, and on-site.

    Fashion: All IYFTV movies about fashion are in this category. It has makeup, exercise, shows, photos, and outfits sections.

    Technology:his main category is for movies about technology. It has subcategories for digital, cars, computers, cell phones, and arms. Watch more movies on M4ufree as well.

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    IYF TV has more ways to get around than just the main sections. Here’s what they are.

    Region:The region is where a movie, TV show, or documentary was made. Every movie or show on this site has a note about where it came from. If you want to watch movies, dramas, or documentaries from a certain area or country, choose that region and get all the videos there. IYF TV has shows and movies from the following places.

    • China’s mainland
    • Hong Kong, China
    • Taiwan
    • Japan
    • Korea, South
    • Both Europe and the U.S.
    • U.K
    • Thailand
    • Other

    Language: Language is a very important part of movies and plays. If you can’t understand the words in a movie, no matter how good it is, you won’t like it. IYF TV lets you move around based on the language you speak. All you have to do is choose the language you know; only movies and TV shows in that language will appear. The following language groups can be found on this website:

    • Mandarin
    • Cantonese
    • English
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Thai Grammar
    • other

    Year: All movies, plays, and documentaries are grouped based on when they came out. It’s especially important to watch movies or TV shows that came out in a certain year or time. IYF TV has different time slots for the following:

    • The year 
    • A year ago
    • earlier
    • the 90s
    • the 80s

    Quality: It shows the quality of the movie. Movies, TV shows, and films don’t all have the same level of quality. Some are better than others. You can use this tool if you only want to watch movies with a certain video quality. IYF TV’s video quality is as follows:

    • 4K
    • 2K
    • 1080P
    • 720P

    Status: It shows where a TV show or story is at the moment. There are only two choices for status, one for finished dramas and the other for ones that are still going on:

    • All the Works
    • Loading

    How do I use IYF TV to watch movies online?

    On IYF TV, it’s very easy to watch movies. There aren’t any twists and turns as you might find on other sites. Follow these steps to find out how to watch videos on IYF TV.

    Click on “”

    Thanks to the site’s clear and easy-to-use layout, you can easily find the movie, TV show, or documentary you want to watch.

    Once you’ve found the movie you want, click on it, and it will start on a new page. Learn more about HDhub4u.

    How do I get movies off of IYF TV?

    On IYF TV, it’s just as easy to download movies and episodes of shows as it is to watch them online. 

    The best mode

    Find and click on the movie you want to download.

    It will begin to play on a different page. There are buttons to thumbs up, thumbs down, share, rate, and download the movie below the video player. When you click it, your download will begin. Check out more movies on M4uHD.

    Mode Free

    In the free mode of IYF TV, you can’t watch movies, TV shows, or anything else. You’ll need some software if you still want to download your favorite movie for free. The Internet Download Manager is something we suggest. 

    Get the Internet Download Manager and put it on your machine.

    In the settings, let the Internet Download Manager program run.

    Now, go to and click on the movie you want to download.

    On a different page, the movie will start to play. IDM will show you a floating download button over the movie; click it.

    After that, you’ll need to choose where to save the file and click “start download” for the movie to download. Read also about the movies on Bolly4u.

    IYF tv: Is it okay to do?

    IYF TV gives away free Asian movies, which is hard for a legal website to do. Even though some legal websites offer free flicks, they have few. You can only give away a movie for free if you get the rights from the original owner or if you are the original owner. Because of this, only a small number of movies can be given away officially and for free. You can’t legally give away more than 20,000 movies, TV shows, and films for free. IYF TV can only give away so many movies and shows for free because it copies them without the owner’s permission, which is illegal. So, it is a stolen website that is against the law. Learn about Apne TV as well.

    Is it alright?

    IYF TV is an illegal and copied website. People know that websites like this are dangerous in many ways. Here are some risks that we think you should be aware of.

    Ads: This site’s free mode is supported by ads, which means you have to deal with a lot of annoying ads. Not only are ads on illegal websites annoying, but they can also be dangerous. IYFTVs get their ads from shady and low-quality ad networks because well-known and safe ad networks like Google AdSense don’t work with illegal websites. Users often end up on scam websites after clicking on ads from shady ad networks.

    Information about money: To use IYF TV’s paid mode, sign up for an account and give your credit card information. Iyf. Tv is a very new website. Its domain name was only registered a little more than six months ago. Even though there are no bad reviews or stories of scams, it is still hard to trust them completely. Giving your banking information to someone on a website you don’t trust is dangerous.

    Legal issues: As we’ve already talked about, IYF TV is a stolen website, and many countries ban it. Even though it’s rare, people sometimes get in trouble for using stolen websites. If your country has strong laws against piracy, you could get in a lot of trouble if you break them. You could get a big fine or even go to jail if caught. Read up on GoMovies.

    How can I safely use IYF TV?

    Even though IYF TV is dangerous, it’s not so bad that you can’t use it properly. It is usually safe to use as long as you take a few common measures. Keep in mind that you should follow the safety rules.

    Use an ad blocker to stop ads from showing up. Most of the ads on websites can be removed with an ad blocker. Most, but not all. Suppose you can. Don’t touch the rest of the ads. If you are sent to a website that has nothing to do with what you were looking for, leave as soon as possible. As long as you don’t touch them, ads are pretty safe.

    If you can help it, don’t use the paid mode. You can watch all the movies online for free. But if you want to use premium mode, you should pay with a card that only has the minimum amount of money needed to register for the package you want. 

    Use a VPN to hide your identity, and even if IYF TV is against the law in your country, no one will be able to find out that you are using it. Learn more about 1Movieshd as well.

    Questions about IYF TV

    Who came up with the idea for Iyf? Tv?

    The name of the site’s owner is not revealed. But the site says it was made by a Chinese person living abroad. Find out more about JalshaMoviez here.

    Where do the movies, TV shows, and films shown on IYF TV come from?

    Users can post movies, TV shows, and other videos to IYF TV. Users submit most movies, dramas, documentaries, and variety shows to the website. 

    Is there anything on the website that isn’t proper for kids?

    Yes, there are videos on the internet that kids shouldn’t watch. Users can post videos to the site, and there are few or no limits on what they can upload. Also, check out aFilmywap.

    Why won’t IYF TV open?

    Two things could be wrong if you can’t open IYF TV. 

    The site is being worked on, so you should try again in 30 minutes.

    The page is not accessible from where you are.

    What should I do if my area doesn’t let me watch IYF TV?

    Even if IYF TV isn’t allowed where you live, you can still watch it through a VPN and a firewall. Find out more about Moviespapa here.

    One Last Thing

    IYF TV is a good choice if you like Chinese dramas and flicks. We suggest you only use the free mode if possible since you won’t have to give the website any of your financial details. To stay safe, follow safety rules when you use this site or any of its competitors.

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