5 women players in India who have been successful in the game

    Since the Indian men’s cricket team took home the World Cup in 1983, the country’s interest in the game has surged, elevating it to the status of one of the most well-known sports in the country. Since that time, the sport has been regarded in such high regard that in certain places, such as India, it has almost taken on the characteristics of a religion, and those who participate in it are held in the greatest regard. The fact that the Indian men’s team had a head start and had already achieved some heroics in this world made them the obvious favorite, which caused the Indian women’s team a great deal of stress.

    On the other hand, as a result of the unrelenting efforts of the BCCI to elevate women’s cricket, a number of talented female cricketers have stepped up to the challenge and are bringing style and promise to the sport. On the other side of the coin, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the BCCI to elevate women’s cricket. Hence, at this particular point in time, people need to be very much clear about India woman next match so that they can cherish their favorite players very well. These players have made a big name in the cricketing fraternity, making them the best players to play in any team. Following are some of the best players of the Indian cricket team:

    1. Poornima Rao: This is the former cricketer from Hyderabad and has been very much amazing in terms of striking the ball. Purnima was one of the principal Indian woman players who were attempting and exploiting the 15 over feel distractions, and she is a middle-order batsman who additionally served as the opener in the later years. She was very much successful in standing out among the professional fielders of the willow and was regarded by numerous individuals and youngsters.
    2. Harmanpreet Kaur: She’s 38 years old, yet she can still swing a mean bowling arm and bat with the best of them. She looked up to Virender Sehwag and enjoyed frequent cricket matches. Without a shadow of a doubt, she can do it all, from scoring quick runs to trapping batters in a small area to bowling at a medium pace with her right arm. She is one of the first Indian cricketers to sign a lucrative deal, with Sydney Thunder of India’s Big Bash League after scoring three sixes on her debut. At first, she was the most prominent Indian player to join the ECB stars in the Kia super league. Her positive outlook is the single most important aspect of her character, one that has helped her rise to the top of the cricketing world and made her a household name.
    3. Jhulan Goswami: The world of cricket knows her as one of the finest fast bowlers ever, and she is widely regarded as a formidable player. The 2007 ICC Woman Cricketer of the Year has a stellar average across the board, having grabbed 200 ODI wickets, 40 test wickets, and 50 T20 wickets. She is the epitome of drive and tremendous discipline, qualities that have helped her extremely soft, rapid bowling and entire character well beyond projections. In 2008, she led India to victory in the World Twenty20 and was honored with the Padma Shri award for her service as captain of the country’s victorious one-day international team. At an economy of 3.24 in the ODI, she has been standing out from the crowd very well and further is regarded to be a highly significant wicket-taker in woman’s ODI history after she outscored the other players. At the age of 30, she has a great lot to contribute to the site and is also very much successful in offering the greatest possible strategy to finally stand out among the top women cricketers in India.
    4. Neetu David: She is one of the best possible types of left-arm spinners and is the star player for the Railways side by demonstrating that she is very well honored in the industry. She has been facing different kinds of bounds and turns in her career life but has been very much successful in overcoming all of them without any kind of problem. She stands out in India due to the left-arm conventional spelling associated with her, and ultimately, she has been successful in surviving the tough for the near future very successfully.
    5. Shikha Pandey: She was an engineer before she started playing cricket generally and experienced her childhood in Goa. She has been very much successful in playing in the cricket Association of Goa, and before finishing her degree, she had chosen to jump totally into the universe of cricket. Ultimately, she turned out into a cricketer and was going to abandon her plans of joining the Indian Air Force. There the 28-year-old professional was a very quick bowler of the Indian cricket group, and she was offered the job of the air traffic controller for the IAF. The family of this particular girl is from Uttar Pradesh, and she was born in Andhra Pradesh but spent most of her time in Goa.

    Hence, being clear about the above-mentioned categories of the players in combination with the Indian women’s next match news is very much important for cricket lovers so that they can definitely enjoy every moment of the game very successfully. These players have helped India win many matches by scoring runs or taking wickets. These women are an inspiration for all the girls out in the country that they can also have the same level of fame as them. The only need is to follow your passion properly.

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