The Enduring Works of Sidney Appelbaum: Reflections on Charm and Existence

    The comedy film “Love and Death” is where the narrative about Sidney Applebaum first appeared. In the film, a French general boasts that if he is victorious, his name will be as well-known as “Sidney Applebaum.” This is where the story about Applebaum first appeared. The comedic lines in Woody Allen films frequently don’t fit in with the rest of the narrative, which is one of the director’s trademarks. Because Bill Hader is only familiar with a portion of the script for the comedy that will air on Saturday Night Live, his co-star Stefan is in for a pleasant surprise.

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    Hader is a comedian, therefore it’s quite possible that he would have found the joke funny in the first place. The audience members laugh because they are familiar with the movie reference and comprehend Hader and John Mulaney’s specific humour. People who are unaware of what transpired previously are statistically less likely to find the situation humorous.

    The irony of the scenario is that the audience already expects the Jewish Dracula to have a name that sounds so awesome because Blackula was mentioned earlier,

    The joke works twofold

    The fact that the audience already expects the Jewish Dracula to carry a name that sounds so cool makes the joke work. Using a Jewish name “Sidney Appelbaum” that has a very standard sound to it runs counter to this concept, which contributes to the hilarity of the situation. It’s possible that the joke is funny because many people have the stereotype that Jews are traditionalists who value pragmatism. When Bill Hader steps out of character and starts laughing so hard that he can’t contain himself, the audience is even more interested. On the other hand, Hader has a reputation for being easy to make laugh during the sketches that are performed on the show, which contributes to the overall enjoyment of the situation.

    Sid Applebaum A few quick facts:

    Sidney “Sid” Applebaum is a successful American entrepreneur who, along with another individual, co-founded Rainbow Foods. Applebaum was born in Manhattan, New York, to a Jewish American family, most likely on the lower east side of the city. He began his career in the accounting field. Even though he has been successful in business, the fact that he has appeared on Saturday Night Live so frequently may be the thing that brings him the most notoriety. People frequently make jokes on his intelligence and attractiveness, which are funny in and of themselves.

    Sidney Appelbaum
    BornFebruary 28, 1924, Saint Paul, MN
    DiedAugust 6, 2016, in Minnetonka, MN
    SpouseLorraine Applebaum (m. 1946–2016)
    ChildrenNancy Rosenberg, Jay Applebaum, Ellen Saffron
    ParentsOscar Applebaum, Bertha Applebaum

    Interview Topics

    The interviewer said in a previous live interview that Bill Hader had expressed regret over leaving “Saturday Night Live.” The conversation then shifted to how much Hader enjoyed playing the role of Sidney Applebaum, a Jewish take on Dracula, which caused him to roar with laughter. It’s not that the name is hilarious in and of itself; rather, it’s funny because it makes a reference to a well-known joke from a film by Woody Allen called “Love and Death.” The joke is humorous, but it also has a more personal feel to it because the character in the movie is talking about how his name would be remembered throughout history.

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    The initial stages of Sidney Applebaum’s career:  

    The Applebaum family, which included the late Sidney Applebaum, had been involved in the food industry for many years. Oscar Applebaum, the man’s father, was known for peddling goods from the back of a horse-drawn waggon throughout the streets of St. Paul. Sidney began his career in the industry when he was still in his childhood. His family ran a grocery store, and he pitched in by helping to carry boxes, package rice and detergent, and bring food to the store.

    As an adult, he launched a retail enterprise by establishing a series of businesses. Additionally, he was a co-founder of the grocery chain in the form of Rainbow Foods stores. Up until the year 1997, he presided over Rainbow Foods as its CEO.

    His family claims that Applebaum adhered to a very regimented work schedule. He got up at four in the morning every day to continue climbing the corporate ladder, which he did right up to the day he passed away.

    Sidney Applebaum, who was 92 years old and helped establish Rainbow Food, passed away recently.

    The chronology compiled by Sidney Applebaum:

    Oscar Applebaum emigrated from Russia to St. Paul in the year 1900 and began selling fruit and vegetables using horses and waggons. In 1924, Oscar opened his first fruit and vegetable market shop at Seventh Street and St. Peter. His sons find jobs immediately and begin peddling newspapers on the sidewalk. 

    In 1932, Oscar and his children opened the doors to their second business in St. Paul, which was located at the intersection of St. Clair and Prior. 

    • In 1948, the Applebaum family opened their third location at 946 Payne Avenue, and at that time, they pondered expanding the business into a chain. 

    • In the 1950s, Applebaum’s grew into a chain, and the company was managed by the founder’s seven sons, two sons-in-law, and two grandsons. 

    • In the 1960s, Applebaum’s expanded its operations to a national level and collaborated with Dayton-Hudson’s Target shops to establish a network of warehouse supermarkets stretching from Duluth to Houston. 

    • In 1976, the one and only namesake store that was still operating relocated from St. Peter Street to its current location at Fifth and Wabasha in the central business district of St. Paul. 

    • 1979 saw the acquisition of 26 Applebaum’s locations by the National Tea Co., based in Rosemount, Illinois. Applebaum’s has taken over the operations of the 19 National Tea outlets that were previously located in the Twin Cities market. Applebaum’s is now the largest grocery store in the Twin Cities market as a result of this.

    • In the year 1982, National Tea sold 56 Applebaum’s shops to Gateway Foods, a supermarket wholesaler located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Sidney Applebaum is asked to return so that he can construct and transform the businesses into a network of warehouse supermarkets known as Rainbow Foods. 

    • In 1994, the Oklahoma City-based company Fleming Cos. paid Scrivner Inc. $1.1 billion to purchase Gateway and Rainbow Foods from the company. Applebaum remained in his role as leader of the Rainbow unit after the incident.

    Average Running Time of an SNL Episode

    When you factor in the time for commercials, a typical episode of “Saturday Night Live” on NBC lasts for a total of 90 minutes. In order to display the whole end credits, NBC will sometimes replay the entire 90-minute show but will do so with some of the content removed and additional commercial breaks added.

    However, repeats of the show, which was popular in the 1990s on Comedy Central and in the 2000s on E!, have been shortened to an hour, and certain skits and segments have been omitted. At the moment, the duration of the show that is available online on Peacock can vary from episode to episode due to the fact that certain sketches and musical acts are need to be omitted in order to comply with clearance requirements.

    The dress rehearsal of “Saturday Night Live” is around two hours long and occurs on the same night as the live show. This is the version of “Saturday Night Live” that runs the longest. Because of issues with the production, the live show will occasionally include sketches that were performed during the dress practise. Other dress practise skits that do not make it into the live show, which are formally referred to as being “cut for time,” are posted online after the programme has concluded.


    On August 6, 2016, Sidney Applebaum passed away without incident at the age of 92. He was successful in many aspects of his life’s endeavours. In addition to being a devoted husband, father, grandpa, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, grocer, and company owner, he also served as a mentor for a significant number of people.

    On February 28th, 1924, Sidney Applebaum was born to his parents, Oscar and Bertha Applebaum. In 1945, he wed the woman who would become the love of his life, Lorraine Smith, and in the following month, the couple would celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. They named their children Nancy, Jay, and Ellen in that order. Sidney was overjoyed to observe the expansion and contentment of his family.

    Sidney was known for being kind and kind, and he always put the requirements of others ahead of his own, despite the fact that he accomplished many wonderful things.

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