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    Funny Twitter Quotes is one of the best social media sites globally for expressing emotions without fear of being banned. You can tweet anything on the network, from hilarious jokes to dark jokes and even weird quotes.

    Do you want to tweet some humorous quotes but don’t know what to say? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

    We’ve compiled some of the most bizarre and amusing quotes available. The ones we’ve listed below are safe to use and can be tweeted immediately.

    Twitter Quotes that are out of this world

    Every girl has a weird side; all you have to do is look for it.

    We’re about to sin if we kiss, and I smile in between.

    I want to be weird, but only with one person will you notice me.

    People are drawn to the unknown.

    That one individual to whom you wish to do everything nefarious.

    I may have a terrible tongue, but I can use it to my advantage.

    Desire persists in its unbridled march.

    When you get to know a shy girl, you’ll notice that she’s humorous and a little jerk.

    What you’re looking for is looking for you.

    The greatest deceit that men are subjected to is their own opinions.

    Since I met you, I haven’t given anyone else a second thought.

    Never let go of the raging sadness known as #desire.

    The best relationship is one that is weird, wonderful, and strong.

    Flirtationship is a relationship that is more than a friendship but not quite a relationship.

    If we were alone, I’d. Smash. I’m going to kiss you. Cuddle. Chill. Eat.

    I want to sit on your lap all day, kiss you, and call you daddy.

    Oh, how a gentle love can drown out dread.

    We loved with a passion that transcended love.

    Nobody can tame love since it is a wild bird.

    Because you care about her health, stuff her with meat and protein.

    When you’ve finally met someone as weird in bed as you are.

    Twitter Quotes with Insight

    The following are Twitter Quotes.

    “If you set excessively high goals and fail, you will fail above and beyond everyone else’s success.” James Cameron is a director who is known for his

    “Those who are too busy to hunt for success frequently find it.” Thoreau, Henry David

    “Those who make the best of the situation get the best results.” Wooden, John

    “The average entrepreneur has 3.8 failures before achieving success. The successful ones are distinguished by their incredible perseverance.” Amos, Lisa M.

    “If you don’t want to take a chance on the ordinary, you’ll have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn is a well-known author and speaker.

    “Choose one idea. Make that one concept your life—think about it, dream about it, and live it. Allow that concept to fill your brain, muscles, nerves, and every other aspect of your body while leaving all other ideas alone. This is how you get ahead.” Swami Vivekananda (Swami Vivekananda) was a Hindu

    “Stop pursuing the money and start chasing your passion,” says the author. Tony Hsieh is a Taiwanese entrepreneur.

    “If we have the bravery to pursue our ambitions, they can all come true.” Walt Disney is a fictional character created by Walt Disney

    “If you’re willing to do more than you’re paid to do, you’ll eventually get compensated to do more.” Anonymous

    “Success is the ability to bounce back from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister during World War II

    “You only see the public glories when you see a successful person; you never see the secret sacrifices they made to get there.” Shah, Vaibhav

    “Success? I have no idea what the word means. I’m content. But success, in this case, refers to what success means to each individual. Inner tranquility is success for me. For me, that’s a good day.” Denzel Washington is a well-known actor.

    Every saint and sinner has a past and a future.

    It is impossible to be blessed if you have never suffered.

    Learning is the journey of life. The goal of life is to progress. Life is inherently changeable. The goal of life is to overcome obstacles. Caring is the core of existence. Serving is an opportunity for like-minded people. Daring is the key to life. Befriending is the spice of life. Giving is the essence of existence.

    The typical man consumes. The smart are those who create.

    I exist because I rebel.

    Everyone else has already taken your place.

    To be violent and original in your work, be regular and organized in your life.

    Paying attention is our never-ending and proper task.

    I love you if I love myself. I love myself if I love you.

    Please don’t make your children’s lives easier for them.

    Your discomfort is the cracking of the shell that encases your comprehension.

    Time is an artificial construct. “I don’t have time” is the equivalent of “I don’t want to.”

    Certainty is a silly condition, but doubt is an uncomfortable one.

    Even if I knew the world would fall apart tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.

    What you want is significance, not stuff, pleasure, or beauty.

    Perhaps you’re looking for something that only emerges in the roots among the branches.

    Twitter Quotes That Are Funny

    My grin could be phony, but my personality isn’t.

    When she needs money, she’ll undoubtedly call you “Honey.”

    Before you pass judgment on a man, put yourself in his shoes for a mile. Who cares about that?… You’ve got his shoes, and he’s a mile away!

    People are prisoners of their phones, I finally recognized. That is why it is referred to as a “cell” phone.

    How does one go about writing an autobiography? I can’t even recall what I ate for lunch yesterday.

    “I’m here to bother you,” remarked an adult man wearing a Minions shirt. The mission has been completed.

    A monkey’s limited ability to dress does not guarantee that it will be invited to the dinner table.

    The best medicine is laughter. However, if you’re laughing uncontrollably, you should seek medical attention.

    To hang out with me, you don’t have to be insane. I’ll teach you everything you need to know.

    Here’s a flashback photo from Thursday. I’ll unfollow you if you don’t comment aww.

    I’m not shy; I’m just trying to keep my awesomeness in check, so I don’t scare you.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away but forget about the fruit if the doctor is cute.

    I’m not funny at all; I’m simply rude, and others think I’m amusing!

    Twitter Quotes that I adore

    You’ll realize how much I cared one day.

    All I desire is serenity…

    There were no heartbreaks, tears, or pain.

    Why is life so difficult… as it is written… It was emotionally exhausting.

    I can’t get my mind off the snooze I had after school.

    The past is irrelevant once the bond is broken.

    If you’re tweeting about how busy you’re…

    You’re not occupied.

    I refresh Twitter with the same carelessness that some people twirl their hair.

    I’m not a big tweeter. However, I still believe in the artist’s mystery.

    Once a week, tweeting is like sending fantastic telegrams to your buddies.

    Is it possible to be an Angry Bird by sending a sarcastic Tweet?

    Twitter is an excellent way to fill 35 minutes when you only have 5 minutes to spare.

    Twitter is a platform where anyone, anywhere on the globe, may assist another person.

    It’s not only about consuming content; it’s also about sharing, repurposing, and contributing to it.

    Don’t tweet me your breakfast unless it’s something genuinely outstanding; I’m not interested.

    Look where your mind goes when it wanders to find out where your heart is.

    Life and relationships are similar to a card game in that you must learn diverse strategies, learn from your mistakes, always play to win, show no mercy, take risks, believe in yourself, and play a hand in hand until you win.

    I am made up of all kinds of love. Therefore, I accept my interconnected self and bring me happiness.

    They’re pretty nice on the streets. On the other hand, folks on Twitter like hating on me. People can be cruel at times. I usually respond with something along the lines of, ‘Be careful now, know who you’re dealing with…’ ‘I’m sorry!’ they say. ‘Do not dispatch the Lord of Light to pursue me!’ It’s a lot of fun to experiment with it.

    Twitter Relationship Quotes

    You deserve better the instant you start to doubt if you do.

    Your heart may require additional time to embrace what your mind already knows.

    There are folks who, simply by being themselves, pull you down. They don’t have to do anything.

    If they aren’t making you shine, you can glow independently.

    We should fight for our relationships, but if fighting means ripping yourself apart and taking on all of his demons, you should leave.

    Remove yourself from people who treat you as if your time is unimportant, your feelings are unimportant, or your spirit is disposable.

    They will poke you in the lungs and then inquire why you are experiencing difficulty breathing.

    Some people don’t want to be fixed since it draws attention.

    Stop stoking the fire to keep someone else comfortable.

    Because your thoughts consume you, mental violence is even more traumatic than physical abuse.

    It’s preferable to break your own heart once than to have it broken every day by someone else.

    You have to give up on individuals from time to time, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.

    When you throw away your excess baggage, you make more room in your life.

    You can’t make someone change if he doesn’t perceive a problem with his conduct.

    By letting people go, you reclaim your control.

    Life Quotes on Twitter

    Life is a mountain to climb. The point is to discover your way, not go to the top.

    Life is a question, and our response is how we live it.

    Keep your gaze fixed on the heavens and your feet firmly planted on the ground.

    Life is far too precious to be handled lightly.

    Change your thinking, and your reality will change.

    Life can only be understood from the back, but it must be lived from the front.

    Your health, mission, and the people you love are the three most important aspects of your existence. That is all there is to it.

    Easy and meaningless will never satisfy you as much as complex and meaningful would.

    It’s like a box of chocolates when it comes to life. It’s impossible to predict what you’ll get.

    Life is made up of moments rather than milestones.

    Don’t obtain the world at the expense of your soul; wisdom is far more valuable than wealth or gold.

    I admire people who can maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

    When you’re busy making other plans, life happens.

    There is beauty in everything, but not everyone sees it.

    Do you enjoy life? Then don’t waste time because time is the stuff of life.

    Don’t take yourself too seriously in life. You’re not going to make it out alive.

    Don’t try to figure out what life is all about. Instead, be present for those you care about.

    Like the stomach, the heart prefers a diversified diet.

    I swear, in this world, being little insane keeps you sane.

    Do you believe we left any good Twitter quotes out of the above list? Leave a comment in the space below to let us know which ones we forgot about!

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