What Are The Reasons For Cerebral Palsy And How To File A Lawsuit?

    Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects movement, muscle tone, and posture. It is caused by damage to the brain either before or during birth. The rate of death of people with cerebral palsy is highest among White people, followed by Asian, Hispanic, and Black people.

    Unfortunately, many parents are impacted by cerebral palsy and don’t know where to turn. If your little one has symptoms or has been diagnosed with cerebral, you may be wondering what caused it and if you can file a lawsuit. You can visit CP Family Network’s lawsuit page for more details.

    This blog will discuss the causes of cerebral and how to file a lawsuit.

    Causes Of Cerebral Palsy

    1. Bleeding On The Brain

    During childbirth, if there is bleeding on the brain, it can cause Cerebral . If the medical staff does not catch this in time, it can lead to long-term damage. Bleeding may occur due to:

    a. Poorly controlled blood pressure during pregnancy

    b. Placental abruption (when the placenta tears from the uterine wall)

    c. Umbilical cord prolapse (when the umbilical cord comes out before the baby)

    d. Using forceps or vacuum during delivery

    e. Excessive bleeding during delivery

    If you or your child has suffered from any of the above, you may be able to file a lawsuit. Contact an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer to discuss your legal options.

    2. Infection On The Brain

    Infections may occur before, during, or after birth. These infections can be passed from the mother to the baby during pregnancy or delivery. Infections that occur around delivery are most likely to cause cerebral palsys.

    Some infections that can cause cerebral palsys include:

    •          Bacterial meningitis

    •          Congenital cytomegalovirus

    •          Encephalitis

    •          Rubella (German measles)

    To file a cerebral lawsuit, you must be able to prove that the infection occurred because of medical negligence. It means that the healthcare provider failed to provide the standard of care that a reasonable healthcare provider would have under the same or similar circumstances.

    3. Hypoxia Or Lack Of Oxygen To The Brain

    Hypoxia is when the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen. Oxygen is pivotal for the brain to function properly. A baby’s brain doesn’t get enough oxygen can cause cerebral palsys.

    Hypoxia can happen during pregnancy if the mother has a condition that prevents her from getting enough oxygen. It can include heart disease, anemia, or high blood pressure. Hypoxia can also happen during labor and delivery if there are problems with the baby’s oxygen supply.

    Conditions that cause hypoxia during pregnancy, labor, or delivery can lead to a cerebral lawsuit. You can visit CP Family Network’s lawsuit page to learn more about filing a lawsuit.

    4. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    TBI can result from different types of accidents, but is most commonly caused by car accidents, falls, and violence. If the accident was due to someone else’s negligence, you might have a case for filing a cerebral palsy lawsuit.

    Steps To File A Cerebral Lawsuit

    1. Gather evidence of your injury and its long-term effects.

    2. Contact an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer.

    3. File a lawsuit against the responsible party.

    4. Negotiate a settlement or take the case to trial.

    5. Win your case and receive compensation for your injuries.

    Final Thoughts

    You may feel overwhelmed if your child was born with cerebral palsy or suffered an injury that led to the condition. However, you are not alone in this fight. Thousands of families every year suffer from the effects of cerebral palsy, and many of them choose to file lawsuits.

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