4 Effective Tips to Calm Your Anxious Dogs

    Dogs are social animals. They are close to humans, so they often feel anxious when separated from their owners. Dogs also feel anxious when abandoned by owners or by the atmosphere in the dog shelters where many dogs are barking continuously.

    Like other detrimental behaviors of dogs, such as barking, peeing everywhere, and chewing stuff, dog anxiety can also be treated with the proper steps. Many dog owners use CBD oil for dogs anxiety, as it helps them to calm down and also reduces inflammation and seizures. If your dog gets too anxious, you need to know these four effective tips to calm your anxious dog.

    Exercise them more often

    Dogs often find it challenging to deal with separation from their owners. That’s why the best solution to dog anxiety would be never to leave them alone. Sadly that cannot be possible for many dog owners. If you are one of them, you can help your dog deal with anxiety better.

    Exercising is an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. Like humans, engaging in physical activities releases endorphins in dogs, reducing stress and anxiety. So before you head out to the office or somewhere else, you can take a walk with your dog or have a short run around the block to make them feel energized. Remember to talk with your dog and offer physical touch when you play. You can also play with toys like ropes and balls to make it more interesting. Dog love to play when they are challenged and included. 

    Try CBD oil for dogs

    CBD is known for its therapeutic benefits. Many dog owners use CBD oil for dogs anxiety, and it helps to reduce the stress and fatigue associated with anxiety. Some brands have developed unique products for dog that offer those therapeutic benefits to dogs and other pets.

    The oil is ingested through the mouth and helps dog feel relaxed. It also reduces the frequency of seizures caused by epilepsy. It also helps to reduce inflammation, and dog get healthier skin and shinier coats. These tinctures, oils, and salves are an effective natural solution to deal with dog anxiety without the harmful side effects of chemical-based pharmaceuticals.

    Increase the physical touch

    Many dog experience separation anxiety. They get anxious when their owners are not around. Therefore increasing the physical touch would effectively soothe them when they get nervous. Look out for the signs when your dog gets anxious, so you work on the root cause. Play with them more often, lift them, talk with them, and be involved in longer petting sessions. Touch is an effective and powerful love language. Use it to help your dog feel more wanted and not abandoned.

    Give them a massage

    Like humans, when dog get anxious, their muscles contract, and they feel restless. Thankfully a massage can help them release the stress from their muscles and relax. Start from the neck and work downward. You can also pet the dog with your hand to calm them down while you massage them with the other hand. That way, they don’t feel worried and enjoy the massage to feel more relaxed. Dog are like humans in many ways. They don’t feel good when they are distanced from their loved ones. Therefore play with them more, pet them more and use the necessary medications to help them feel calmer.

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