Victim of sexual assault? Here’s who you should call

    If you are a victim of sexual assault, there are numerous supports to reach out to. You must get all the help you need to move forward and overcome the harmful effects of another’s criminal behavior. Following the assault, you may initially feel unable to reach out for help. As justifiable as this fight or flight response is, you have a greater chance of achieving positive outcomes for your case if you act quickly. 

    As soon as you can, contact an attorney, you trust to start building your case. Your attorney will inform you of the options you have to pursue civil or criminal case filings, lawsuits, etc. The longer you wait to reach out, the more challenging it will be to collect evidence, identify the perpetrator(s), and win out in court. 

    However, not every survivor wants to take legal action, and ultimately this is their decision. Just be aware that there are statutes of limitations surrounding these cases, so if you plan to act, the sooner you do, the better. To learn more about handling your sexual assault case, here is information on how a qualified sexual assault attorney, as well as others in your personal life, can help you fight back. 

    Contact A Sexual Assault Attorney

    If you plan on taking legal action against your perpetrator(s), contact a sexual assault attorney as soon as possible. Your chances of winning out in court are more significant the sooner you get a trusted sexual assault attorney involved. You can start documenting and collecting your history, evidence, and other materials to help your sexual assault attorney build legal theories, find liability and make arguments on your behalf. A skilled sexual assault attorney will understand how to approach the case without dismissing the emotional significance weighing on the survivor. 

    Reach Out To Loved Ones

    Your loved ones are there to support you during times of turmoil. In addition to the support you’ll receive from your sexual assault attorney, you can lean on your close friends and family during this time. With their love and encouragement, you’ll grow stronger and feel even more capable of handling legal proceedings and the general aftermath involved in healing from the crimes that have occurred against you or someone you love. 

    Talk To A Therapist

    Beyond your legal and familial support, you should also get the help of a licensed therapist trained in helping survivors of sexual assault recover and reclaim their life. By working with a therapist specialized in these areas, you’ll learn skills and approaches for moving beyond the assault and not letting it tear you down. You’ll gain resiliency and the strength you need to continue throughout your case and after that.

    Get The Help You Deserve

    Sexual assault is a devastating crime that results in significant consequences for the survivor. With the right sexual assault attorney and support systems in place, these damages will not go unchallenged. Get the help you deserve, and reach out to those who can help immediately.

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