5 Questions To Ask A Connecticut Car Accident Attorney

    Car Accident Attorney: You can suffer a serious injury after an accident and may be required to hire an attorney to represent you in a legal pursuit against the one responsible. When you hire an attorney, you may have numerous questions concerning some matters and how to proceed with your claim.

    The type of questions you should ask your car accident lawyer is entirely up to you. Feel free to ask any questions about the accident and the pursuit of compensation.

    Your conversations with your lawyer are confidential and privileged, so you can discuss the events in detail to build a strong case. Here are questions to ask a Connecticut car accident attorney.

    Questions To Ask A Connecticut Car Accident Lawyer

    What Should I Do After My Auto Accident?

    This is a normal question to a Connecticut car accident attorney, and the answer should be seeking medical attention if you haven’t done that yet. The intensity of your injuries may not be visible immediately, while others may not be apparent for a long time.

    A medical expert can diagnose injuries and damages that may not be visible but worsen over time.

    How can I make sure my car accident case is safe?

    This is another frequently asked car accident question received by numerous injury lawyers. If you have preserved evidence from the accident scene, the Connecticut car accident attorney may advise you to be concerned about the other driver’s insurer.

    The lawyer may ask you to refrain from giving a recorded statement to the insurer until they can review the facts of the accident with you.

    What Deadlines Do I Need To Meet?

    You should be aware of numerous deadlines when filing a car accident lawsuit. Before hiring an attorney, you should know the limited time to file a claim.

    This deadline is a statute of limitation, meaning you have two years to file a lawsuit about the car accident. After this period, you won’t have legal recourse against the other driver. Understand that through your claim, the lawyers will have their deadlines.

    What Information Do I Need To Provide?

    Like other lawyers, a Connecticut car accident attorney documents all aspects of your crash, injuries, and claim. Ask your lawyer what type of documents, photographs, evidence, and other information to provide. This helps you understand what items you can provide best serve your case.

    How Long Will My Case Take?

    You should be seeking an honest answer when you ask this question. Solving such a case can take a few weeks to a year, either by trial or settlement.

    It takes time because the Connecticut car accident attorney wants to ensure you receive full compensation for the injuries and damages. Furthermore, the insurance company has to analyze and evaluate the information provided.


    After a car accident, you may need compensation from the other driver through a legal pursuit. Hiring an auto accident lawyer gives you confidence that all your legal matters are in good hands. If you are unsure of aspects, ask your attorney for comprehensive clarification.

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