Trello Software vs Jira Software which one is best for you

    Trello is a project management software that can automate tasks, streamline project details, and collaborate with teams. Jira software is an agile project manager that can be used for proprietary issue tracking as well.

    The Trello software was released in 2011 and provides numerous options to get around project management in an efficient way. It has Kanban-style boards in addition to several other visual boards to access information and streamline all the details. The Jira software started twenty years ago and has become the top choice for several users.

    Let’s take a look into Trello software vs Jira software in the light of their listed features and their pricing options.

    Trello Software

    The Trello project management platform simplifies the way you engage with your tasks regularly. You can skip the need from one app to another as Trello will let you streamline your processes through a single tool. The following tools make the Trello software special:


    A simple and easy way to overcome the drudgery of repetitive processes is through automation. The Trello software integrates its very own automation tool called Butler that is at your beck and call. The Butler tool is a no-code automation feature so you can automate all the tasks as they fit your requirements. Therefore, you can easily create rules and buttons to execute automated assignments too.

    One way in which Butler sustains your project is by giving you control over the rules. You can customize rules so that all the aspects of your projects are taken care of and nothing is lost in translation.

    The Trello software automation displays buttons on cards as well as boards that you can click on to trigger a set of tasks. In fact, if you think that you need to align the Butler feature with other apps to bring work into focus, you can integrate different tools like Slack, Jira, or even email. The automation tool has the capability to create Jira tickets, send emails from your boards, and much more.


    Another way through which Trello software simplifies the project management system is that it has numerous visual management tools. There are Trello boards that replace Kanban and present to you all the necessary details. You can further utilize the Trello boards to create project plans and turn your ideas into implementable projects.

    In addition, you can check project status and see all the developments in real-time. The Timeline feature lets you stay ahead of all the sprints so that you can see if everything is moving according to the deadlines. At the same time, the timeline features can be accessed to change the dates with its drag and drop interface.

    To further align with the deadlines, you can also access a calendar view so that upcoming events are visible to you. You can stay ahead of the tasks by making sure that you know what lies ahead. The three other view boards that are available in Trello are:

    ·         Map

    ·         Table

    ·         Dashboard


    If you want to take your project management to the next level, you can also use power-ups like Slack, Voting, and many more. Trello has up to eleven categories so you can browse through each to find apps that are required for your campaigns and projects.

    Trello Demo

    There is a two-minute video that is available on the website that is presented as a Trello demo. It is a quick review of all the features that are available in the Trello software.

    Trello Pricing

    There are four options that are part of the Trello pricing. Even the free plan is able to support different stages of task management.

    Jira Software

    The Jira software has multiple benefits for its users. It is not only helpful for issue tracking but can also be used for coding, deployment, project management, and team collaboration too. The following features make Jira software a top choice for agile teams:

    Visual Boards

    There are two types of visual project management boards available in the Jira software. Firstly, the Kanban board makes information accessible at a glance. For instance, users can visualize their workflows and maintain project details. It can be useful in increasing productivity as well as visibility. DevOps teams usually rely on the Kanban board in order to drive deliveries.

    Secondly, the Scrum board makes it possible to turn the assignments into small tasks. Once you have a project in front of you, it is of utmost importance that you break it down into tasks and assign the tasks to relevant team members for timely delivery as well. This is exactly what you can achieve with the integration of Scrum boards.


    Another great way of keeping up with a project is by creating a roadmap that can be used to outline the project, create context, and stay ahead of the processes. The roadmaps feature can be, first of all, used for step-ladder task distribution. Task hierarchies ensure that your plans align with the priorities.

    Likewise, you can track tasks across different teams through a single view of the initiatives that you are working on. You can also resolve dependency conflicts and overcome possible blockers too.

    Reports and Insights

    The reports and insights feature in the Jira software can be utilized to create dynamic reports as well as dashboards to stay on top of the results that your work is generating. Rather than creating generic reports, Jira focuses on shaping out-of-the-box reports that are meaningful to the type of work that you are doing. At the same time, you can generate real-time insights to make sure that the work is going according to the plan.

    Jira Demo

    The Jira demo is available on the website so that you can learn about the various features that are applicable to your work needs.

    Jira Pricing

    The Jira pricing has four options that include free, standard, premium, and enterprise plans. The free option is like an introduction for users who are just getting started with the software.

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