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    Instagram, which we used to only see and share beautiful photos in the past,Photo Editing has now become a big social media platform where shares are shared on many different topics, from shopping to magazines. According to June 2018 data, the number of business accounts operating on Instagram, which exceeds the 1 billion user limit, is 25 million and this number is increasing day by day.

    These numbers and the quantity of growth delivered opposition with them. With the increasing competition, people want to increase their real likes and get followers on Instagram. For this purpose, some people use service sites like as “Buying Instagram Followers UK”.  Many people who want to share better photos searched for different things, and Instagram photo editing applications came into play.

    Different Photo Editors You Can Use for Free


     Developed by Google, Snapseed is a powerful and user-friendly application. Android and IOS compatible, Snapseed is considered as one of the best photo editor apps in android operating system. Its biggest advantage is the selector and brush editing tools. These tools allow you to edit only certain parts of an image, rather than edit it.

    For example, if an object is overexposed, it allows you to change the exposure of that object by simply selecting that object and the rest of the image remains the same. Snapseed also includes various filters and advanced tools. Once you’re done with your photo editing, you can use one of the export options or the option to share on Instagram.

    2- A Color Story

    A Color Story app includes various filters and tools for photo editing. Almost all the features are available for free, but some filters are paid. You can directly connect your Instagram account to A Color Story with your login information. It also has its own unique tools like “curl” and “center hue” that are not available in other photo editing apps.

    3- VSCO

    VSCO is a popular photo editing app that lets you edit your photos with the included tools and post them on Instagram or other platforms. The most basic feature that distinguishes VSCO from other photo editing applications is that it has its own photo sharing platform. VSCO includes hundreds of filters and dozens of adjustment tools.

    It also allows you to save the photo editing steps you have done before and use them later whenever you want. In VSCO, where almost all the tools are free, you must pay for the use of some tools. The biggest disadvantage of VSCO is that you need to create an account to use the app.

    4- Adobe Photoshop Express

    The most unique feature of the application that distinguishes it from other competitors is the ability to select the export size during export of the edited image. This feature gives you great flexibility in your use of photos on different platforms, in terms of maintaining quality and resolution.

    It has an extensive variety of tools, such as filters, authoring tools, and university creation. All are free except for certain features. You need to sign in with google, Facebook or adobe account to use it.

    5- Pixlr

    Besides creating collages, it not only uses interesting filters, but also includes fun tools like stickers and frames. It additionally has double publicity and overlay features. Although it has brush editing tools, it does not offer as free editing as Snapseed. It also includes automatic correction, sharpening and many other traditional editing tools.

    6- Face Tune

    Face Tune is an application made especially for the selfies you take. There are many features in the application for you to beautify your face. It contains many tools that will enable you to create flawless skin, remove facial blemishes, reshape, and resize your face, change the photo background, etc.

    7- Venn gage

    Unlike other photo apps, Venn gage, which allows you to make collages from multiple photos, includes many collage templates. Venn gage, which you can use in all kinds of collage processes such as bringing together the photos you share on Instagram or combining the photos you take with your friends, is completely free, except for certain features.

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