Instagram DM adds features of Facebook Messenger 2022

    Facebook, the largest social media platform, is the owner of a photo sharing app. Instagram. Both platforms have their own messaging features: Messenger for Facebook and DM for Instagram. But now the social media giant will start bringing the messenger feature to Instagram.

    According to Facebook, messaging has come a long way since it first acquired Instagram. The social media giant is also exploring how messaging should evolve as its Facebook offerings grow.

    And Facebook’s suite of apps alone allows users to send 10 billion messages to friends and family. Now, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are forced to stay at home away from each other.

    And more than ever, people are communicating on social media, especially Facebook Messenger. Over 100 million individuals are using messengers to connect with and express themselves with people, especially friends and family. For this reason, Facebook has decided to link the Messenger and Instagram experiences.

    This gives users more access to one of the best-in-class messaging experiences, regardless of which app they use. Instagram users also choose whether or not to update this new experience immediately.

    Facebook gives people the best messaging experience

    A study conducted by Facebook found that one in four people who use a messaging app use Facebook to connect with important people in the United States. However, one out of four users say they sometimes have a hard time remembering where to look for a particular conversation thread. But now Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM are interconnected, making it easier for users to find chat threads in one app.

    The social media giant is also adding more than a dozen new features that people can use to connect with friends and family. Some of these features are selfie stickers. A unique hybrid of boomerangs, selfies and emojis, and a new way to respond to conversations.

    Another new feature available in the latest update is View Together. Also, disappear mode is a feature that you can set to automatically disappear after the recipient sees the message.

    It also leaves messages and calls Instagram Instagram app already turned on. The major change is that individuals using Facebook Messenger can now contact friends and family via Instagram without downloading a new app and vice versa. Beyond that, users can control where they receive calls and messages, such as chat and message requests.

    Top features of messenger carried to Instagram DM

    According to Facebook, the familiar features of Messenger will be brought to the new update. Some of these features are forwarding messages, responding to specific chats, and customizable themes and colors. 

    The social media giant also added that over 100 million users customize their Messenger chat threads with nicknames and custom colors. This new update allows users to use Messenger’s custom emoji reactions. Soon there will also be a message effect feature that people can use to give their reactions and messages more emotion and visual flair.

    Over time, people will see more fun ways to connect with people who matter to them. Features like selfie stickers and custom emoji reactions will first be accessible via Instagram and soon on Messenger.

    Features of Instagram’s new messenger experience

    Now that Facebook has made great strides in linking Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM, we need to see if the update will benefit our users. This is why the social media mogul introduces a number of new features when an update is released.

    Instagram’s new Messenger experience includes:

    View together

    Now people can watch videos with friends and family while video chatting. This new feature makes watching trending videos and movies more fun on Facebook Watch, IGTV and Reels.

    Communication between apps

    Now that Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM are linked together, you can seamlessly connect with people from both apps. Users can also use either app to send messages and make calls between friends and family.

    Extinction mode

    Destroy mode allows the recipient to select the option to have the message disappear after viewing the message or when they close the chat thread.

    Chat color

    This feature isn’t new anymore, but it’s nice to know that with a new update you can customize your chat thread with fun color gradients.

     Selfie sticker

    You can now use your selfies to create a series of boomerang stickers and use them in conversations.

    Custom Emoji Reactions

    This feature allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite emoticons. This allows you to quickly respond to messages from friends and family.


    Ability to respond directly to specific chats.

    Message control

    Now you can decide who can message you directly or not at all.


    I got a good message that I want to share with others. Now you can do it easily using the forwarding function of updates. This makes it easy to share messages and images with up to three friends or groups.

    Animated message effect

    Animated Message Effects lets you add a visual touch to your messages with the Send Animated Effects effect.

    What will the future Instagram DM be with emojis?

    The future is definitely here, but in a sense tomorrow will always be different. With the advent of emojis, we are on the verge of the evolution of another language we rarely see. Evolution occurs whenever basic signs and characters change for basic forms of communication. This also does not include the inevitable changes and additions of new DMs that will come to the platform.

    This is similar to how humans learn a new language, but at a slower rate. These letters and emoticons can and will be used to send secret messages that only the recipient can understand. Even without a high level of encryption, previously understood symbols cannot be deciphered without the full cooperation of those with whom they communicate. There are obvious and very real risks to this, but it’s already normal for all languages.

    The good news is that we’re thinking of creative outlets that will emerge. Consider the humor and wit of the new emoticons used in everyday jokes. Memes alone will be grandiose, and this is not even the original communication via messenger.

    These Instagram DM’s new emoji screenshots will spread all over the internet to make them more adaptable. Tomorrow’s meme is today’s communication wit. They harden the way we talk and communicate, teleporting through every screen and spreading like a parasite. I hope Emoji Masters will think deeply about the emojis you install and activate on your Instagram DM.

    Can I add my own emoji to Instagram DM?

    Currently, you can only use a “mask” that overwrites the emoji display, but others will see the emoji when loading it into their phone. They too can reinterpret emojis with their own masks, but the default emojis have solid characters used to represent them.

    There is currently no functional way to add your own emoji, but if you have access to your phone or computer, you can change the way these emojis appear to you and your friends.

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