Get a Certificate IV in Education Support

    In today’s society, many children grow up without the knowledge and life skills they need to function well in society when they grow up. It’s important to set them on the right path from an early age, and educators are in a position to do that by giving students personalized instruction and helping them build their confidence and self-esteem. With Certificate IV in Education Support, you can use your natural gift for communicating with kids to help them learn how to read, study, remember and write effectively. Let us show you how you can make a real difference in the next generation!

    What Does the Certificate Entail?

    The certificate iv in education support is designed to help you prepare for a career as an education support worker. You’ll gain knowledge of child development, primary school teaching, special needs or disability services and learning technologies. You’ll learn how to effectively assist teachers with any problems that might arise at school and handle physical issues like writing on a blackboard or climbing stairs. It’s also about providing practical assistance for students who have difficulties understanding their lessons. You’ll be giving kids guidance that helps them achieve success both in school and in life.

    Types of Jobs You Can Do With the Certificate:

    Teacher: A teacher helps students learn by planning, teaching, assessing, and managing classroom activities. Some teachers focus on one particular subject like maths or science. They can also teach several subjects at once, such as primary school teachers who help students through every stage of their education from kinder to year 6. For example, Secondary (high) school – some types of high school teachers might include English, drama, history or geography teachers and computer or technology, educators. Vocational (technical) education – depending on your state, there may be different vocational programs for students to follow after year 10. These vary widely across Australia.

    Project worker: Many schools require parent volunteers to be trained on how best to support their child’s academic and social development. A project worker has flexibility in their role as they can either volunteer their time independently or by partnering with teachers, parents and other community members on specific projects designed to meet individual needs at certain stages of growth.

    Educational Administrator: The highest qualification of an educational administrator is that of an executive director or CEO. They are responsible for overseeing all aspects of day-to-day operations, providing overall management for companies or organizations.

    Educational Assistants: These professionals provide teaching support in schools, hospitals, community centres and childcare facilities. They work with children, from infants to teenagers and help them develop basic educational skills such as reading and writing. Aspiring ESL/EFL Teachers: ESL/EFL teachers work in public or private education institutions to teach English to non-native speakers.

    Childcare Worker: Typically requires that you have your Cert III or higher. You’ll work with children from birth to five years old under their parent’s supervision. Your role is to provide for their basic needs, such as feeding, nappy changing, bathing and keeping them occupied with activities like playing games. Other duties include maintaining safety standards, creating a welcoming environment and helping children develop their social skills. The job market for childcare workers is highly competitive, so it’s important to get your qualifications first before looking for work.

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