6 Online Personal Training Certifications You Should Take

    Personal training teach clients how to improve their health and fitness through exercise. They also provide guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes to help them achieve their goals.

    As such, it is necessary for every trainer to get a personal training certificate. Such certification programs offer various courses to help you build a successful career. Some topics covered include anatomy, physiology, strength training, nutrition, and injury prevention.

    The good news is that you can get an online personal training certification if you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to attend the classes physically. These online programs are also highly flexible as you can take the lessons from anywhere at any time. In addition, online personal training certification offers a vast selection of courses. Click here to see these courses. However, here are six certifications you should take.

    1. Health and Wellness Coach Certification

    This online personal training certification allows you to specialize your fitness and wellness knowledge to become a certified health and wellness coach. The program helps you learn about holistic nutrition, self-care, fitness goal coaching, and more to equip you in designing tailored health coaching services for your clients. It also provides an opportunity to get a certificate, a pocket certification card, or both at a fee.

    2. Pilates Certification

    This certification expands your fitness knowledge by teaching you about pilates fusion exercises, mat pilates exercises, and pilates routine design. This online personal training certification exposes you to the industry’s special education and provides enough knowledge of basic Pilates exercises, routine design, methodology, and successful pilates workout considerations and components. It is great as it allows you to pay only if you pass.

    3. Self Defense Instructor Certification

    This certification enables you to become a self-defense instructor by teaching you about fitness for self-defense, situational awareness, self-defense strategies, and more. With an option to pay only if you pass, the independent study self-defense instructor certification breaks down the fundamentals of self-defense and defensive postures.

    4. Running Coach Certification

    This online personal training certification widens your fitness knowledge to teach you about nutritional strategies, sprints, running for endurance, gait analysis, and more, giving you a competitive edge in the dynamic fitness industry. In addition, it equips you to design effective training routines for your clients and increases your knowledge of successful running considerations and safety concerns.

    5. Core Fitness Training Certification

    The certification teaches you core-specific exercises and strategies, core fitness assessments, strength training considerations, routine design, and methodology. Also, it allows you to create core fitness workouts for your clients according to their needs.

    6. Senior Fitness Instructor Certification

    If your fitness niche is seniors, this is the perfect online personal training certification. It teaches about stability exercises, senior functional fitness, motivational strategies, senior fitness fundamentals, methodology, age-specific considerations, and more. This knowledge allows you to design effective fitness regimens for your older clients.


    Regardless of your niche, there is an online certification to expand your knowledge and give you a competitive edge in the ever-changing fitness and wellness industry. Make use of these online personal training certifications to build credibility and professionalism.

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