10 Ways To Gift Wrap A Plush Toy

    Gift wrapping comes with elements of fun, surprises, and joy. Especially if you are wrapping a plush toy as a gift, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a grown-up; you will always feel special. Imagine for your birthday; you get a giant stuffed hippopotamus wrapped in a big DIY basket? It surely gives thrills of excitement and a reason to smile to people of all ages. But if you are stuck with how to gift wrap a cozy plush toy, try these simple and easy ways to cover the cuddly toy without any hassle.

    Amazing ways you can gift wrap a stuffed toy: 

    1. Tootsie roll

    Have you ever thought of gifting a teddy bear-like rolled candy? If not, a tootsie roll is one of the best ideas to gift wrap your big squishy plush toy. This adorable idea of wrapping your soft plush toy like candy is phenomenal. You just need to bring a paper roll of your plush toy with both arms and legs covered with the paper wrap, then do not forget to place a layer of tissue paper on top of it. After that, secure both ends with a fancy ribbon for the finishing touches. Finally, remember to fluff up the roll at the end.

    2. Put it in a Box

    To put a teddy bear in a box is one of the most vintage and endearing ideas. You can think of various innovative ways to style up your box. You look for heart-shaped boxes, brown paper squared boxes and tiny square boxes. They look charming with stylish ribbons and gift cards on top. However, if you want to add a tint of romance to gift the plush toy to your wife or girlfriend, you can look for unique cube-shaped boxes which open like a door. This way, you can surprise your dear ones incredibly.

    3. Balloon wrap

    If you want to go extra dramatic and creative with your gift wrapping, then a balloon wrap is an exemplary idea. A big balloon packed with tiny stuffed bears will leave your dear one startled. It’s an undefeatable idea to propose to someone or to amaze your loved ones on their birthdays. Imagine a big balloon full of tiny teddy bears waiting for you at a venue? It will surely make you feel startled. To go the extra mile, you can decorate it with flowers, gift cards, and ribbons to make it look more appealing.

    4. Plastic Table Cloth

    A plastic table cloth seems like a thoughtful idea to wrap a giant stuffed toy because tablecloths have a very durable fabric that protects your stuff well. Moreover, they add a surprise flavor by concealing the gift inside the wrap. Therefore, they are an ideal way to gift a stuffed toy. For instance, wrap a graduation bear without any fear at your graduation party without any hassle easily.

    5. Put it in a basket

    A basket full of cuddly stuffed toys is like getting a basket full of joy. Isn’t it? The cuddly toys in a lively basket will bring an instant smile to the faces of your loved ones. Kids will fall in love with this kind of generous idea. You can make the basket look cozy and cheerful by adding hanging balloons at the back of the basket. Also, you can look for colorful baskets in the shade of light blue, pink, and red to add radiance. If you want to gift a stack of a lot of stuffed animals full of teddy bears, stuffed monkeys, and stuffed hippopotamus, then putting them in a basket will be the ideal solution for you.

    6. DIY gift bag

    A DIY gift bag is the best way to gift anything to all those who love going extra creative to make their loved ones feel surprised. Especially if you are thinking of a stuffed toy, preparing a DIY gift bag with old waste items like cloth prints, shoe boxes, and paper bags will make it look fascinating.

    7. Paper wrap

    A paper wrap is an evergreen idea to pack a gift. It adds huge elements of surprise and amazement at the receiver’s end. Because of this, only wrapping a plush toy in the paper is an ideal way to make your loved ones feel loved. Ensure you wrap it gently. Put the plushy in the middle of the paper, collect all the edges, and then create a fold. Tape everything nicely and add ribbons and chocolates on the top to complete the process.

    8. Wrap it in a tiny cute blanket

    A remarkable way of gifting a giant stuffed bear is to wrap it in a mushy blanket. Giving a plush toy is the simplest, quickest, and effortless idea. You can simply fold a colorful blanket matching the teddy bear and tie it in the hands of the teddy bear with stylish ribbons. Or, if your plush toy is not too big, feel at ease wrapping it in a tiny blanket. Imagine getting an adorable graduation bear snuggled in a cozy blanket; you won’t be able to resist but adore its cuteness. This idea will make your loved ones feel warm and homely.

    9. DIY bouquet with a plastic wrap

    You must have given bouquets of fresh fragrant flowers to your friends and family a lot of times. But have you ever been gifted a bouquet full of mushy stuffed toys? If you haven’t yet, you are missing out on something exciting. So grab a pastel shade of plastic wrap paper and pile up all the snuggly stuffed toys in the bouquet just like you stack up flowers. In the end, tie it up with a fancy ribbon. Also, to add more brightness and charm to the gift, you can add some flowers and chocolates to the bouquet.

    10. Cellophane wrap it

    A cellophane wrap is a nice way to wrap a cuddly toy as it won’t damage it. Moreover, it can add a hue of surprise in its unique way. Though a cellophane wrap is not an imaginative idea, you can still make it look enchanting by adding some fun elements. Grab the teddy bear and put it in a box or a basket, and then start covering the entire box with a gift cellophane wrap. Once done, accessorize it with ribbons and flowers to amaze your loved ones. 


    As much as gift wrapping a plush toy sounds exciting, it involves a lot of creativity and all your heart and soul. While wrapping the plush toy, ensure you are gentle with the stuffy. Use glues and tapes carefully while wrapping the toy. Finally, this super cool activity of gifting will give a reason to smile for the one who receives the gift and the one who will pack it. So now make your gift wrapping experience joyful and hassle-free.

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