A Detailed Comparison of DrChrono EHR vs. Cerner EMR Features

    Read this article for a detailed comparison of DrChrono EHR vs. Cerner EMR software.  

    As a healthcare practitioner, you must invest in EHR software that optimizes your workflow and frees up significant time for patient care. This comparison of DrChrono EHR vs. Cerner EMR will assist you in selecting the best solution for your practice. We will focus on the key features so you can decide which one is more suitable for your medical practice and its requirements.

    DrChrono EHR Software

    DrChrono is a cloud-based EMR system that you may access from anywhere in the world over the internet. In addition, the DrChrono EMR software provides advanced medical capabilities to practices of all sizes and specialties. DrChrono’s comprehensive portfolio of medical solutions includes electronic medical software, telemedicine, practice management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, a patient portal, and a mobile EMR app.

    You can also view self-directed learning materials on the DrChrono website. These learning tools include simple instructions for navigating the software, creating templates, and other helpful advice.

    DrChrono EHR Features

    Mobile App

    DrChrono is a cloud-based EMR with one of the most sophisticated iPad mobile applications. DrChrono offers EHR software for mobile devices that outperforms a laptop. Consequently, you may employ the mobile EMR more efficiently. In addition, the mobile EMR has a professional camera that you can utilize with a touch, keyboard, or pencil to streamline your workflow.

    According to DrChrono EHR reviews, the DrChrono mobile app’s significant features include customizable medical forms, clinical notes, and patient self-check-in.


    One of the top DrChrono EHR features is the telehealth solution. Telehealth was crucial for ensuring safety and limiting exposure during the pandemic outbreak. The Telehealth component of the DrChrono EHR Software enables you to schedule and conduct virtual appointments directly from your computer.

    The DrChrono EHR Software facilitates online appointment scheduling and email communication with patients. In addition, patients can sign real-time consent documents on their PC, iPad, or iPhone.

    Clinical Charting

    The Cerner EMR is renowned for simplifying documentation procedures. Auto text, voice recognition, speech-to-text, and code words are among the input techniques supported by Cerner EMR. Additionally, you can evaluate these features during the Cerner EMR demo.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) allows you to maintain a regular revenue while devoting more time to patient care. DrChrono has a team of up-to-date medical billing and coding experts to assist you with your financial responsibilities.

    DrChrono allows you to devote more time to your clinical practice by relieving you of administrative duties. In addition, DrChrono Software automates your time-consuming tasks and provides inexpensive, high-quality services. Overall, the 96 percent clean claim rate of DrChrono’s revenue cycle management boosts your financial success.

    DrChrono EHR Pricing

    DrChrono’s subscription model is $199 per person, with a single pricing plan available to all customers. This package provides access to the EMR and Practice Management System. In addition, DrChrono’s membership pricing includes the cost of implementation and training, making the initial investment more affordable for small practices.

    Cerner EMR Software

    Cerner is a cloud-based EMR technology that aids healthcare businesses in completing activities more quickly and delivering superior service. Cerner EMR is suitable for acute and ambulatory care settings, as well as a variety of other specializations.

    According to Cerner EMR reviews, the software enables you to see more patients, increasing total revenue without compromising care quality. Additionally, Cerner EMR permits digital storage, recording, and access to patient data. The advantages of adopting Cerner EMR into your clinic are as follows.

    Cerner EMR Features


    Cerner EMR enhances patient care by promoting collaboration and communication with other healthcare practitioners and an extensive range of clinical data exchange. Moreover, the Cerner EMR interfaces with billing, claims, and contract management tools to enhance financial performance. On the same platform, clinical and financial solutions integrate, eliminating the need for external interfaces and enabling a single point of accountability.

    Patient Portal

    The patient portal of the Cerner EMR Software enables patients to be more involved in their health and care. Moreover, the patient portal serves as a communication center between you and your patients. Patients can also send encrypted messages via this site.

    In addition, through the Cerner EMR patient interface, patients can schedule appointments, check clinical data, order refills, amend papers, and submit files. According to Cerner EMR reviews, patients can also write and receive messages, access healthcare data, and search for evidence-based information on over 3,000 topics.

    Remote Access

    Remote access is an additional important feature you can examine during the Cerner demo. The EHR software permits access to the medical system via a smartphone or tablet via PowerChart Touch. You may access test results, patient documentation, and current orders while on the go with PowerChart Touch, which promotes efficient, intuitive, and mobile workflows.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    By establishing a seamless revenue cycle, Cerner EMR facilitates financial management. In addition, the software provides solutions to enhance your workflow and cost management, resulting in increased sales.

    Cerner’s Revenue Cycle Management technologies aid acute and ambulatory care facilities in streamlining administrative processes, tracking collection costs, making educated business decisions, and enhancing financial performance.

    Cerner EMR Pricing

    This Cerner EMR software is offered at a monthly cost of $25 per user. The software does not provide free trials. Cerner’s price makes it suitable for small clinics with limited funds.

    Key Takeaway

    Which one amongst DrChrono EHR vs. Cerner EMR should you choose? With so many possibilities, evaluating which medical software is the best fit for your firm can be challenging. But you can assess each one separately to see which one best meets your business’s needs.

    It is advisable to arrange a demo to learn more about the product. Then, examine the product through the demo to determine if it matches your needs. Another alternative is to read reviews of the software on various websites. Reviews are an excellent tool for evaluating the opinions of modern consumers regarding a product.

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