Kareo EHR vs. Practice Fusion EMR – Which One Right For You?

    Kareo EHR Software

    One of the most popular EMR systems on the market, Kareo, has been around for a long time. Due to its extensive capabilities to meet the needs of independent practices and their patients, Kareo is one of the best EMRs for practices with 1–10 consultants. In addition, you can access the web-based EMR software provided by Kareo at any time and from any location.

    To assist you in improving your clinical and administrative responsibilities from a centralized place, the EMR software connects with a practice management system. In addition, numerous medical disciplines, such as neurology, cardiology, and podiatry, benefit from the EMR.

    Kareo EMR Features

    Appointment Scheduling

    You may automate several tasks for yourself and your coworkers with the Kareo EMR calendar feature. The calendar, for instance, can assist you in tailoring your strategy and creating a whole schedule that meets your needs. In addition, you can simultaneously handle intricate calendars for both staff scheduling and patient visits.

    As an independent user, you can also color-code and modify your options on the calendar, according to Kareo clinical EHR reviews. Additionally, moving calendars as needed is considerably simpler with Kareo EMR’s drag-and-drop online appointment tool.

    Patient Portal

    You may find it tiresome to schedule appointments, remind others of upcoming appointments, and finish a ton of paperwork. However, you can unwind in some ways with the Kareo EMR’s patient portal feature.

    Appointment scheduling is made accessible via the Kareo EMR patient portal. The software automatically reminds patients of their appointments, reducing no-shows at your clinic and enhancing sales. The program also securely lets you contact patients through a message and video conference platform.

    Built-In Templates

    Kareo EMR reviews claim that this feature justifies the software pricing. The software also includes several pre-built templates for different specialties that you may edit and link to a specific appointment type. This technology allows the necessary note template to be instantly prepared when a patient arrives. Additionally, you can alter these templates to suit the requirements and practices of your clinic. During the Kareo EHR demo, you may see the templates in real time.


    The Telehealth service has accelerated medical procedures, especially during COVID-19, according to Kareo clinical EHR reviews. You can communicate with patients using Kareo’s Telehealth feature anytime and anywhere. In addition, telehealth enables patients to administer medication and treatment plans, improving their health electronically.

    The decrease in no-shows is telemedicine’s most important benefit for your medical practice, as shown by Kareo EHR reviews. As a result, patients no longer need to worry about transportation or taking time off of work when they need prompt follow-up appointments or care. During the Kareo EHR demo, you can examine this feature.

    Kareo EHR Pricing

    Kareo EHR pricing starts at $160 a month for each user as of right now. Yet again, if you’d like a specific pricing model, get in touch with the vendor.

    Practice Fusion EHR

    Practice Fusion is a web-based EHR for ambulatory settings that assists small and independent healthcare practices in managing tasks including scheduling, charting, lab and imaging, prescription prescribing, and revenue management.

    To encourage high-quality healthcare, the unified EHR software enhances communication between you and your patients. Dermatology, cardiology, mental health, physical therapy, and other medical disciplines are supported by Practice Fusion EMR. Practice Fusion reviews claim that it helps medical facilities increase production, efficiency, and revenue while helping more than 5 million patients monthly.

    Practice Fusion EHR Features

    Clinical Charting

    You can modify thousands of clinical charting templates in Practice Fusion EHR to suit your needs. You can choose from a provider-specific list of frequently used diseases, medications, and pharmacies for quicker charting and fewer manual entries.

    It contains time-saving charting capabilities that let you follow a patient’s health information over time and search for diagnosis codes using keywords, such as specialty-specific templates and automatic favorite lists. Overall, the Practice Fusion EMR Software seamlessly arranges patient data and templates into your clinical documents using adjustable shortcuts.

    Lab Integration

    Real-time lab results analysis and sharing are both possible with Practice Fusion. Diagnostic and lab test results can be seen directly in your patient’s records, and aberrant results are noted to help you determine what kind of treatment is necessary.

    Thanks to the patient portal, you can electronically inform your patients of the results. Another significant benefit of adopting Practice Fusion EHR Software is how simple it is to refer patients, share clinical data, and exchange test results with other healthcare professionals.

    Electronic Prescription

    A vital e-prescribing function in Practice Fusion EHR Software streamlines tasks for you and your patients. For example, you may monitor pharmacy interactions and medical orders using electronic prescription tools and digitally order and distribute medicines.

    It also manages prescription refill requests utilizing a two-click facility for any recurrent medication. The fact that the e-Prescription tool prompts early alerts regarding potentially harmful drug interactions makes it a valuable feature for your medical practice, said Practice Fusion reviews of the feature.

    Patient Portal

    An excellent tool for decreasing administrative work is the patient portal provided by the Practice Fusion EHR. With the patient portal, patients can access their medical records and lab results whenever they choose.

    Consumers can also peruse population health information and education materials to understand their medical conditions and available treatments. To use the patient portal in a real-world context, you may also arrange a Practice Fusion demo.

    Practice Fusion EMR Cost

    For small to mid-sized clinics, the Practice Fusion EMR Software is affordable. The monthly Practice Fusion EMR cost is $149 per provider. 

    Kareo EHR vs. Practice Fusion EMR?

    Kareo and Practice Fusion have their pros and cons; however, we can’t decide which option is better for you as it depends on your practice requirements. You can schedule a demo and explore each software in detail before making the final purchase. The demo will help you explore the software in real time to make a better decision.

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