What software has been released through Vue.js?

    It’s no secret that the Vue js platform appeared on the market relatively recently, in 2014. But every day the popularity of this software is growing rapidly. According to some reports, Vue is downloaded approximately 1.2 million times a week. Angular has similar indicators. What is the success of Vue.js and what modern projects have been developed with the help of this resource?

    To make the development process easier, various tools have been created on Vue.js to help you set up your workflow easily and simply and not worry about using additional tools.

    But for the project to succeed, you need to study as much information as possible. To do this, you can check out


    Main projects on Vue.js

    To date, there are several frameworks and libraries based on Vue.js. In this article, we will consider the most interesting projects.


    One of them is Gridsome, a static site generator that provides all the necessary tools during development and takes care of implementing the appropriate optimization techniques to create secure, fast, and lightweight sites. Using various data sources such as Markdown files or third-party CMS such as Contentful and taking advantage of hosting services such as Netlify or Zeit Now, you can create static sites that are automatically regenerated on the server.


    Another interesting project is Nuxt.js, which can be used as a static site generator or to build applications that take advantage of Server-Side Rendering (SSR). In the latter case, the SPA (single page application) is initialized directly on the server-side, and a ready-made HTML file containing various components created in Vue.js is sent to the client. Subsequent page refresh operations will be performed on the client-side without additional requests to the server. By doing so, you will get obvious benefits in terms of SEO and at the initial stage of loading the application. The goal of Nuxt.js is to provide all the tools to simplify the implementation of SSR.



    As mentioned above, there are various libraries and tools built around Vue and it would be impossible to list them all. Also worth mentioning is Vuetify, a very popular library that contains a large set of components and is used, in particular, in applications for Android devices.

    Speaking of mobile apps, Vue can be used not only to build web apps but also to build iOS and Android apps thanks to Vue Native and Native Script. However, it should be noted that there are other better and more mature solutions for this type of application such as React Native and Flutter which use Javascript/React and Dart respectively.

    The two main “competitors” of Vue.js are Angular and React, developed by two big web giants like Google and Facebook. Vue’s story differs from the other two in that it was born as a personal project created by Evan Yu while working at Google to fix what he saw as flaws in AngularJS (the first version of Angular). This allowed the framework to be structured in such a way as to take into account the needs of different types of developers and teams of different sizes.

    Vue.js now you are convinced that with the help of this platform you can implement cool projects and save your time. If you want to know more then click here.

    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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