What are the Strategies of Paraphrasing – How to Paraphrase?

    Paraphrasing is a great writing technique. It helps every person to improve their writing skills. There come several phases in the life of writers, freelancers, and students where they feel a need to paraphrase their writing. If they have a high command of the language, paraphrasing is not hard for them. But living in the age of the internet, every person has a direct approach to a natural way to do paraphrasing. Now every person can paraphrase online without spending much of their time and energy.

    Paraphrasing only demands creativity and a little bit of attention. It is all about changing someone else’s ideas and presenting those ideas by using different words. While paraphrasing, there are a few essential aspects that every person must keep their focus on. For instance, people are allowed to replace a few words or sentences in a text as per the context. However, they are not allowed to change the real meaning of the whole writing. 

    Therefore, in this guide, we gathered up a few strategies for paraphrasing that are super beneficial to improving your writing skills. In addition, we have come up with ways for how someone can paraphrase?

    The Strategies of Paraphrasing

    There is a bundle of strategies for paraphrasing. It directly depends on the people’s mood and which strategy they pick out to paraphrase. Remember, all the strategies can only be used by the people when they have gotten a complete understanding of the text. Moreover, there is no doubt that the strategies listed below are super effective for paraphrasing. 

    Replace Words with The Synonyms

    For paraphrasing, the most common strategy, and maybe the most essential one, is to find synonyms for the vocabulary words in the entire writing. In this strategy, the user should take notes of the important nouns and verbs in the text and see which synonyms might be suitable to replace them.

    Use a Different Verb Form

    Another strategy for paraphrasing is to change the form of the verbs used in the text. Again, it is super beneficial to be aware of how word families work in the English language. That is why we all need to have expertise in changing the nouns with the verbs, verbs with adjectives, etc.

    Put Amendments to the Grammar Structure

    Often, while paraphrasing, we must put amendments to the grammatical structures in the text. For example, changing active voice sentences to a passive tone is a great way to paraphrase a piece of writing.

    Change the Word Order in a Sentence

    Sometimes, changing the word order in a sentence has a dramatic effect on the entire text. 

    While doing paraphrasing, we usually try to change a few words, grammar, or verbs, but changing word order in a sentence is another superb strategy for paraphrasing. 

    Use a Combination of Techniques

    Usually, when a person relies on one paraphrasing strategy does not get very effective results. Therefore, to get the best results, every person must try using at least a combination of paraphrasing strategies. 

    Ways to Do Paraphrasing

    Being a writer or a student, if you are trying your best to get high control of the process of paraphrasing, then you should check out these ways to do paraphrasing properly. Here are two significant ways to do paraphrasing. First, every person can pick out the one which they find the suitable for them. 

    Manual Way

    One of the most common and highly used ways to do paraphrasing is the manual way. If a person is experienced and knowledgeable enough with the language, they can paraphrase manually. However, manual paraphrasing demands a heavy stock of vocabulary words and grammar. Also, it consumes a lot of time and effort. While doing manual paraphrasing, the critical thing to remember is that every person has to be alert and focused, so they will not miss any vital factors or important details while rewriting the text.  

    Online Way

    On the other hand, the usage of online ways is considered the best solution for paraphrasing. Every person is allowed to take help from the paraphrasing tool that will help users to paraphrase online and it saves their struggle. An essay rewriter is capable enough to rewrite sentences and make the relevant changes in the text in just one go. Furthermore, the sentence changer works really effectively and performs its task in just a few seconds. 

    End Words!

    It can be observed clearly that most people find paraphrasing a fun activity because they have experience in the writing field. They feel that paraphrasing is such an easy task to do, but in reality, it is a hectic mission to do for those who are not aware of this. I think we all can agree that paraphrasing is a real mind game. The reason for this is that it can be done only by putting concentration. So we can say paraphrasing also sharpens our mind and our writing skills. Also, there is the most essential factor to keep in mind. While paraphrasing, never forgets to add the most important information and critical points that majorly covers a piece of writing.

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