Walking your dog in Autumn

    Going for a walk is always a good idea.

    Walking is one of the most important and favorite forms of activity with a dog. It is fantastic to leave the house and spend time in the park, outside the city, and even in the nearby forest. However, when the autumn chills set in and the darkness falls faster and faster, our enthusiasm for everyday trips is less and less.

    We must be aware that in most cases, autumn weather changes do not affect our dogs. They always leave home with great enthusiasm. Satisfying their need for exercise is one of the basic activities related to caring for a dog. As you know, dogs living in closed houses need 2-3 walks a day, which can be challenging for their owners.

    What to pay attention to before walking a dog?

    So how are we to prepare for the autumn walks? We must consider that most of the outings will be early morning and late evening. We see limited visibility during these hours. This is especially true when walking near bicycle paths or a pedestrian crossing in the park. At any time, we can unexpectedly come across other passers-by, which can cause violent reactions in both our pets and people we meet, surprised by the dog’s appearance. To avoid nervous reactions, we recommend using equipment with reflective elements. These can be leashes, harnesses, and collars.

    In places that are very dim or completely unlit – if we are in a forest outside the city – remember to keep the dog on a leash, which will minimize the risk of unexpected and tricky situations.

    What else can we do?

    When the beautiful September weather, intertwining warm sunny days with cooler rainy periods, finally turns into cold and unpleasant November weather, in the case of the most sensitive dogs, we should reach for additional clothes. The Bowl & Bone Republic brand offers a wide selection of sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, coats, and even chimneys. Such additional equipment will protect our pets from cooling down. Perfectly tailored outfits for dogs guarantee the comfort of pets and a nice accessory for the eye.

    After a long and demanding walk, we return home, each trying to warm up as quickly as possible. We make good tea, and the dogs stretch out on their favorite bed or mat. The Bowl & Bone Republic brand offers many beds in colors and finishing methods. If we are looking for custom dog bedding, the company’s designers will adapt the cut to our needs. Considering everything we just said, we hope you’ll finally enjoy every autumn walk with your doggy.

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