Costco Rugs: Is Offering Discounts on Shag Area Rugs.

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    Costco Rugs: Don’t forget to check out the home furnishings section of Costco when you’re there getting that legendary hot dog for only $1.50 and a 10-pack of avocados. Even on non-edible items, the warehouse club frequently offers bargains that competitors cannot beat.

    The Instagram fan account @costcobuys discovered a recent one that is noteworthy. A video displays several shag area Costco Rugs selling for $126.99 each on that page. The large carpets have dimensions of 6.5 meters by 9 meters and are available in various designs.

    Costco Rugs

    “Love ours. One of the commenters exclaims, “So incredibly fluffy and cozy!” Someone else chimed up and said, “I got the beige one for our new home.”

    The alternatives mentioned above measuring 6.5 feet by 9 feet will be discounted in-store through August 14 as part of the promotion. However, if you would rather shop online, additional sizes, colors, and styles are available. Prices range from $99 for a floor covering 5 feet 3 inches by 7 feet 5 inches to $289.99 for an option of 9 feet 5 inches by 13 feet, which is an incredible price for a rug that is that large.

    Costco Rugs
    Costco Rugs

    To those who are new to the Costco Rugs lifestyle, however, there are a few things that they should be aware of. Depending on the settings of your vacuum and the characteristics of the carpet’s pile, the plush, high-pile carpets can shed, and it may not be easy to keep them clean. One of the people who commented on Instagram stated, “These Rugs seem very wonderful but beware if you put them in a high traffic location — they shatter pretty quickly, and even with regular vacuuming and raking, they do not fluff back up.” Another person remarked to the parents that it is “the final resting place for Goldfish crackers.”

    Still interested? Please take advantage of the discount before it runs out on August 14.

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