10 Top 3-point camera slinger for Photographers in 2022

    3-point camera slinger may be the solution to your gear-carrying dilemma. Why? The issue with cameras is that they can be bulky and hefty. Particularly high-end DSLRs. There are some issues with the conventional camera strap. You will appear to be a tourist if you wear it around your neck. It also has a propensity to swing. Additionally, it gets completely out of control if you bend over to change a lens.

    It is more in control if you drape it over one shoulder. However, it is also difficult to put into practice quickly. Additionally, there is a chance that it can fall off your shoulder. The solution might be a camera bag. Nevertheless, a camera sling bag.

    Perhaps the 3-point camera slinger is the solution. A 3-point slinger, as the name suggests, has three points of contact. However, it’s not quite that easy. Ironically, most 3-point slings only have one point to connect to the camera. However, they affix to your body in various ways.

    So hold off on going out to capture the wild blue yonder pictures. First, have a look at this evaluation of 3-point camera slinger straps.

    What to Look for in a 3-point camera slinger

    Before selecting a camera sling, there are several factors to consider.

    Its Camera

    The first and most crucial factor will be the camera you use. A powerful, sturdy camera sling is required for a Canon EOS 1DX DSLR camera. Not so much a mirrorless camera or a smaller DSLR.

    How to Use It with a 3-point camera slinger

    The majority of professional cameras include at least two separate strap attachment points. The original strap attachment points are often on the camera’s “shoulders.” a tripod thread, too. Some people might have a different matter. My Canon EOS 5D III’s battery handle contains a little device for fastening a strap. It serves as my hand grip. However, a camera sling would be just as effective.

    Amount of comfort

    Comfort is one issue with the neck strap that came with your camera. DSLR cameras are bulky. Additionally, they rarely have padded straps. The wide, cushioned shoulder strap is a feature shared by every 3-point camera slinger strap in this evaluation. This is crucial. Especially if you are leaving your camera bag at home or your camera is heavy.

    The Security Level

    I’ve tried out camera slings before. It utilizes a straightforward screw-in connector to connect to the tripod mount. I gave the designer the following input. After a long day of filming, it was far too simple for that fitting to loosen. Most likely, you wouldn’t be aware. Until pieces of glass and metal worth many thousand dollars fell to the ground.

    Check the safety features and how the sling is attached. Peak Design straps appeal to me. Their anchors have a visible tell in them. The anchor has a durable, two-layer design. The inner layer has a vivid red colour to warn you of the danger if wear and tear erode the outer layer.


    Always attempt to be proactive. Therefore, see if the sling strap may be modified to accept additional lenses. Find out if it has room for a second camera. Verify if it fits persons of all heights. You’ll likely use it in addition to your camera bag. Therefore, you must ensure that they won’t conflict with one another.

    Which 3-point camera slinger is best?

    This review has a kind attitude toward the 3-point slinger for the camera. I’ll examine several various kinds of camera straps and harnesses. Less than $20 to more than $100 is the pricing range. Consequently, you should carefully plan your budget as well. The least expensive is reviewed first, followed by the most costly.

    1. PiuQ

    3-point camera slinger

    Your camera’s tripod screw is where the PiuQ is screwed in. To safeguard the body of your camera, the screw-in eyelet features a rubber base. The strap can be lengthened to 21.5′′. (55 cm). With the help of a locking carabiner, it fastens to the eyelet. An under-arm strap stabilizes the broad, cushioned shoulder strap. The scratch guard is a good addition. Additionally, the shoulder pad is durable.

    The absence of any security straps gives me uneasiness. If the sole connection breaks, you and your finances will also be destroyed. To use a tripod, you must take the eyelet off. Additionally, this lessens functionality. However, the PiuQ is quite affordable.

    2. Ocim

    3-point camera slinger

    A bit more money is spent on the Ocim3-point camera slinger. It and the PiuQ are virtually identical. However, there is one significant improvement. A safety strap connects the camera body and the slinger’s strap. This gives me a tremendous degree of comfort.

    It fastens to a strap eyelet at the end nearest the camera. A strong metal locking carabiner is also present on the sling. An underarm strap stabilizes the cushioned shoulder strap. The straps’ locking mechanisms are adjustable. The camera won’t be able to move around because of this.

    3. Waka

    Further refinement is achieved with a slight price increase. There is a little storage compartment in the large cushioned shoulder strap of the Waka camera. It has adequate room for extra memory cards or a lens cleaning cloth. At the camera end, a plate is where the adjustable straps attach. The second development is this.

    The tripod mount receives the plate via a screw. But it has a tripod screw socket of its own. Therefore, you can use your tripod without removing the sling or its attachment. Even your quick release plate may be left in place. In addition, the Waka has a security strap. The camera strap’s attachment clip is not a locking carabiner, which is a drawback.

    4. Altura

    3-point camera slinger

    Another item with a zipped pocket in the shoulder pad is the Altura 3-point slinger for cameras. It’s not very big. However, you can fit a few more batteries inside.

    It has a sizable rubber-backed plate that may be fastened to the tripod screw. For added security, a safety strap is included. A good range of adjustments is available. The Altura’s lack of a locking carabiner for the camera attachment is a weakness.

    5. USA GEAR TrueSHOT

    3-point camera slinger

    The 3-point camera slinger environment has been rather dull and gloomy so far. On the other hand, the USA GEAR TrueSHOT adds some colour to the mix. Also, it does a lot of things correctly. The fastening plate provides a tripod thread. Thus, you can still utilize your tripod when it is on. It has an underarm strap that stabilizes. A carabiner with a lock is used to secure the sling. Even two pockets are present. One for memory cards and one that expands for more accessories

    The absence of a quick release for the safety strap is the only thing I dislike. This seems to be a regrettable error. On the plus side, it can tie two slings together thanks to its design. You can travel with two cameras. Or even the backup lens on the other sling.

    6. Foto&Tech

    3-point camera slinger

    There are no surprises with the Foto&Tech 3-point camera slinger. Its stated strength rating of 660 lbs ensures that it will be adequate for your camera (300 kg). An attached locking carabiner on the safety strap serves as the connection point. This gives me comfort.

    The camera attachment is a straightforward screw-in eyelet, which is a drawback. To utilize a tripod, you must remove it. And a snap hook on the strap secures it to the object. This place lacks a locking carabiner. There is a clip for a pen, but there is no pocket. This might be beneficial. This doesn’t seem to hit the mark, in my opinion.

    7. JJC NS-PRO1M

    3-point camera slinger

    One highly appealing aspect of the JJC 3-point camera slinger stands out. Most of the things we’ve come to anticipate are present. There is a lockable carabiner used to secure the safety leash. It has a stabilizing strap under the arm and a cushioned strap on the shoulder.

    The camera plate, though, is the noticeable innovation. A quick-release tripod plate from Arca Swiss is used to secure the strap to the camera. Numerous manufacturers use this system of tripod plates since it is the most common. This is something to think about if you have a tripod compatible with Arca Swiss. Unfortunately, this plate uses a snap hook to fasten the strap rather than a locking carabiner.

    8. BlackRapid Original

    3-point camera slinger

    All the cross-shoulder straps we’ve looked at are more than twice as expensive as the BlackRapid Original 3-point camera slinger. Nothing glaringly clear exists to support that extra cost. Some consumers claim that when a harness broke and their DSLR was damaged, BlackRapid helped cover the repair costs.

    It is built with high-quality components. A plate on the locking carabiner stops very unpleasant movement. Additionally, the shoulder padding is strong and breathable. However, there is no safety leash, and the screw-in eyelet must be removed to utilize a tripod. It would help if you weighed the advantages of purchasing a well-known brand with a good reputation against that.

    9. Cotton Carrier Skout G2

    3-point camera slinger

    The 3-point slinger for the camera is approached significantly differently by the Cotton Carrier Skout. It prevents the camera from dangling too close to your hips on a strap. Your camera is instead fastened to a cushioned chest piece.

    The base plate attached to your camera can be inserted into a slot on this chest component. A hexagonal bolt firmly fastens the base plate to the tripod thread. You merely twist and slide the camera off the chest piece to take a picture. Even though the camera locks on the chest pad, there is also a security strap.

    The Cotton Carrier system has some nice details. You may use the same harness to carry your drone or binoculars because they sell many kinds of fixes. The lens bag is present. A tripod thread may be found on the base plate. Even a quick-release tripod mount for their base plate is available for purchase. However, they also produce other carrying choices. Using the same base plate, you may attach your camera to a waist sling. It’s a clever but pricey approach.

    10. BlackRapid Hybrid

    3-point camera slinger

    We’ve already seen that you can carry two cameras by combining the USA GEAR TrueSHOT camera shoulder strap with another one. BlackRapid also offers this hybrid camera sling. You can sling two cameras at once with the Hybrid. one side of your body on each.

    One advantage over the USA GEAR solution is that it doesn’t feel as bulky as a harness. You can still carry your camera bag over the other shoulder, so that’s another benefit. The Hybrid has the same hardware as the BlackRapid Original we previously discussed. You might even opt to leave your standard camera bag at home during some shots. A spare lens can be carried on one sling while the DSLR camera is on the other.


    When considering how to carry your camera and camera equipment, there are many different things to consider. Especially if you have full-frame DSLR gear, they are cumbersome if you use the included neck strap to carry them. Moreover, camera backpacks might be heavy. The urge to add that next item is one issue with camera backpacks. And all of those additional obligations can end up becoming quite serious. Utilizing a camera sling bag is one option. These are typically smaller, so you can’t add as much extraneous clutter. Another option is to pick a 3-point camera slinger among the ones I’ve examined.

    The USA GEAR TrueSHOT offers all the necessary characteristics if you have a limited budget. You can obtain comfort and convenience for a reasonable price. The locking mechanism is secure, and the tripod can still be used.

    The Cotton Carrier Skout G2 is the 3-point camera slinger that most impresses me. It offers all the benefits and is far more flexible than the alternatives. Although it is not a cheap solution, it provides options and answers for various problems.

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