Top 10 Most Powerful Dinosaur Pokémon

    In total, there are over 900 Pokémon in the franchise. Although a dinosaur type has yet to be added to the franchise, dinosaurs have inspired many designs. The ten most powerful dinosaur Pokémon in the entire franchise are listed here.


    2. Meganium

    3. Tyranitar

    4. Sceptile

    5. Rampardos

    6. Bastiodon

    7. Lapras

    8. Groudon

    9. Dialga

    10. Palkia

    1. Tyrantrum

    (Tyrantrum) Image courtesy

    Dinosaur Pokémon
    Tyrantrum Dinosaur Pokémon

    Tyrantrum is a rock and dragon-type fossil Pokémon inspired by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the world’s most renowned dinosaur. The monster features tiny arms, a big head filled with sharp fangs, and bipedal locomotion similar to its prehistoric counterpart.

    At roughly level 39, Tyrantrum evolves from its pre-evolution Tyrant. Like its other prehistoric relatives, it is powerful, with the monster mastering maneuvers like Giga impact at roughly level 68.

    2. Meganium

    Meganium debuted in the franchise’s second generation. In the Johto series of games, Meganium is the latest evolution of the starter Chikorita. Meganium is a plant with a long neck and tiny head and limbs, similar to Sauropods such as the Brachiosaurus.

    Meganium is a powerful dinosaur Pokémon that can learn powerful grass-type moves, including petal blizzard at level 70 and wild plant, the franchise’s most substantial grass-type move.


    Tyranitar is a Pokémon from the second generation. Tyranitar is a rock and dark type regarded as one of the franchise’s most powerful animals.

    Tyranitar is inspired by Godzilla, a mythical monster, and dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who are bipedal. When angered, the beast is capable of destroying mountains and burying rivers. Before reaching level 60, it possesses a mega evolution and the capacity to acquire high-level skills like hyper beam and Giga impact.

    4. Sceptile

    Sceptile is the third generation’s last evolution of Treeko, the franchise’s starter. Sceptile is a popular favorite who can run fast and has a reptilian-like appearance similar to Velociraptor.

    With a mega evolution and powerful grass-type techniques like petal storm and frenzy plant, Sceptile is a formidable opponent.

    5. Rampardos

    Rampardos is a rock-type fossil Pokémon that debuted in the franchise’s fourth generation. The species resembles the dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus in its massive skull and limb structure.

    Rampardos is a strong rock type that can learn attacks such as zen headbutt and head smash, which exploit its sturdy skull. Rampardos evolves from Cranidos at level 30. It can also pick up powerful moves like ancient power and stone edge.

    6. Bastiodon

    Bastiodon is a rock and steel type and the franchise’s fourth generation’s counterpart to Rampardos. The Pokémon possesses horns that resemble those of Triceratops or Zuncineratops.

    Bastiodon is a powerful creature that evolves from Shieldon at level 30. Bastiodon can learn both iron head and heavy slam before reaching level 60.

    7. Lapras

    Lapras is one of the most well-known Pokémon ever. Lapras is a powerful water type with dinosaur influences first introduced in the franchise’s first generation. Lapras looks like an ancient Plesiosaur with its long neck, short tail, fins, and blue coloration.

    This blue dinosaur Pokémon is one of the most potent water types in the game, having the capacity to gigantamax in generation eight and the ability to learn knockout skills like the sheer cold at level 50.

    8. Groudon

    Groudon is a legendary dinosaur Pokémon that is one of the most powerful. Groudon is one of the three weather trio legendaries debuted in the franchise’s third generation. Groudon is comparable to Theropods in appearance and has spikes like Ankylosaurus.

    It is a powerful beast capable of primal reversion that has created much of the Pokémon world. Groudon can learn powerful techniques like an eruption and unique move sets like precipice blades.

    9. Dialga

    Dialga is a legendary creature that debuted in the franchise’s fourth generation. Dialga is a mythical dragon and steel type that is supposed to control time.

    Sauropods with short necks, such as Brachytrachelopan, are legendary. Dialga can learn powerful moves naturally, like a flash cannon, and discover exclusive activities such as the roar of time.

    10. Palkia

    Palkia, like Dialga, was introduced in the fourth generation of the franchise.

    It’s a powerful water and dragon creature with the ability to bend space. Palkia is directly inspired by dinosaurs like the Oviraptor and Plateosaurus.

    Palkia can learn unique moves such as spatial rend, making the creature extremely powerful.

    Last Thoughts

    A new type in the Pokédex has been long overdue in the franchise. A dinosaur Pokémon would be a fantastic addition to the series.

    Keep it tuned on Hacker Noon for more Pokémon news, including updates on Pokémon Snap’s arrival next month.

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