Proper Maintenance of Pool Drain

    Swimming pools are ubiquitous features in most residences today. The pool designs have evolved rapidly over the last few decades to incorporate aesthetic elements and add to the overall beauty of the outdoor space. Safety and functionality are other aspects that modern swimming pools contractors emphasize. Among the different features of a swimming pool, the pool drains play an essential to improve performance, safety, and hygiene of the facility.

    A pool drain system influences the efficiency of water movement during filtration. Water has to circulate constantly through a filtration system to get rid of dirt and debris. While every swimming differs in design, drains are an integral plumbing feature. High-quality drains at the top (skimmers) and the main drain at the bottom work in tandem to remove water and keep your pool clean.

    With pool drains working around the clock, the risk of clogging and other problems is high. In this article, learn more pool drain maintenance to guarantee your swimming pool is always clean.

    Use High Quality Pool Drain Grates 

    With water flowing at a constant rate through the drain systems, the risk of blockage by debris is high. One way to increase the efficiency of your pool’s drainage system is by installation of drain grates in the drain at the bottom of the pool. Jonite pool drains grate products come designed for the busy pool environment. 

    The sturdy pool grates blend functionality, aesthetics, and safety in one package to make the area inside and around the pool safe. The main drain grate system blocks large debris and materials from the environment from clogging the drainage system. 

    For the parallel surface grating along the, the slots/holes on the drain grates help catch overflow, which would have ended up in the pool unfiltered. The water that overflows out of the pool flows through these grates and eventually goes back to the pool after filtration.

    Grates also play other roles, including improving safety in and around the pool. The surface drain grates keep the area around the pool dry by trapping surface water or pool spill off. Most pool owners customise the grating systems to give their pool areas a stylish finish. You can talk to a pool grate supplier to get a customised pool grate system that fits your pool specifications. 

    If you want to maintain your pool drains in perfect shape, invest in the best quality drain grates. The drain covers trap unwanted materials from the drainage system. Using a skimming net, the pool maintenance team can easily remove the large debris from the water.

    Inspect and Unclog/Clean the Pool Drains Regularly

    While swimming pools are a popular feature on many properties, lack of drain maintenance can make these landscape features a safety risk. The drain system plays a crucial role and must stay clean at all times. The only way to guarantee the drain remains clean is through proactive inspection. 

    During the general pool cleaning, focus on the drains at the surface and the main drain at the bottom. Check for any stuck materials in the drain grates and confirm the flow of water is not impeded by debris inside the drain. A dislodged strainer basket is a major culprit when in pool drain clogging. If some debris passes through the drain grates, the materials could flow past the damaged strainer basket in the long run and block the system. A hand-held drum auger can help clean the area near the strainer to unclog the drain.

    Whenever you wish to clean the pool drains, make sure you turn off the pool’s pump system for your safety. You need gloves and the right equipment to clean the drain system including eye protection. 

    For more efficiency, remove the strainer basket and drive the auger further into the pool drain. Try to loosen the blockage through multiple attempts using the specialized tool.

    If you can’t feel the resistance after several attempts, this is a sign that you’ve unblocked the drain. Return the strainer basket and turn on the pump system. Check the water flow and look for fresh debris in the strainer basket.

    Clean the Pool Using Chemicals 

    A pool drain can only work efficiently if your pool is regularly cleaned. Homeowners might overlook major pool cleaning because of the work required but this increases the risk of pool drain blockage as more debris moves from the surface, walls and the floor into the drainage system. 

    Take a chemical reading of the pool and adjust the chlorine levels accordingly. A professional pool cleaner may help with pool vacuuming of the walls and floor to avoid blockage. The chemicals clean the entire pool including the drains. Before using the pool again, make sure you rebalance the chemical levels for enhanced safety of the swimmers. 

    Pool drains are often overlooked during pool maintenance until something goes wrong. While you might not clean the drains every day, installing high-quality grates over the drains eases the maintenance process. Get the best quality pool drain grates 

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