OLED display as a vital part of your home office

    Working at home is becoming a standard across the globe. If you want to set up your home-based office with the best, the most efficient tools possible – consider an OLED display. Why? Read this article in full and get a wider view on the subject.

    The magic of OLED technology

    OLED displays are an alternative to a very popular IPS LCD technology. Differences between the two are quite big, when compared. It is a good idea to take a better look at them. But what does OLED actually mean? Well, while LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, OLED is an abbreviation of Organic Light Emitting Diode. In other words, these displays use electroluminescence of an organic material as the main source of lighting capabilities. It’s nothing new, really. Mother Nature uses similar tech for thousands upon thousands of years, what you can witness every summer watching fireflies in a park.

    There are many benefits of this solution. Wider viewing angles are one of them. Organic-based screen provides this feature with higher efficiency than its competition. This refers to refresh rates as well. But the overall image quality is the best thing about an OLED display. You see, even the latest LCD parallel panels (IPS) require a light source to be placed behind them if they are to present an image. The organic layer was built in a way to produce its own light directly. This kind of devices have more satisfying color depth, especially in the shadows and blacks. What’s more, since OLED displays can emit their own luminance, they are highly flexible. Yes – they can be bent, rolled and folded. There are not many products like this, though. But that’s going to change soon enough.

    An electric current: something we ought to save

    Although we live in a well powered world with many energy sources available, electrical performance needs to be optimized to reduce power consumption. This can lead to better protection of our environment and wallets at the same time. Organic display is therefore the best option right now because it allows users to have bright white OLED light and high contrast ratio without using as much energy other displays need. Especially when you combine your OLED display with the Raspberry Pi tech solutions.

    Final conclusions

    As you can hopefully see by now, OLED display is something worth considering to have specifically in your home office. It is a bit more expensive than an LCD device. You will, however, get much better image quality and electricity bills won’t hurt that much.

    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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