Landing Page design tips that will sky-rocket your Conversion Rate!

    Where the world has taken a shift towards digitalization, there the business marketing has followed too. Now, the pamphlets and the fliers are no more. All the marketing and promotion takes place on the internet using the websites that represent companies. We, too, bought the best Web Design Service from Digital White Labels SEO Packages. Why? Because it is the feeding of an infant website. These expert companies plan the overall digital campaign to help a website outgrow its competitors. One such strategy that they follow is the creation of a great Landing page.

    Landing Page is like that salesman in the showroom. The salesman can either make a perfect pitch to convert the visitor, or scare the visitor away.

    Tips to create a landing page that converts!

    Those who are into the digital marketing field know the value of a great landing page. It has the ability to convert your visitors into buyers. Where good landing pages can pay your marketing efforts, bad landing pages can ruin your marketing efforts. It is like you paid a thousand dollars to a guy for bringing interested people into your showroom from the city. The guy did his job greatly. People started coming into your showroom because they’ve heard so much good about you. But as soon as you start talking, they feel a nip in their spine. Consequently, a suspicion emerges and they exit your store without even buying anything. This is the reason that companies invest huge sums of money into web design and creation of landing pages.

    Says Digital White Labels, SEO Packages are important. They have a role to play in the website’s growth. SEO works on making the website discoverable and understandable by the search engines. But Landing Pages have their own role in the Marketing Funnel. And the best Web Design Service from Digital White Labels has been proving it ever since. Carefully crafted landing pages have shown a growth of 300%-400% in ROI. But, before we create landing pages, it’ll be good to understand a few basic things first.

    What is a Marketing / Sales Funnel?

    Sales Funnel is a term crafted to represent the movement of a person from being a stranger to being a customer. This funnel works on dividing the stages of the sales process. It provides strategies to follow at the different stages in the sales process. For example, you cannot just go and stand before a stranger with your product in hand and say, “buy it now”. The stranger neither has the knowledge about the product nor has the intent any. This is why Sales Funnel, says Digital White Labels.

    Here are the steps that signify a sales funnel –

    • Awareness – Strangers are becoming aware about the presence of your product or service.
    • Interest – The interest must rise towards the product.
    • Consideration – The stranger now considers buying the product or service. Stranger now becomes a potential buyer.
    • Decision – The potential buyer is thinking about buying the product or service.
    • Purchase – And so, final purchase happens.

    All these steps do not happen on their own. A marketing strategy gets crafted to turn a stranger into a customer. The marketing strategy could look anything like this –

    1. You create content to create the brand awareness. For example, it could include anything from blog posts, to webinars, interviews, advertisement, social media, viral campaigns, etc. The goal is to let a stranger learn about your product.
    2. Now you try to create a personal relationship between you both. For example, it involves offering newsletters, emails, etc.
    3. You try to offer free trials or anything valuable to let the person consider your product or service. Giving product information and showing why it is valuable for them.
    4. Giving sales advertisements or anything that is valuable for the buying decision. However, make sure that the advertisement leads your user to the right page.
    5. Making the final pitch to let the person click on the buy button.

    The whole field is very feeble. If at any point the customer feels that you are trying to manipulate him/her, your efforts might fail.

    So, now you know what a sales funnel is. It is time to learn about landing pages.

    What are landing pages?

    Landing Pages are specialized pages that serve different purposes in the sales funnel. For example, there could be a landing page that you’ll be using earlier in the sales funnel. The purpose of this landing page will be to collect crucial information from the user. For example, offering a free ebook in return for name, email, and phone number. We then use this information to target personalized ads and email marketing.

    There are different types of landing pages that are used at different stages in the sales funnel. Each page has a purpose in the sales process and thus it gets designed accordingly. So, how do you create great landing pages that convert?

    Tips to create landing pages that convert!

    The creation of landing pages is one side of the coin; the other side of the coin is to create a great marketing campaign. Says Digital White Labels, SEO Packages help a website gain natural growth in the digital world. This is the first vital step that any website has to follow. After this comes other things like Landing Pages. Here are some tips to create landing pages that lead to a higher Conversion Rate.

    • Know the different types of landing pages. Because each Landing Page has a purpose and thus has a name. Here are the types of landing pages –
      • Squeeze Page
      • Long-Form Landing Page
      • Click-Through Landing Page
      • Splash Page
      • Coming-Soon Page
      • Product Details Page
      • Video Commercial Page
      • Contact Us Landing Page
      • About Us

    All these pages have a different place in the sales process and thus get designed differently. The idea is to be as creative as you can.

    • Use the elements of design and color psychology carefully. You’d not want to be ignorant with the elements of design. These elements have the ability to make a person feel mellow or miserable.
    • Make use of Imagery in a creative way. Images have great powers they say. An image is worth a thousand words, and it is true. Thus, take care of what image you use strategically.
    • Create a brand before you show your product. One way is to make a website SEO optimized. Look for SEO packages around you, says Digital White Labels. This will ensure that your website has a strong foundation already.
    • Also, learn about A/B testing and perform it to test your experiments. Choose the thing that shows results.
    • Take care of typography. It has great power of manipulation.
    • Make sure your landing pages and the website is mobile responsive.
    • Spending on web design. Web Design does not only directly impact the SERP rankings but impacts Conversion Rate. A bad web design will sicken your visitors and ward them off. Whereas, a good web design can even lure the competitors’ visitors and turn them personal. Take a hint from this Best Web Design Service from Digital White Labels.
    • Always use the right landing page at the right stage in the sales funnel. For example, you’d not want to use the squeeze page at the later stages.

    These tips will ensure that your landing pages work. At last, the idea is to be creative and simple at the same time.

    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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