How to Quit Smoking in 30 days?

    Smoking is the impossible challenges for tobacco users, especially smokers, is saying goodbye to addiction. Before thinking about how to quit? A pre-requisite question should be asked from own self “why I start?


    There are three major reasons for which people start using Tobacco. 

    1: Financial crisis

    2: Emotional breakdown 💔

    3: Enjoyment/fun

    While struggling with their careers, most people face failures, and they go into depression. Nicotine, one of the main toxic ingredients, is what they find in a temporary refuge. 

    Some people start smoking after a breakup/divorce or a cheating partner. 

    The third group of people who start smoking as fun or adventure are mostly the young ones who want to feel the tobacco effect and involuntarily become addicted to it.

    So before quitting, you should remind yourself how you lit the first bit of Tobacco and for what reason.

    Let’s Start the Challenge!

    There is two major technique for quitting Tobacco. 

    1: Cold Turkey technique

    2: Gradual withdrawal


    When you quit at once, the major effect is Goosebumps on your skin during your cravings. This Goosebumps look likes dots on frozen turkey. That’s how the terminology of Cold turkey came into being. Cold Turkey is the abrupt quit that needs a lot of determination, consistency, and faith in yourself. Research shows its success percentage is just 4 to 6 percent. If a thousand addicts adopt a cold turkey, the chance is only 40 to 60 will be successful for up to six months. So these figures are nearly impossible and unfavorable. These numbers are also discouraging for those who choose that path. We will not recommend you this method. We don’t mean that it’s impossible, but the hardships of defending cravings are so strong that it would make you repent on your decision to quit this bad habit.

    Gradual withdrawal:

    In this method, you slowly reduce the dose, which results in the gradual reduction of nicotine without much burden. This is the most successful technique if executed properly.

     In this blog, we will focus more on those steps which would make it easier for you. 

    Why should You Quit Smoking?

    An important question is why you should quit? Ask yourself. Smoking affects not only your health but also your distant you from your loved ones.

    Imagine sitting among your non-smoker family members. Deep inside, you feel like an alien who is different from them. Who is addicted nicotine depended slave caught in chains of cravings? Not only this, the roasted smell coming through your breath badly affects your self-confidence and changes your whole personality into passiveness.

    As for as health is considered it’s the main cause of cancer. It turns your body into ashes. So you have plenty of reasons to quit. When you seriously think about those reasons, it will strengthen your decision to say goodbye to Tobacco. 

    Four-week challenge. 

    First of all, note down how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Also, which times you smoke more and after which drink or meal your cravings for tobacco trigger. Write all those related things about your habit on a paper.

    Let say you smoke 40 cigarettes. 

    Divide 40 by four. That’s ten cigarettes.

    So you have to drop ten cigarettes every new week. 

    First week:

    Make an excel sheet on your smartphone for putting down the values. In the first week, you have to minimize the daily usage by ten cigarettes. From day 1 to day seven, instead of 40, you have to smoke 30/day. Avoid sitting in those places where you usually smoke and try to talk to yourself while smoking. This will reduce the amount of nicotine as the less you will puff, the lesser will enter your capillaries. Once a cigarette is half done, throw it away.

    Do this practice for seven days. 

    Second week:

    Now you are in your eight-day and from day 8 to day 14, you have a new pattern of things to do. For the last seven days, you have been smoking 30 cigarettes. Now make it 20 per day. Try to avoid solitude; instead, go for a walk with your non-smoker friends. Read online blogs about health and exercise. Go out for a movie. Try the use of chewing gums. Go to sleep early because the more your brain is awake, the more it will carve for nicotine, so during the daytime, try to make yourself busy like labor and reduce the free time as much as possible.

    Third week:

    If you have successfully followed the pattern of nicotine drainage, then congrats, your body is addicted to 50 percent less nicotine than day 1. Now is time to replace 20 cigarettes with 10. For this, you have to make a chart of some new habits and hobbies which could play an important role in your fight. How about gardening? You could do this for an hour in the evening instead of thinking about unnecessary problems. What about cooking? Let us try some Indian masala cuisines from YouTube.   Like trying biryani and chicken. Let’s experiment in the kitchen, imagining yourself a threat to Gordan Ramsey’s career. Boy, stick to 10 no matter how many things you have to learn as a bonus. You can do it. You will do it.

    Fourth week:

    First thing first.

    Replace 10 with five and try to smoke one cigarette in episodes. Light! Puff!

    Puff! And cut it head for the next craving. Now is the time to dodge your brain by confusing it in numbers. Please do it for the next seven days while drinking more and more water, excreting every bit of nicotine from your body. 


    For the last month, you were fighting a battle like some roman gladiator. This was one of the longest battles of your life. You were fighting for your health,  wealth, and loved ones. Now you are strong enough to cut the head of the monster which brought darkness to your past. Come on, Boyka! Could you do it now? Throw the last cigarette into the dump.   Now you are a freeman. And the king of your life.

    Now you have to protect your throne from the monsters. Do not let them enter into your kingdom again. Build an army of positivity. Make the walls of good. Habits and hobbies are higher and stronger so that no black force can penetrate again.

    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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