How to Fix Microsoft Office 2010 Unlicensed product Error?

    If Microsoft Office activation fails, you’ll notice that the product is licenced or that it’s being used for non-commercial purposes. According to a Microsoft survey, pirated software accounts for 42 percent of all installed software on a PC. Licensing concerns may cause issues like unlicensed product office 2010 or anything similar. Other possible reasons for such errors in your system include:

    • Trial version preloaded: When you buy a new PC, it usually comes with a trial version of Microsoft Office. This installation is functional, but only for a limited time, such as 30 to 60 days. Later on, the functionality starts to dwindle. If you want to use it in the future, you’ll need to buy a license.

    • Incorrect product key: To get Microsoft Office 2010 to work properly, you must enter the product key and activate the software. Ensure that you enter all of the alphabets and numeric codes correctly during the activation process. Due to long or case-sensitive sequences, you’ll likely type them incorrectly. If the attempts are unsuccessful or failing, re-enter the product key.

    • Multiple computers: Once your licence is activated, you can use it on as many computers as you choose. Under one roof, you are allowed to use the same licence on three computers. You won’t activate the licence if you have more than that.

    • Volume licence: When a company buys a volume licence, it can install it on several computers. If the notification “unlicensed product” shows, it signifies that the application has been improperly authorized to execute. You’ll need a user ID and password to complete the resetting process.

    Unlicensed Product Solutions Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version of Microsoft Office.

    If you need to transfer Microsoft to another machine during the installation, it’s as simple as you never imagined.

    The 4-Step Process is the first solution.

    Let’s start by restoring Office’s functionality by following a step-by-step procedure.

    Step 1: Make sure you’re logged in with the correct account.

    Enter the account information for people for whom you purchased Office. Check the account you’ve been using up to this point. If the incorrect URL was entered, you may see an error message stating, “We couldn’t discover any Office products.”

    Step 2: Examine Office copies

    Do you have multiple copies of Office on your computer? If you answered yes, there’s a probability you’d have office disputes. Make sure there are no duplicates on the same system.

    Step 3: Verify the status of your subscription.

    If your subscription has run out, you may get a notification that says, “Renew your subscription to use Microsoft 365.”

    Step 4: Check for activation issues.

    If the activation is still failing, select extra Office 365 troubleshooting support.

    Solution number two

    Step 1: If you’re having trouble figuring out which account was used to access Microsoft Office, try inputting all email addresses. If you’re at work, try logging in with your work account. You can also sign in to Services and Subscriptions, which lists all of your subscriptions in detail.

    Step 2: Verify the account in several copies.

    • Type Control Panel into the Start box to open the Control Panel. Select Programs and Features after the window has opened.

    • Now type Office in the upper right-hand corner to find it.

    • If you see more than one version, choose Uninstall for the one you aren’t using.

    • Restart the computer once the removal is complete.

    • Have you been activated yet? Select Repair an Office Application from the drop-down menu to repair an Office application.

    Step 3: Verify the status of your subscription.

    This stage requires you to determine whether the subscription is still current or has expired. As a result,

    • Shut down all Office programmes.

    • Next, navigate to the Services and Subscriptions section. Choose Sign in and input your Microsoft account information, including your email address and password.

    • Review the Subscriptions or Cancelled Subscriptions details.

    If it’s about to expire, consider renewing it.

    Step 4: Select one of the troubleshooting options available on the Office 365 website.

    Solution 2: Verify the computer’s date, time, and time zone.

    Close all Office apps first. Now follow the instructions outlined below.

    • Select the date and time in the lower right corner.

    • Here, you can set the date and time.

    • Select ‘Automatically set time’ or ‘Automatically set time zone.’

    • Verify that your clock is set to the correct time zone.

    Solution number three

    Update Office 365 if necessary to resolve the majority of the activation issues plaguing you and your PC. Updates for Office can be downloaded straight from the app or from the official website.

    Final Thoughts

    From the article above, we hope you can figure out how to solve the issue stating unlicensed software Microsoft Office 2010. As a result, we recommend downloading the firewall for the greatest possible security. Did you find a solution to your problem on this blog? Please share your thoughts and the remedy that worked in the comments section below if you answered yes.

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