How Good Are Hand-Tied Extensions For Your Hair?

    Every woman wants what’s best for her hair. There are a lot of expectations involved with the perfect hairstyle and getting the right texture of the tresses. It is the reason why hair extensions are becoming popular. They add much-needed volume to the hair and give out a healthy appearance right from the scalp.

    Hair extensions are attached to the root of the hair and come in different varieties. One of these popular types is the hand tied extensions. But how good are they for your hair?

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    Here are some factors to consider about hair extensions weaved into the hair.


    What Is A Hand-Tied Hair Extension?

    Hand-tied hair extensions are groups of strands that are weaved into the hair. It is also called sewing because the process is similar to stitching a hole in a piece of fabric. In this process, the professional uses very small braids or beads to attach extensions to natural hair.

    The stitching does not happen at the scalp but at the very base of the hair that is closed to the scalp. It is not possible and gives a very natural look to the hair. It is one way to increase the volume and maintain the quality with minimum maintenance.


    How Good Are These Extensions?

    The method of getting hand tied extensions in your hair is the most popular, and with good reason. Hair extensions are attached at the route of the hair, and the sewing method does not cause any damage.

    The method has to be adjusted for fine and thicker hair depending on the strength of the roots. Professionals can adjust the stress of the attachment so that the roots remain healthy. Choosing hair extensions through the hand tie method can be great when the attachment is not over a wide area of the scalp.

    Professionals can consult you on the right number of hair extensions. The correct process can avoid almost all hair concerns. You will end up with great hair that is shiny, natural, and voluminous. Going for a natural look also helps in better maintenance which will be good for your hair.

    The process is done by experienced professionals and is entirely safe for the roots and the scalp. When the professional recommends a good number of extensions and does not exceed the number, hand-tied options will work very well without any damage.


    Can Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Work On Shorter Hair?

    Hair extensions are for everyone, irrespective of the length of the hair. It is the professional’s job to adjust the extensions to the roots of the shorter hair. They can give an excellent style to the length without causing any damage. They should be chosen after consultation for the right look.


    Can It Be Good For Thin Hair?

    Whether you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve dyed your hair or you’re coloring it for the first time, let’s take a moment to talk about maintenance with the best shampoo for coloured hair

    Thin hair often requires some extra care. It does not mean that the process will cause any damage. It can only be achieved if the fine hair is healthy. Hand-tied extensions are specially made to give a voluminous appearance. They prevent any potential damage or breakage. Professionals will attach extensions at the right places to not pull on the roots.



    Hand-tied extensions are chosen because of the no damage potential to hair. Professionals know how to approach the process and give a gentle attachment to the natural hair. It prevents any breakage or pulling and gives you a very comfortable experience.

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