GBWhatsApp APK Download (Updated) October 2022 Anti-Ban

    GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp alternative that allows you to easily share music, video, and other types of content with a few taps. You can install it on your devices if you wish to utilize WhatsApp with a few more added features.

    GBWhatsApp, one of the most popular WhatsApp applications in the world, is set to get a feature update that could anti-ban users. The new update is said to be much more user-friendly and will make it easier for people to communicate without worrying about being Banished. If you’re curious about the new features in the update, be sure to check out the GBWhatsApp website for more details.

    Continue reading to learn more fascinating details!

    If you haven’t used it, do so right away. Concerning the procedure of downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, don’t worry. You can follow my instructions for downloading and installing.

    GBWhatsApp APK

    GBWhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is now available on Google Play. Anyone with an Android phone can use it without installing any additional applications. The app has many of the same features as Facebook and Instagram, but there are also a few unique features. One is the ability to send and receive messages from anywhere worldwide. Another feature is the ability to make calls with your friends while on another continent. Finally, GBWhatsApp has a built-in secure messaging system that prevents anyone from able to steal your data or intercept your messages.

    GBWhatsApp APK File Details:

    App Name GBWhatsApp APK

    Android Version 4.3 and Above

    Version Latest Version

    Total Downloads 6,000,000+

    App size 44.3 MB

    Root Required Not Root Required

    Main Purpose Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features

    Last Updated 1 day ago

    Download GBWhatsApp

    Download V.7.10

    Download V.7.20

    Download V.7.99

    Download V.8.0

    Download V.8.5

    Download V.8.10

    Download V.8.20

    Download V.9.5

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    Features of GbWhatsApp:

    GB Whatsapp APK 2022 is designed with tons of features, and all those features you can use on a smartphone. Following are the features of GB Whatsapp.

    Auto Reply: If you’re one of those who love to reply to all of your friends at once, you can use the auto-reply feature on your phone. Just hit the reply button after sending a message, and your phone will automatically send a response back to any of your friends who ask for it. This way, you won’t have to worry about responding individually every time!

    DND: If you are using another app on your Android phone and don t want to get disturbed by Whatsapp messages, then you can use the DND feature to disable th. This is a great way to avoid seeing all the notifications from your social media apps when you want to sleep. If you are looking for a way to improve your sleep quality, disabling DND may be the solution for you.

    Broadcast text messaging is a great function that allows you to broadcast text messages to groups.

    Message filtering: The GB Whatsapp APK has a message filtering function that gives users a choice to delete conversations while also filtering their messages.

    Anti-revoke message: You can send anti-revoke messages.

    Share real-time locations: Using GB Whatsapp 2022, users may share their real-time locations with others.

    Amazing effects: Users can add special and distinctive effects when sending photos and videos to friends and family.

    Multiple message revocation: You can cancel several messages at once.

    Send Maximum Pictures: You can also send up to 90 images at once, which is more than the official Whatsapp allows. Additionally, you can send your contact a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio file.

    Unlimited Themes: The Whatsapp theme feature is also introduced in this upgraded version. Therefore, depending on your mood, you can apply various incredible themes and emojis on your phone.

    Download Statuses: This program also allows you to download the images and videos other contacts have published as status updates.

    Amazing Font: Are you tired of the standard typeface? Afterward, you can select the font of your choice using this option. Use this feature to make your preferred typeface your own.

    History of Messages: You can view the history of messages sent to and received from your contacts and groups.

    Change contacts: Change a specific contact’s gallery visibility in the media.

    Mark the unread messages: You can mark the read messages from the notification.

    Choose all chats: From the home screen, this app allows you to choose all chats at once.

    Cover up your status: You can conceal the voice recording state.

    Best Image Quality: You can transmit high-resolution photographs using GB Whatsapp.

    Log History: The user may also view your contacts’ log history.

    Language: This feature allows you to choose a language from the list of pre-installed languages, making it one of the best.

    Notification: This program may alert you when someone on your contact notification modifies their profile photo.

    Pop-up Alerts: Hiding this app’s pop-up notifications from your home screen is another amazing feature of the GB Whatsapp APK.


    An internet connection is necessary. A WiFi connection is advised.

    the location of the gadget Access to the Gallery Contacts

    A WiFi connection is advised. Device Information Access to External Storage

    Comparison Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp 

    Status Characters LengthUp to 255 CharactersUp to 139 Characters
    Document Sharing at one time10030
    Media Sharing50 MB15 MB
    Hide Last Seen
    Status Copying
    Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format
    Languages Supported45130
    Blank Messages Sending
    Theme Changing

    How can I get GBWhatsApp 2022?

    The steps for downloading and installing the APK file are not well known by many individuals. Don’t worry if you want to know the procedure as well. I’ll walk you through the simple steps to download and set it up.

    You may take advantage of all the additional features after you install the APK MOD. Let’s discuss the procedures!

    Storage Space: This APK MOD needs storage space.

    Open the settings tab, then select the Allow Unknown Sources option.

    Launch: You should launch the app.

    Login: Login in the WhatsApp account and enjoy the fantastic features

    iPhone GBWhatsApp

    Although several devices are used today, the iPhone is the most widely used. Numerous users of this gadget are unaware of how to download the iOS software to their handset. Stay with me if you are familiar with the downloading procedure!

    First, open your device’s browser and go to the website.

    To get the iOS version, click the button that is provided below.

    To install it after downloading, open the file.

    To install it, click the install button.

    The installation process will be finished in a short while.

    Launch the app after installing GBWhatsApp for iOS.

    Sign in to WhatsApp or register a new account.

    Enjoy the app now!

    Install GBWA iOS.

    Where Can I Install GBWhatsApp?

    You are probably looking for a safe and secure site to acquire if you want to get this app program for yourself and start using it. This typically implies that you’ll need an apk to install a mod on your Android smartphone.

    Here, at, You can currently access GBWhatsApp;

    Privacy Protection

    Installing GBWhatsApp will give you access to all of the features above and the opportunity to manage your privacy preferences. This involves manually controlling whether you allow your mobile device to let people know what you’re doing or whether you’re online.

    The following list of privacy settings includes;

    having a website (Status)

    Double tick Bluetick Microphone Preferences

    Recording status

    Status of messages being typed Scheduling

    Amazing New Features in GbWhatsApp 2022

    How to Install and Update GBWhatsApp

    The next steps will explain how to install this apk into your mobile device and run it at peak efficiency once you have learned how to access your apk.

    Step #1:

    • Go to your mobile device’s settings.
    • Select security.
    • Turn on the option for Unknown Sources.

    This enables you to install apps you have downloaded from locations other than the Playstore.

    The second step is downloading the most recent version of GBWhatsApp from the stores above using your mobile device’s internet browser. You have the option of downloading the apk to your computer and then moving it around on the storage of your device.

    Step #3: Open the apk file and install it by following the instructions on the screen. This might function just as it is set up in the standard WhatsApp software.

    Step #4: Enter your name and state identification number to verify your accounts. GBWhatsApp is currently set up and ready to use on your smartphone. To use the program as you would normally use WhatsApp, launch it from your main menu.

    What Platforms Does This App Support Android iOS Fully Customizable Themes

    perhaps the most favored GB

    With the help of the mod, you can customize every aspect of the WhatsApp application, from the menus to the chat display, allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for the best possible experience.

    Send large files.

    Sending the paper is undoubtedly one of the difficulties of using WhatsApp. You need to send a buddy a photo, song, or movie, but WhatsApp only allows you to transfer files up to 16MB in size. The most recent version of GBWhatsApp eliminates this restriction so that you can forward anything.

    Backing up GBWhatsApp Information Supporting can help you save time when it comes to protecting the messages that are important to you and give you general peace of mind that your discussions are secure. Additionally, there are two ways for someone to regain control of their files, enabling you to maintain management.

    First step: use an apk to backup GBWhatsApp.

    The first approach to think about will undoubtedly be to support GBWhatsApp chat in the software directly.

    Step 1: Open the app and search for Settings and Chat Backup.

    The second step is to select Backup to store a copy of your messages and any associated material in your device’s internal memory.

    Alternative Method #2: Use a computer to back up GBWhatsApp.

    The finest Android app information transfer option is Dr.fone – Bring Back Social Application, designed to be used in the best and most convenient way possible while managing your mobile information, including your own GBapk and Whatsapp backup records.

    Even if you have little technological know-how, you may use the program to send your GBWhatsApp documents, including chats, photographs, large-scale films, data, voice messages, and much more.


    GBWhatsApp APK: What is it?

    It is a WhatsApp mod with added features.

    The safety of GBWhatsApp APK

    I’ve used this mod for my professional needs for months, and I’ve never had a problem utilizing the app. I hope you’ll use the features safely as well.

    GbWhatsApp: Does It Run on iPhones?

    Yes, it works fantastically on both Android and iPhone.

    Can I use this app without having to root my phone?

    Nope! No requirement to root your device

    Can I get data backup if I want to Backup?

    Yes, it is simple to obtain a backup of your WhatsApp.

    Should GbWhatsapp be updated?

    No, it’s not rocket science, but it would be amazing if you updated it.

    Ban on WhatsApp Account OR Privacy Concern?

    No, this app gives you complete control over your privacy settings.

    Can I use two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone?

    Sure! This application was created for this. Thus please enjoy utilizing this.

    Last Words

    I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the official WhatsApp APK MOD. GB Additionally, WhatsApp offers the same security and plans as genuine Whatsapp. Install Whatsapp Plus APK on your device immediately if you want to get more added features. I hope you find this content interesting.

    We would greatly appreciate it if you and your friends gave this fantastic GBWhatsapp APK a positive review. You’ll think it has the newest features and is one of the greatest apps. Because it has the same licensing as the original software, you won’t encounter any security-related problems.

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