Customer Service & The Potential It Holds

    Nowadays, with the help of data analytics, you cannot only study how to sell products or support customers but also achieve more than that. It gives you an analysis of the perception of humans and their buying and selling behavior through information stored in the form of data. This helps you provide your customers with a better experience, encouraging loyal and returning customers.

    A good example can be a customer buying a product from a shop, and before doing that he searches it up online. This gives the business an idea that the customer may buy the product, which will help increase its production. Data analysis also helps calculate the number of products that are going to be sold, the revenue that will come, and the causes behind an increase or decrease in the purchases of that product. This in return helps the business make improvements. 

    Another example can be taken from the operations of Xfinity customer service. The department collects data to analyze whether its customers are satisfied or what troubles they may be facing which can be eliminated. This article will provide you with some further information and examples about the future of customer service, support, and customer relations.

    Data is Insight

    The conventional ways of customer service waste time and resources, which can be productive elsewhere. This is all to be done to not have a rebound of customer complaints and false actions against the firm etc. These methods also cause financial loss and lesser gains. Therefore, many firms have shifted their customer services to virtual streams by the start of 2021 as this is a viral trend, these streams include chatbots, knowledge base, and other Al methods of improving the customer service team. 

    Options of self-service through different channels:

    According to Jay Baer, the author of ‘the Convince and Convert, there are three things that drive the future of customer support, these are:

    Customer self-service

    By using knowledge base systems, customers can help themselves with any queries that they might face. In this way, the customers are empowered with knowledge, and your business can focus on other important tasks and prioritize customers. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable businesses to observe the priorities of the customers as well as pay attention to customer support. Companies should invest in this technology in order to provide customer self-service. 

    Community service

    Customers helping customers to solve their queries with how to work something or get something moving like gadgets, etc. can help create a friendly environment. It can also help solve the problems of the customers on their own, hence improving customer service. 

    Predictive help and support

    This involves artificial intelligence, which helps interpret and make insights into important functions and has a proactive approach. In this way, you can not only interpret the problems and queries of the customers but also predict any help that the customer might need, give solutions to their problems before they even have them, and have an energetic approach. 

    Some facts about customer service and its future

    Lastly, there are some facts about good customer service and its future that you might want to know. 

    1. As said by Nick Francis, Co-Founder, and CEO at Help Scout, “For more relevant, useful and impactful self-service, the customer service systems need to grow smarter. Many support personnel will spend more time undertaking proactive, progressive tasks in most companies as a result of this.” 
    2. “While building a connection with customers, viewing words or graphics on a screen when trying to solve a technical problem does not work as well as seeing the people and hearing their problems. This seems like a real connection”.
    3. As said by the CS consultant and speaker Micah Solomon, “Customers should continue to expect better and better customer service, whether knowingly or unknowingly, in every sector, niche, and budget range. This is the best customer service trend.”
    4. “If technology is being used correctly and in safe hands, I believe it can solve the problems of the customers more firmly. This is why in my opinion the companies should put in investments towards the processes that accumulate consumer data and allow support champions to treat each customer like the individual that they are.”
    customer service.
    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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