Apple CarPlay Not Working? – Here’s How to Fix Common Issues

    Apple CarPlay not working , available on iOS 13 and later, provides a seamless picture of the road ahead. It routes everything through your car’s infotainment system, allowing you to access your iOS apps.

    CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone to make calls, send texts, and listen to music while driving. Until your Apple CarPlay stops operating, these features make you feel terrific. While CarPlay is connected, you may be unable to connect, open apps properly, or hear anything.

    Here, we’ll go through some of the most common Apple Carplay issues that iOS users have and how to fix them.

    Contents Table of Contents

    • Apple CarPlay: Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to Troubleshoot Apple CarPlay Issues

    • Preliminary Inspections

    • Resolved the Apple CarPlay Screen Time issue

    • Allow CarPlay to work while your phone is lock.

    • Remedy: Enable Siri

    • Replace the USB cable

    • Turn on your Bluetooth.

    • Re-establish the Apple CarPlay connection

    • Restart your iPhone as well as your vehicle.

    Apple CarPlay not working: Frequently Asked Questions

    Apple CarPlay not working or may cease working for various reasons. Consider the following scenario:

    • Issues with the iOS upgrade

    • Issues with Bluetooth connectivity

    • Devices are not adequately integrated.

    • iOS version is out of date

    • Detection issues with iPhone

    • USB cable doesn’t function

    People frequently have difficulties setting up Apple CarPlay because they are unaware of the correct procedure. To set up Apple CarPlay, follow these steps.

    1. Start your vehicle.

    2. Make sure Siri is turned on.

    3. Connect your iPhone to your vehicle

    You may link your iPhone to your automobile in two ways:

    • If your car has a USB port for CarPlay, connect your iPhone to it.

    • Press the voice command button and hold it for a while on your steering if the car supports wireless Carplay. Make sure, however, that Bluetooth is turned on. After that, navigate to Settings -> General -> CarPlay on your iPhone. Please select your vehicle from the list of available vehicles by tapping on it.

    Note: Consult your car’s owner’s handbook for further information.

    Whether you have no sound, no connectivity, or applications that aren’t syncing, a few practical solutions address Apple CarPlay not operating correctly. Before contacting your vehicle’s manufacturer, you should read and complete the instructions outlined below.

    How to Resolve Apple CarPlay not working Problems

    We’ve put up a list of the most common Apple CarPlay issues users encounter.

    Preliminary Inspections of apple carplay not working

    There are a few things you should check before moving on to solutions:

    • Make sure your iPhone and car’s infotainment system are both turned on.

    • Check if Apple CarPlay is supported in your nation, as it is not available in every region.

    • Make sure your Apple CarPlay device is compatible with your vehicle. If it isn’t, contact the manufacturer of your car. Alpine and other brands have aftermarket stereos available.

    • Your iPhone should be running the most recent version of iOS that supports CarPlay (iPhone 5 or newer).

    • Disconnect any Bluetooth devices that were previously connected to your audio and are causing CarPlay to malfunction.

    If you’ve gone through all of the preliminary steps and Apple CarPlay is still not working, try the remedies below.

    Note: Before looking at the options, double-check that Apple CarPlay is supported in your region and by your vehicle. You won’t connect to it or use any of its features if it isn’t supported.

    Fix for the Apple CarPlay Screen Time Issue

    Make sure your iPhone’s CarPlay feature is turned on. Re-enable the CarPlay connection if many settings are interfering. Connect it to your vehicle by going to Settings -> General -> CarPlay.

    Go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content and Privacy Restrictions -> Allowed Apps if you have iOS 14 and have switched off CarPlay in Screen Time.

    Fix for allowing Apple CarPlay not working while the phone is locked

    When your car is locked, make sure CarPlay is turned on. If it isn’t allowed when your phone is locked, it won’t work when the screen is switched off. To fix this, go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay and choose your automobile from the list of potential connections. Then select Allow CarPlay While Locked from the drop-down menu.

    Fix: Turn on Siri.

    Check to see if Siri is turned on on your iPhone. Siri must be enabled for CarPlay to work, and if it isn’t, follow the steps below to enable it.

    Make sure the following options are turned on in Settings -> Siri & Search:

    • Keep an ear out for “Hey Siri.”

    • To get Siri, press the side button.

    • When Siri is locked, allow it.

    Many iPhone users disable the last option, which allows Siri to operate even when the phone is locked, and this is the most common cause of CarPlay failure. Make sure it’s turned on.

    Replace the USB cable if your Apple CarPlay Not working

    Check to see if your automobile has a USB cord that supports CarPlay. Check for any broken or damaged wire portions if the wire is original. Purchase a new genuine cable because a ruptured wire could cause the difficulty you’re experiencing.

    Make specific Bluetooth is turned on.

    Make sure your CarPlay is turned on if connected wirelessly through Bluetooth. When CarPlay doesn’t operate, it’s usually because the Bluetooth connection isn’t turned on. So please switch it on, and make sure you remove any other connected devices from the list while you’re doing it.

    Re-establish the Apple CarPlay connection

    Another option is to disconnect and reconnect the CarPlay connection. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> CarPlay and select the vehicle you want to connect.

    2. Go and Select form the drop down menu “forget this car”

    3. To re-establish and reconnect, restart your vehicle and iPhone.

    Restart your iPhone as well as your vehicle.

    Restart your iPhone first, and then your vehicle. When things are restarted, they sometimes work correctly and solve the problem we’re having. To restart your phone, follow these steps:

    • For iPhone X and later devices, simultaneously press and hold the side and volume up buttons.

    • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to restart older models.

    Finally, if you’re still having trouble connecting to Apple CarPlay, you’ll need to contact Apple Support. They will look into this more and assist you.

    Apple CarPlay is one of the most valuable and secure technologies that Apple has released. However, the user’s smooth experience is sometimes hampered by connectivity issues. However, every problem has a solution, as we have outlined above. If you have another hack or a solution to this problem, please share it with the thesafeinfo Community.

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