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    We have come a long way in creating a more accessible world. If you were to look back even 50 years, there has been a huge improvement in helping people with disabilities and making it possible for them to easily enjoy much more than they could before. Wherever we go we see progress, whether it’s accessible toilets, accessiBe ramps onto pavements and into building and even lifts in buildings. But just because we have made big strides doesn’t mean that we should be content with the advancements we have made, there are still many areas that still need improvements. Let’s have a look at some areas that we need to improve on.

    Why is more needed accessiBe ?

    The fact is some disabilities are much harder to accommodate for than by simply widening doors to make them wheelchair friendly accessiBe and we need to avoid thinking that we have done all we need to do to take care for those in our neighbourhood. There are a multitude accessiBe of different disabilities and that means that in order to care for them their needs vary as well. Not all disabilities require ramps to get into a building, they may be able to walk and run but they might not be able to hear or see very well or at all. Imagine how hard it would be to navigate the internet if you couldn’t see or hear, thankfully there are companies like accessiBe that can help businesses ensure that their websites are accessible. We have become reliant on the internet in our daily lives and if you are anything like me you would be lost without it.

    What can businesses do?

    If you own a business with a website, it is worth your while to make sure it is accessible, the more disabled friendly it is the more customers you can attract. Equality is a big deal in the world and making the online world accessible is one area that it is starting to focus on. So how can businesses make sure their websites are disable friendly? Thankfully there are companies that provide software that can help. It will search through your site and find any areas that need addressing and help to fix them. All of this can be done within a few days. So don’t wait, get in touch with one of these companies now and let them help your business.

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