A Simple Overview on PCD Pharma Franchise Company

    PCD Pharma Franchise Companies like Vivaceutical have revolutionised the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, leading to unmatchable growth and development that the industry has ever witnessed. This type of business has not only helped in improving the domestic and global economy but also helped a wide population get their hands on affordable and high quality medications that were otherwise out of scope for some. 

    What Is a PCD Pharma Franchise Company?

    A PCD pharma franchise company is a pharmaceutical company that provides smaller businesses the rights to become franchise partners and sell their pharma products in different parts of the county. The ‘PCD’ in this term stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution.  

    Following are some of the factors that one should know about a PCD pharma company:

    • The company gives exclusive rights to franchise partners to sell the pharma products
    • As a franchise partner, you can choose the product range you want to deal in and the area you want to sell the products in 
    • You get monopoly rights to sell those particular products in that region. In other words, no other franchise partner can sell the same products in that region
    • As a franchise partner, you can access third party manufacturing benefits from the parent company
    • A PCD franchise company allows you to start your own business without any monumental investments or risks 

    Any individual who wants to start their own business or a business that wants to enter the pharmaceutical industry can use this opportunity in their favour. With proper qualifications, the appropriate licences to sell drugs (medicinal) and a few years of experience dealing in the pharma industry can make a person the perfect candidate for getting a franchise. 

    Why Are PCD Pharma Companies Gaining Popularity in India?

    The business model is extremely lucrative for a developing nation like India. 

    Minimal Investment

    Small pharma companies or individuals who want to start one are usually short on investments. This type of model, however, doesn’t need a lot of it. Since another company (the PCD company) provides the franchises with the products to be sold along with marketing products like notepads, bags, pens and the like, the total investment cost on the part of the franchise is cut down by a great margin. 

    The Business is Profitable

    At the same time, low investments do not mean low returns either. On the contrary, the pharmaceutical industry is growing at such a rate during the current trends that even small investments are rewarded with greater revenue and returns.

    Exclusive Monopoly Rights

    Franchise owners prefer partnering with PCD pharma due to the exclusive monopoly rights they get to enjoy. This means that these franchises are the only ones who can sell a certain product in a certain region where no other franchise owner can operate. 

    A PCD pharma franchise company brings a lot of benefits to the front, making it one of the most preferred business models currently. This works best for anyone who wants to start their own business but with low investment and high return requirements. 

    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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