Why Drug Treatment Centers Have Adopted Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    It’s no secret that addiction is a complex disease. Not only does it cause physical changes in the brain, but it also often leads to mental health problems. For many years, addiction was treated as a single disease, and patients were given medication to help them detoxify and abstain from drugs. 

    However, this approach failed to address the underlying mental health issues that often contribute to addiction. As a result, many patients relapsed after leaving treatment. 

    In recent years, dual diagnosis treatment centers near me have become more common. This type of center treats both addiction and mental illness concurrently and has become the gold standard for addiction recovery.

    Several drug treatment centers have adopted dual diagnosis treatment because of various benefits; 

    1. Offers a More Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment 

    These treatment centers take a holistic approach to addiction treatment. This means that they treat the whole person, not just the addiction. By treating the whole person, these centers can address all of the factors that contribute to addiction. 

    Holistic treatment also includes addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual. This comprehensive approach is important because addiction often affects all aspects of an individual’s life. By addressing all of these needs, the treatment centers can provide a well-rounded and effective treatment experience. 

    2. Addresses Underlying Mental Health Issues 

    Another reason why dual diagnosis treatment has become so popular is that it addresses the underlying mental health issues that often contribute to addiction. Underlying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder can make it difficult for someone to stay sober. 

    By treating both the addiction and the underlying mental health issue, dual diagnosis treatment can provide a more complete and effective treatment experience. Making it the gold standard for addiction recovery. 

    3. Reduces the Risk of Relapse 

    Relapse in addiction means, “resuming the use of a substance after a period of abstinence.” One of the main reasons why people relapse is because they haven’t addressed the underlying mental health issues that led to their addiction in the first place. Dual diagnosis treatment centers near me strive to prevent relapse by teaching patients how to cope with their mental health issues in a positive manner. 

    4. Promotes Long-Term Recovery 

    Every time an addict relapses, they’re at risk of developing a more severe form of addiction. This is why it’s so important for addicts to seek treatment and abstain from drugs. However, if an addict only receives treatment for their addiction and not their mental health, they’re more likely to relapse. This is because their mental health will still be unstable and they’ll be more likely to turn to drugs as a way to cope.

     Dual diagnosis treatment centers provide the stability and support that addicts need to maintain their sobriety and promote long-term recovery. In addition, they’re also more likely to develop the necessary skills such as coping and stress management to prevent relapse. They have different programs that help with different needs. 

    The first step is always detox. This is followed by intensive therapy, which is designed to address the underlying causes of addiction. After that, patients are given the tools they need to manage their mental health and prevent relapse. This may include medication, individual therapy, group therapy, and 12-step programs. 

    5. Improves Overall Treatment Outcomes 

    When addiction and mental illness are treated at the same time, patients are more likely to stick with their treatment plan and see improvements in their symptoms. Research has shown that patients who enroll in dual diagnosis treatment centers near me are more likely to stay in treatment for a longer period and are less likely to relapse. 

    For example, when an addict is suffering from depression, treating only the addiction will not be as effective because the depression will likely cause the addict to relapse. However, if both the addiction and the depression are treated at the same time, the addict is more likely to abstain from drugs and maintain sobriety. 

    Bottom Line

    Suppose you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s important to seek out a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment centers near me are more effective than traditional addiction treatment and can help you or your loved one finally achieve lasting sobriety.

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