5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Business Account.

    Instagram is one of the most popular marketing social platforms for many brands in the world. According to the social service, 90% of people on Instagram follow a business account. Think about yourself.

    Is there any Instagram business account that you follow? If so, why do you follow these accounts and why do you keep continue following them every time you see a post by them? It is probably because you are interested in the account or the products that they offer to customers.

     If you have an Instagram business account, or you are planning to have one, you need to keep that in mind. Building an Instagram business account is not as simple as having a personal account.

    Here are a few basic tips for you to improve your business account so that you can optimize your Instagram and get as much value as you can.

    1.      Optimize Your Instagram Business Account:

    • First of all, you need to make sure that you have switched your Instagram account to a business account.
    •  After the first step, you may want to optimize and elevate your business account. It is important to have your brand’s name clearly on the username.
    • The next step to elevate your account is to have a short description of what your business does in your Instagram bio.
    • You can add contact information to make sure that your customers can have a conversation with you.
    • You may also add a static website link to encourage your customers and followers to visit the website.
    • When it comes to adding recurring links, it is important to specify the “link in bio” feature to increase the interaction both in your Instagram business account and also in the link in bio.
    • Last but not the least, a recognizable profile picture is also significant to optimize your business account. You can add your brand’s logo, or you may use a clear photo of yourself.

    2.      Use Different Content Types

    Instagram is more than only being a photo-sharing app.

    There are different popular content types on the platform. Instagram is where you can discover new areas, and it is always trying to build new features that Instagram users can get as much value as they can.

     If you want to elevate your Instagram business account, it is time to take action and try some new features for your business.

    Use the power of videos when creating content

    It is true that videos are more likely to get more likes and comments. Use Reels to show your creativity and get better conversions for your business account. Make sure that you are sharing Stories as much as you can; remember, being active boosts your business account’s visibility. You can ask questions to your customers to start a conversation with them.

    If you use a business account to sell products, you should add tags in your posts to make it easier to shop while exploring on Instagram.

    You may want to check Instagram’s Trends Reports that can help you to maximize your engagement.

    3.      Schedule Instagram Posts:

    An important yet simple thing to remember when trying to elevate your Instagram business account is posting frequently.

    Sticking to a regular posting schedule will make your customers think of your brand when they want to buy something. Posting regularly will help you to appear in someone’s feed. However, posting regularly is not that simple; you have to spare time to share posts on a regular basis. Instagram allows you to schedule posts easily to save time; thus, you may have extra time to focus on other stuff related to your business.

    An important thing is also timing when it comes to posting and scheduling posts. You should analyze your target audience to make sure that you post at the right time. For instance, your followers might be more active on the weekend, or evenings on weekdays. You can analyze the interactions of your previous posts to have insight into creating and sharing your next posts.

    4.      Analyze your results

    One of the useful ways for elevating your Instagram business account is keeping track of your results. You should check Instagram analytics regularly to make sure that everything is going great. Instagram Insights is a feature to see analytics related to your profile and business account.

    You can see how many people have seen or engaged with your posts. In Instagram Insights, you will be able to see how many impressions you have or how many people visited your website or YouTube channel via the link in bio.

    You can also see how many followers you gained or lost in a day. In an individual post, you can analyze how many people liked your posts or commented.

     Also, you can view how many people shared the post with somebody else and saved the post. By using Instagram Insights, you will be able to evaluate your audience’s engagement with your business account.

    It will give you insights to evaluate and improve your strategy regarding your Instagram business account.

    5.      Engage with Your Followers:

    When you start to run an Instagram business account, you also need to engage with your community. Using Instagram as a marketing channel does not always mean sticking to sharing business-related posts only.

    Remember, social media platforms are for connecting with each other. You need to have conversations with your followers to make sure that they remain as your loyal audience. You may use Instagram Stories to encourage your followers to ask questions to you. When it comes to posts, you can write captions to ask questions in the comments.

    Encourage your community to share their feelings, ideas, and memories with you and other members of your community. It will maximize your engagement with your community and boost your chance of getting seen.   Using Instagram as a marketing channel is a popular tool to grow your business. It is useful to connect with thousands of people by growing your community and selling products. As you start to grow your Instagram business account, you should create valuable content that your target audience wants to see or engage with.

    Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
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