5 Exercises that you can do on Trampoline

    If you don’t have time to go to the gym and still want to keep fit, purchasing a trampoline will be the best idea. Yes, you heard that right. A trampoline can help you burn calories and help you lead a healthy life. I’ve enlisted 5 exercises for you to kick start.

    1. Straight Jump

    Jumping straight on the trampoline is a great way to burn many calories. However, while doing this exercise, you must remember some rules.

    First, try to jump on one single spot with an upward position. Then, while you’re at it, lift your arms skyward and ensure they are straight.

    During the time of landing, lower your arms. With every jump, you need to increase your range. Don’t forget to keep your legs at an adjustable distance while pushing off into the air and landing on the ground. It will assist you in balancing your body.

    Doing this regularly will help strengthen your joints and ligaments, warm your body, and prepare you for an intense workout session. After the workout, do some light bouncing to cool down your body.

    Bounce on the same spot for 2 minutes to check the fitness level. Practice this daily, and then look into the result; you will see the differences.

    Pro Tip: Make sure you do the research when you purchase a trampoline online and invest in the one with good reviews.

    2. Jumping Jack

    You have probably heard about jumping jacks, and there is a 99% chance that you have done it on the ground. But when you do this on a trampoline, it is way more effective. There are two ways to practice jumping jacks.

    For the first one, you must keep your feet together, and your arms will be alongside your body. Next, apart your feet while jumping and lift your arms overhead. Then again, jump back to the beginning position.

    For the second one, you must put your feet under your hip in the center area of the trampoline. Jump in a way that the feet land outside your shoulders. Make sure your arms are extended to either side. You must keep your head straight while practicing jumping jacks.

    You can choose either of them and practice it daily. This exercise is a great alternative to the treadmill. Further, it can also help manage weight, reduce blood pressure, and boost good cholesterol and insulin secretion.

    3. Scissors

    Start by positioning your legs together. Then jump forward and kick straight. Next, take the same leg at the starting position. Keep switching legs and do this for 2 minutes. It will help to keep vascular diseases, obesity, and osteoporosis at bay.

    4. Tuck Jump

    Tuck Jump consists of two actions: jumping and tucking. To perform this, you need to do a straight jump. I have mentioned how to jump straight on a trampoline in the first point.

    When you are at the peak of the jump, you have to tuck your knees by bringing them close to your chest. Then wrap your arms around your legs.

    If the tuck is throwing you off your balance, release it. If you do this exercise correctly, you will feel like hanging in the air for a second. It will assist you in developing better balance and improving coordination skills.

    5. Pike Jump

    This one is the hardest exercise on the list. But if you practice it rigorously, you can nail this. Start this by keeping your legs at hip-width apart and arms alongside. Next, bend your knees slightly and swing your arms. After this, perform all the below-mentioned steps at once.

    ●          Swing the arms in front of you.

    ●          Push off into the air and kick your legs forward until they are fully expanded and straight in front of you. Make sure they are parallel to the ground.

    ●          Hinge at your hips and fold your body towards your lower potion.

    After this, you will fall to the ground. During this time, raise your torso and extend your hips to move your legs at the starting position. Land on your feet with slightly bended knees. Then stand straight.

    This exercise will give your muscles extra power and make your lower bones stronger.

    Over to you…

    So, these are a few exercises you must do on a trampoline to start your fitness journey. Now, enough theory… it’s time for some action, buddy!

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