Weed Hangover: 6 Tips on How to Remedy & Prevent It

    If you’ve never had a ‘weed hangover’ before, it can take you by surprise. You expect this delayed side effect when you drink alcohol, and there are plenty of methods to deal with the symptoms.

    But no one talks about the day-after effect that comes with cannabis. So, when you have a weed hangover, you’re stuck muddling through the day with it until it goes away.

    Not anymore, though. We have the remedies — along with tips to prevent — your weed hangover woes right here.

    1. Remedies: Ginger Tea

    Feeling nauseous? Ginger tea (or anything ginger-based) can help.

    If you’ve indulged in too much cannabis, or the wrong strain of weed, your stomach is one of the first things that will tell on you. The bacteria in your gut are easily thrown off balance, and when that happens, you’ll feel queasy. You may even throw up until the offending substance is out of your stomach.

    Ginger reduces the sense of nausea by restoring the bacteria in your gut to balanced levels. It works so well that ginger capsules, tea, and other ginger remedies are used to reduce nausea in pregnant women and cancer patients.

    Keep an eye on your symptoms, though. If you have been using cannabis chronically, and your nausea and vomiting don’t go away, you could have a more serious problem. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is a rare but severe condition that leads to dangerous levels of vomiting. Talk to your doctor if your nausea and vomiting continue for more than a few days.

    2. Remedies: CBD Gummies

    Are a headache and anxiety part of your weed hangover? Pull out your CBD gummy stash and eat a couple of bears.

    Headaches are caused by inflammation. CBD, with or without the THC that put you in this hangover state to begin with, has anti-inflammatory properties. After a few minutes, the cannabinoids are in your bloodstream, and you’ll notice the headache diminishing.

    At the same time, those cannabinoids will be working hard to soothe your brain’s anxious thoughts and calm you down. Weed hangover? What weed hangover? Just be mindful of how many gummies you eat to avoid another CBD overload.

    3. Remedies: Healthy Snacks

    You’re feeling nauseous, and food is likely the last thing on your mind. But starving yourself is going to make the problem worse, as is eating junk food that upsets the gut bacteria balance we talked about earlier.

    Instead, the same healthy go-to snacks that curb your munchie cravings can make your cannabis hangover disappear. Veggies, hummus, fruit, and oatmeal are excellent sources of the vitamins and minerals you need to get your body running optimally again.

    4. Prevention: Monitor Your Intake

    Fixes are wonderful, yet, wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had a weed hangover in the first place?

    Hangovers can happen with any intake of alcohol or weed, but they’re more likely to occur when you overindulge. Count your joints or pay attention to your stash, and limit yourself to what you know you can handle.

    If you have a hangover the next day, look at what you have left. Did you go past your limit? Does your limit need to be adjusted? Only you know when you’re at that fine line between just right and too much.

    5. Prevention: Be Picky About Your Strains

    While weed itself shouldn’t make you sick — unless it has mold or mildew on it — certain strains might not be as fun for you as others. Never use any cannabis until you know what strain it is first. That way, if you have an adverse reaction, you’ll know to avoid those strains in the future.

    6. Prevention: Get Plenty of Rest

    Rest and weed use go hand-in-hand. Even if you’re using the strains that give you energy, at some point, there will be a natural crash. If you’re not allowing yourself time to get adequate rest, your brain doesn’t have time to process the chemicals and toxins in your body.

    Chances are, mixing lack of sleep with weed and your normal routine will result in a weed hangover. The easiest way to avoid this is to get sufficient rest. It’s a winning cure all around.


    Last night may have been ah-may-zing, or you might not remember much of it at all. No matter what happened, you woke up with a weed hangover, and you want it gone now.

    Use these three remedies to get rid of the symptoms, then make sure they don’t happen again with the preventative measures we’ve included.

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    Sajid Ali
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