Tricks on How to Sell Your House in Nairobi, Kenya

    You have decided it is time to sell your house in Nairobi; where do you start? In the modern digital arena, selling your house is not as demanding since you have unlimited reach. Today, you have much to leverage from online ads, social media, and listing sites, which can speed up the process and ensure you land the best deals. Quick homework like checking Hauzisha’s house for sale in Nairobi lets you see what others are doing and can help you up your game. As you prepare to sell, here are some tricks to help you do it fast and fetch a reasonable price.

    House inspection

    As a buyer, a thorough house inspection, usually done by a professional, is a significant due diligence part. However, this doesn’t mean you should wait for sell your house in Nairobi. A professional inspection provides a detailed view of the state of the house, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. With the report, you get a head start since you can repair the areas likely to scare potential buyers. You also improve the property value, ensuring you get a bargaining edge.

    Prepare the house

    With the inspection report, you can plan the repairs and maintenance and ensure the structural integrity is in top shape. You shouldn’t stop there, though. Hacks such as cleaning, decluttering, fresh paint, and de-personalizing the space can speed up the house sale. This improves the aesthetic value, which helps you stage the house, capture attention, and reel more potential buyers in, making it easier to grab competitive deals. 

    Have a strategy

    How and when should you sell? Today, many sellers don’t see the need to hire an agent, especially if they have enough time on their hands to do all the heavy lifting. You can sign up for listing services, take detailed photos, offer valuable descriptions, and list your property on your own. Nonetheless, a solid strategy is a must to facilitate smooth progress. When to sell is among the easily overlooked aspect, yet it impacts the process. Some seasons make it easier to attract and capture the best buyers. Do your homework and establish if it is a buyers or seller’s market, helping you pick the right season to sell.

    For the how, a strategy combining online listing services like Hauzisha with social media outreach, open houses, and leveraging your social circles is effective. This way, you get the word out and reach an extensive pool, making it easier to attract more leads. Hiring a real estate agent is also recommendable, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time. With a tight schedule, for example, you may drag the process, and before you realize it, a season favoring a fast and competitive sale is over. A real estate agent can help you stage, market, negotiate, and deal with the paperwork. They can take the considerable weight off your shoulders, allowing you to remain focused on what you are best at.


    Among the mistakes many sellers make is being rigid with the pricing. Sure, you want to pocket a good profit, but how long are you willing to wait to get such a deal? Negotiations are a part of real estate sales. After doing your research, set a reasonable price. If the price is too high, it will scare away buyers. The same applies if it is too low since they expect the house has significant flaws. Set a realistic price, and be flexible to accommodate negotiations. You must put an actual minimum you can’t get past to ensure you fetch a reasonable price.

    Closing the deal

    What is worse than finding the perfect buyer and agreeing on the best price, but you can’t close since some documents are missing? As you sell your house in Nairobi, ensure you are prepared to close. Have the documents ready, deal with any pending property issues, and for better progress, hire a property lawyer to help you deal with the contracts and other paperwork involved.

    In the modern competitive real estate market, selling your house in Nairobi, Kenya, is not overwhelming. With the proper preparations and strategy, as highlighted above, you will be done faster than you might have anticipated.

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