Ten ways to save our planet

    Keeping earth safe is our priority as we all live in it. We are always taught about loving our earth and how we can make it a better and healthy place to live. But most of us never follow it, leading to disasters that can harm us in several ways. The United Nations recommends that climate change is not just the explaining problem of our period, but we were also explaining moment in history. The weather patterns vary and will harm the food production process, plus the rising sea levels and could cause catastrophic flooding around the world. The countries must take immediate actions to avoid a future full of damage to the major planetary climate and ecosystems. So here the question arises again how we can save our planet from today and future damage? There is not just one but many ways to help us save our planet. As it is our responsibility, we have to do it no matter what happens. To specifically help in figuring out the ways, here are ten ways explained by the experts of cheap assignment writing service that explain how we can heal the earth once again and save it from any further damage in the future.

    1. Conserving water

    We can do or take little steps to make a bigger change. We are wrong if we think that a little change will take too long and will not change. We see change happening every day; basically, change starts when we try. So by conserving water, we are making a change to save and heal the earth. Save water as much as you can, and you will make it a habit. We often forget to turn off the water tap while brushing, showering, washing dishes, etc. It is where we make a mistake, leading to a bigger problem. By saving water, you will also save your money, do not buy water bottles; switch to tap water which is filtered and drinkable. Reducing the wastage will give you more and never take anything in return.

    2. Live in a more energy-efficient home

    The windows of your house are the reason for 25% to 30% of the residential heat loss and heat gain. So consider replacing them and have a properly insulated home by increasing the R-value, which is the term for measuring insulation of the thermal resistance.

    3. Become car-conscious

    Reducing greenhouse gas is another way to heal and save the planet. So if you stay off the road most of the time, you can bring out this difference. It is a way that will decrease the greenhouse gas emission by an average of one thousand, five hundred and ninety pounds per year. Manage your daily trips to different places in one go and stay off the road. Have a conversation with your boss regarding teleworking. Being car-conscious means, you have to maintain your car regularly. You can enhance the gas mileage by 0.6% to three per cent by keeping the tires of your car inflated to adequate pressure and ensuring to create important repairing if your car is failing the emissions.

    4. Bike, take public transit or walk

    What if saving one thing can give you more than one benefit automatically? Biking and walking are some of the ways that can give you more than one benefit. It reduces the gases of greenhouse plus burns your calories. If the location you desire to reach is not within walking distance, choose mass transit, and you can also use biking to reach the location if you are alone.

    5. Plant more trees

    More trees mean more oxygen and fresh air, and that is how our planet stays healthy. One tree can immerse Carbon dioxide at a rate of thirteen pounds. Trees are great at clearing the air; they clear nitrogen oxides, mini particles and sulfur dioxide. So plant more and more trees around.

    6. Reuse, recycle and reduce

    Since childhood, we have known recycling and reuse is one of the most effective ways to save the planet. We were also taught how we could easily recycle something instead of throwing it in school. So why are we not applying the things we learned instead of causing harm to our planet? We have to change by recycling, reducing and reusing our stuff and not throwing it that cause harm to the sea creatures. When you are out for groceries, you can carry reusable bags to decrease polythene garbage. We can use disposable cups or glass, plates, napkins and other things. Recycle things at home, offices and educational systems plus teach the youngsters how to do it.

    7. Try composting

    In the year 2015, American citizens caused 262.4 million tons of garbage. The composted garbage was only 23.4 million tons. If we try to compost waste materials, we can decrease the number of solid waste; composting can also become a very good quality fertilizer for our plants.

    8. Start easting sustainable food

    Eating healthy is beneficial for both we humans and the earth. The production of food on large-scale leads to 25% greenhouse emission, so start buying food from the farmers. Eat more greens like vegetables and fruits plus nuts and less processed food. You can also grow your garden of vegetables and fruits.

    9. Stop using plastics

    Break the use of plastics as they harm our ocean and its creatures. We have a habit of using plastics as people worldwide buy around one million plastic water bottles. If we stop using plastics, we can stop a lot of waste from landfills and oceans.

    10. Change directions towards LEDs

    The Compact Fluorescent light bulbs are amazing to use as they last ten times more than incandescent light bulbs. Moreover, the CFLs utilize two-thirds lesser energy, and yes, they can have issues as well, so they are not completely perfect to use because they are one of the reasons to harm our planet. They are not manageable to dispose of, and the reason is that they have mercury in them. So switching towards LEDs is the best way to heal the earth. LEDs emit a very narrow band wavelength of light, which is very energy efficient. Begin replacing the CFTs with LEDs, they may cost more, but they last around twenty-five thousand hours compared to the CFTs that last only a thousand hours.

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    Sajid Ali
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