Skin Cancer? Skin Check Can Detect It Early!

    Did you know that skin cancer kills more people than any other type of cancer? One person dies every hour from melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. Although it’s important to avoid sun exposure and always wear sunscreen when you go outside, that isn’t enough to prevent this deadly disease. That’s why it’s important to have a yearly skin check Gold Coast by your dermatologist or by a healthcare provider who specializes in skin health and wellness.

    Skin Cancer Is The Most Common Form Of Cancer 

    Most skin cancers can be cured if detected and treated early. If you are worried about skin cancer, a dermatologist can perform a skin check to find any pre-cancerous or cancerous cells growing on your skin. A dermatologist can also determine whether or not you have an increased risk of developing skin cancer due to your family history. No matter what, every year, all people should check their skin for signs of pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions. The best time to do so is in late spring when days become longer, and there is more daylight available for examining your body’s most exposed areas like legs, chest, arms and face. Having someone else look at these areas will ensure complete coverage when performing an exam yourself.

    Causes: Sun Exposure Is The Primary Cause Of Skin Cancer

    There is a common misconception that only tanning in tanning beds leads to skin cancer. In fact, approximately 90% of melanomas (the deadliest form of skin cancer) are due to sun exposure. This can include over-exposure at tanning salons or getting sunburned even just once. Anyone with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes is especially vulnerable. However, people who have darker complexions can still get melanoma as well; everyone needs to be vigilant about sunscreen use and protective clothing choices every day of the year – not just in the spring and summer months when we spend more time outdoors.

    Types: There Are Three Main Types Of Skin Cancer: Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, And Melanoma

    They can develop from existing moles or appear on their own. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common and least aggressive form of skin cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma is more likely to spread than basal cell carcinoma, but it’s less likely to spread than melanoma. Melanoma is highly dangerous, so if you notice any changes in an existing mole or spot that’s appeared suddenly and looks different from other spots on your body, see a dermatologist as soon as possible for a skin check Gold Coast. You don’t want to wait until something gets worse—just being able to catch it early makes all of a difference.

    Detection: Skin Check Can Detect Skin Cancer Early

    Knowledge is power, which is why getting a skin check by a dermatologist is so important. This can help you detect any abnormalities or cancerous moles early on and get them treated before they cause problems.


    The earlier you detect skin cancer, the easier it will be to treat. Getting regular health screenings at your doctor’s office or local medical centre can ensure you spot potential problems quickly before they become major concerns.

    Treatment: Treatment For Skin Cancer Depends On The Type And Stage Of The Cancer If you suspect skin cancer, schedule a skin check with your dermatologist. They can examine your skin, look for changes and recommend treatment based on your specific situation. Sometimes, a doctor will need to remove a suspicious skin area as part of treatment. People who have an increased risk of skin cancer may choose to undergo periodic biopsies to monitor their health. Regardless of your age or risk factors, it’s important to be vigilant about self-exams and regularly see a dermatologist—even if nothing is wrong. Early detection could save your life.

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