After HBO Max’s Deal, Roku will no longer offer HBO through its Channel Store.

    HBO Max is finally coming to Roku, which is great news for people who want to watch the WarnerMedia subscription on their TVs and catch “Wonder Woman 1984,” which opens on Christmas Day.

    There is a minor snag for Roku customers who want HBO Max.

    Due to a licensing arrangement with WarnerMedia, HBO is no longer available through the Roku Channel Store. Both Amazon and Apple agreed to the same provision as their HBO Max distribution deals. As a result, WarnerMedia sought to obtain first-party data while keeping viewers within its own app experience.

    As a result, HBO Max costs $14.99 a month, the same as the former HBO solo subscription.

    Customers who already have HBO subscriptions through the Roku Channel will need to cancel them to access HBO Max on their Roku devices.

    Customers can unsubscribe from HBO on the Roku Channel by going to, selecting “Manage your subscriptions,” and then clicking on the “HBO on The Roku Channel” tile.

    Customers on Roku must look for the HBO Max app in their channel shop, download it from the Roku Channel Store, and then sign up for HBO Max. In addition, Roku will sell subscriptions to its own Roku Pay payment service in addition to HBO Max subscriptions.

    Roku users who already have an HBO Max or HBO Now subscription (either directly from WarnerMedia or through a third-party distributor) will find it considerably easier to set up their devices. First, using your existing email and password, you can access the HBO Max channel on Roku. Then, when you launch the HBO Max app after you’ve subscribed, pick “Access all of HBO Max” to see all of the material available.

    HBO Max is available for streaming on all Roku devices running OS 9.3 or later.

    HBO Max now has access to all major OTT platforms, including Roku (46 million active accounts) and Amazon Fire TV, thanks to a partnership with Roku (more than 50 million monthly active users). In addition, HBO Max is now available to Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex customers and users of Apple (iOS and Apple TV), Google (Android, Chromecast, and YouTube TV), Xbox PlayStation, and Samsung televisions.

    There’s also a limited-time HBO Max promotion for direct customers, which gives new members a 22 percent discount if they prepay for six months at $69.99 (about $11.66 per month).

    Which streaming service is better for HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube: Roku vs. Amazon Fire TV?

    Are they interested in watching free streaming videos on your television from HBO Max, Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other sources? Choose between Roku and Amazon Fire TV; both are fantastic options. Roku was the most popular streaming device until recently, but Amazon’s Fire TV system has gained traction, and both systems now have over 50 million users. CNET has spent numerous hours testing devices from both platforms, and they both work admirably. Roku devices have had an average rating of 8.0 (excellent) or above.

    So, how do you go about making your decision? First, examine the similarities and differences to see if there are any.

    • Both are very inexpensive, with the most basic ones starting at $30.

    • They get access to hundreds of thousands of TV apps, including all of the major ones. On both platforms, the bulk of apps looks and behave the same.

    • The current Roku and Fire TV models are similarly speedy, responsive, and reliable as long as you have a stable internet connection.

    • They all come with TV volume and power buttons, so you don’t need to use the one that came with your TV unless you’re switching inputs.

    • Both firms provide a wide range of models, from basic streamers to 4K-compatible units with built-in voice control.

    On Roku, how can I obtain HBO Max?

    If you don’t have HBO already installed on your Roku, you can do it just like any other Roku app.

    • Create a Roku account first, then install HBO Max. Then, on the HBO Max website, choose “Subscribe Now.” You can cancel your HBO Max membership at any time for $14.99 per month.

    • You may also join up using HBO Max’s mobile app.

    • Press the Home button on your Roku remote control to begin.

    • Select “Search Channels” from the drop-down menu.

    • Type “HBO” into the search box. When “HBO Max” displays, click it and then “Add Channel.”

    • Click “OK” once the software has been installed.

    • Press the Home key to return to the previous screen.

    • From your channel list, find and select “HBO Max.” Then, log in with the credentials you created on the HBO Max website the first time you signed up for HBO Max.

    On Roku, how can I update to HBO Max?

    If you already have HBO Now or HBO Go on your Roku device, the app will most likely update automatically, and you’ll get HBO Max on your device.

    • Hit the button on your Roku remote to “Start” the HBO app, but don’t press it.

    • To begin the show, hit the “star” button on the remote.

    • After that, select “Check for updates.”

    • HBO Max within seconds should replace the HBO app on Roku.

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