Pillar of Students Success – Know Why GK Is Important for CBSE Students

    General knowledge, vast knowledge of diverse and varied subjects, can benefit students. This knowledge gained by students from day-to-day activities and surroundings helps them perform better academically. It will help in the long run, increasing the chances of new possibilities and avenues. Oxford dictionary explains that GK is the information given about different subjects collected regularly from television, reading etc., apart from data obtained by studying subjects formally.

    Why Is GK Important?

    There is a statement that ‘knowledge is power’. It is accurate as students with good knowledge of different GK categories – such as sports, current affairs, science and technology, or even television and entertainment can articulate eloquently. Most parents ignore GK as they do not know its importance. Parents will get to know why GK is necessary only if they think beyond their mark sheet. It will also allow knowing the reason behind investing quality time in general knowledge of various subjects. GK Questions for Class 5 is available in PDF format to help students learn basic concepts effectively.

    Benefits of General Knowledge in Schools

    1.   Remember Using Words

    A student who can score on a quiz or can recall historical events and use it in the right way will be able to learn the concepts quickly. Students with good knowledge of the latest developments and current affairs will be able to present themselves impressively and confidently. Students can use various words to remember multiple historical facts and other events which occurred recently.

    2.   Numerous Career Opportunities

    Students with good general knowledge will dare to face new challenges and try to get good career opportunities. From being a quizzer to motivational speakers, they will be able to explore numerous career paths. If they think of choosing a career like news anchors, journalists, RJ, VJ etc., they can set good examples by explaining their knowledge of the subject.

    3.   Unique among Others

    The students who make use of current affairs in their answer sheets, and notes are the ones who are considered to be the best candidates by the teachers. GK enables the students to think out of the box and cover their syllabus differently. This knowledge mainly comes from students appearing for face interviews and competitive exams.

    4.   Socialise Easily

    Students equipped with the GK tool will find it simple to socialise with others. These students can start a conversation or engage others in deliberations. Knowledge of various factors provides students with opportunities to meet new people from other cultures and countries. It will help students cope with the school or workplace environments without stepping back.

    5.   Good Leadership Skills

    Good knowledge of finance, politics, policies or other day-to-day happenings can help students to influence or form opinions. It will improve their leadership skills and help in making sensible decisions in the future. A student who uses news channels and stays updated with daily experiences has an excellent opportunity over others in this competitive world.

    It has become imperative to learn not just within the classroom but should build a strong foundation of knowledge for themselves. Students should broaden their thoughts and look beyond their school syllabus in today’s competitive world. Unseen Passage for Class 7, given online, can be accessed by students to increase their ability to think and answer various questions asked in the final exams.

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    Sajid Ali
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