6 Benefits of handing over visiting cards to your customers

    Why does having a business visiting cards in the 21st-century matter? If this question often lurks in your mind too. You are in the right place! In this blog, we will discuss a few reasons why handing a visiting card to your customers or prospects still matters in 2022. But before that, let’s learn a bit about business cards.

    A business card came into existence in the 15th century when the Chinese used visiting cards to announce that they were visiting a person. Along similar lines, European traders used a card to advertise their work. The evolution of business cards continued, and today, we use them to dispense information about ourselves and the brand. A business card not only tells people about how to contact a brand. It also tells them what a brand does and makes a business unique. It is a powerful marketing tool, as when you create and share it correctly, you increase the customer base for your business.

    Back to why you should hand a visiting card to your customers. Due to the following reasons.

    Ease of sharing details

    A business visiting card has all the information a customer or prospect needs to contact you in one place. That helps the recipient of the card contact you with ease as they don’t have to search the internet or call other people to contact you. Everything is on the visiting cards.

    Business cards help create a professional image.

    A business card helps show people that you have your act together. Sometimes the business goes through tons of ups and downs. However, never let prospects or customers know that. Otherwise, it will harm your sales and reputation. Thus, having a business card helps convey to the world that everything is good. It also helps build a credible professional image for your business.

    Business cards are vital for networking.

    There are so many means to network these days. However, the importance of a business card is still there as it helps you connect and establish a long-term relationship with experts in and out of your field. They will always remember you when you meet someone face-to-face and share a business card with them. The card will serve as a reminder for them about the meeting. Printed business cards can get lost, but not if the design and material quality are impeccable. Moreover, you can also invest in a digital business card to network physically and digitally.

    It creates an impeccable first impression.

    A successful business deal happens when you make a quick first impression of the person you are meeting. A business card can help you create an impeccable first impression for your business as it has every detail about your brand. Follow the best tips to design the business card well to make it impressive. For instance, incorporating the brand’s theme and feel. Using the logo on your card with the right color and typography is the perfect way to create an eye-catching business card.

    Customers expect a business card.

    When customers first meet you, they expect a business card when leaving the store or office. It helps them contact you when they need your services. If you don’t have one and write the contact details on paper. Or ask them to save their number on the phone; it doesn’t sit well with them. Similarly, not having a card to exchange key information at a networking event looks bad.

    A business card provides a convenient way for connections to contact you

    Business cards are convenient. Sometimes you meet a connection but don’t have time to sit and chat. Or a customer comes in but has to leave suddenly. In both cases, using a visiting card to bridge the gap. The connection or customer can use the card to contact you when they get time, and you will not lose out on a potential customer/connection.

    Lastly, you can leave your business cards at a library or a café for a potential client or customer to pick them up and contact you.

    Irrespective of any marketing tactic gaining momentum, the role and power of business cards will not change. They will evolve but will always be around in some form. Thus, use it for your business to have a successful brand.

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