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    Kira Dell is an art historian. Kira Dell attended the universities of Hamburg, Berlin’s Humboldt, and Paris’s EHESS for coursework in art history, visual culture, and cultural anthropology.

    Kira Dell has been a freelance art mediator since 2010, and her clients have included the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg’s Kunsthalle, and Berlin, Germany’s Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle. For the Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt, Kira Dell was the project coordinator beginning in June 2018 and staying until April 2021 (her start date). To foster closer ties between museums’ curators and academics, she helped form the Feminist Circle for Art Workers.

    Kira Dell began freelancing as a lecturer in 2016 and has given talks and workshops at different art schools and universities. In addition, since April 2021, Kira Dell and Laura Seidel have been co-directing the project space Neun Kelche in Berlin-Weißensee in their free time.

    Kira Dell research interests include feminist and performative techniques in contemporary art, planetary perspectives, collaborative curating, working relationships and self-designs among artists and more.

    Kira Dell, the stunning American heiress, was born on June 1, 1992, to wealthy businesspeople Michael Dell and Susan Liberman. She’s 27 years old now, and she’s the Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Manager at Endeavor.

    They’re Kira Dell’s Brothers and Sisters

    Talented Kira Dell is the youngest of four children; her parents also raised sisters Alexa Dell and Juliette Dell, and a brother, Zachary Dell. Her brother, Zachary Dell, created the collegiate dating app Thread and now works for Blackstone, while her sister, Alexa Dell, is a digital consultant for the same Los Angeles-based firm.

    Kira has two brothers who work in the software industry, but she also has a sister, Juliette Dell, who is a champion horse rider.

    About Kira Dell’s Academic Background

    Kira, both lovely and intelligent, graduated from a U.S. institution. She attended Vassar College after high school and earned a B.A. in International Studies in 2015. She furthered her education by attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2016 and the School for International Training in Brazil (2013) and South Africa (2012). Kira is proficient in English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, thanks to her extensive formal language education.

    She has taken and passed thirteen different classes on topics such as Democracy and Power; Education for Peace, Justice, and Human Rights; Ending Deadly Conflict; Exiles and Emigrants; Global Political Economy; Latin American Politics; Race, Gender, and Sustainable Development; Social Justice and Public Policy; The Political Geography of Human Rights; The Politics of Capitalism; The Politics of Modern Social Movements; Transnational Perspectives on Women and Work; and Working-Class Studies.

    Kira Dell

    Who is Kira Dell’s boyfriend?

    Regarding details about her private life, Kira Dell gives off a very mysterious vibe. She has been notably silent about her romantic life on her social media accounts. She seems to have kept her relationship to a smaller circle than her sisters Alexa and Juliette Dell. Maybe she’s single and works hard to get ahead in her career. The 27-year-old woman is now single and focused on advancing her career.

    Working Life of Kira Dell

    When discussing Kira’s work history, it is important to note that she started as an Equine Therapy Instructor at Heart House: Thoughtful Horse Equestrian Center (2006-2007). For both Casa Marianella Inc and the Vassar College English Language Learner Outreach Program, she taught English to students in 2011. She started teaching at Harlem Village Academics in 2017 for the Kindergarten class.

    Her current position is that of an entrepreneur at Endeavor Global Inc. With the help of its extensive business network of 2,500+ local and global business leaders, Endeavor has assisted over 50,000 candidates and picked 1,500 entrepreneurs from among 1,000 enterprises. These business owners have contributed over $10 billion in sales and spawned over 650,000 new employees in 2016.

    Kira Dell’s Wealth and Income

    She has amassed considerable wealth as an American entrepreneur at Endeavor. Kira’s wealth is reportedly in the tens of millions of dollars. However, she has been cagey about how much she earns annually. She inherits the Dell name and the fortune of her father, Michael Dell, whose fortune is estimated to be approximately $ 35 billion U.S. dollars, in addition to her salary and net worth.

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    U.S.A. / New York


    • Seso Inc. Product Manager
    • Aunt Bertha is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit where you can work as a product manager.
    • Associate, Entrepreneurial Growth & Selection, at Endeavor


    • University of Alaska, Fairbanks
    • 2016 – 2016
    • To wit: Vassar College
    • To the degree of Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
    • 2011 – 2015
    • S.I.T. (School for International Training)
    • 2013 – 2013


    • Spanish
    • Concerning: International Affairs
    • Microsoft Office
    • Writing
    • Teaching
    • Social Mobilization
    • Teaching Languages
    • In a Group Setting
    • Translation
    • Study Design: Qualitative

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