Even though driving a truck for long hours under various weather conditions, on rough surfaces, and through traffic can be challenging, it has its fair share of perks. Truck drivers enjoy life on the road, often passing scenic routes and working on flexible schedules. Many of them also earn big bucks based on the job specifications.

    But how long can a trucker drive each day? There are limitations to the number of hours a professional is allowed to drive set by the authorities to safeguard the drivers from fatigue or ill health. However, these rules are set to ensure good health.

    Before delving into the specifics of permissible work hours, take a peek at some exciting things about being a professional truck driver.

    It can be an exciting job.

    The trucking industry generates billions of dollars annually, making it a pivotal part of the economy. Despite its challenges of long hours and time away from home, the job can be fascinating for driving enthusiasts who love spending time on the highway.

    More specifically, those who manage to create a disciplined approach to the job enjoy endless perks. For instance, long-haul driving enables newbies to experience scenic routes, meet fellow trucking professionals, try various cuisines, and pass famous sites along the way.

    There is good earning potential.

    The average salary of a trucking professional can be anywhere from $65,000 to $80,000 a year, subject to the job specifications. Also, new hire bonuses, a safety net, anniversary perks, and other additions make up for time spent away from loved ones.

    However, knowing the current industry salary is essential to ensure you are hired for the right amount. You can refer to online guides by trucking experts for details on choosing the right job and asking for fair pay.

    Permissible driving hours

    So, how long can a trucker drive each day? A maximum limit of eleven driving hours within twenty-four hours has been set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), keeping in mind the challenges of driving nonstop. The set rules are designed so that professionals remain active, alert, and fully awake on the job, effectively warding off untoward incidents and accidents.

    They can take a thirty-minute interlude after clocking around eight collective hours. The rules also specify that professionals cannot exceed an average of seventy hours of trucking per week. So, if they reach the weekly limit, they must take an intermission of thirty-four hours before resuming work or training.

    Newbies can access reliable online resources.

    Trucking may be the perfect job if you are passionate about traveling various roads and delivering important cargo, ensuring diverse industries run smoothly.

    Fortunately, getting a license and diving head first into the job is far easier today than it was a few years ago. Several online resources are run by industry experts offering valuable advice and resources to interested folks. You can find an expansive list of the top training schools to attend, which companies to consider working for, and the current industry salary.

    Furthermore, several websites list jobs and have an open forum where avid truckers share their experiences on the job, helping amateurs adjust quickly to their new roles. So, do proper research and use resources to find guidance and the best job available for a trucker.

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