How to Know Your Sony TV Model?

    Sony TV Bravia Smart TV offers some of the best Android TVs on the market, but even the best smart TVs can be overwhelming. Android TV offers a wide range of apps and services, including a huge library of free and paid content, as well as games, social media, and a wide variety of smart home features.

    But, all of this means that there’s a lot you might not know about Sony TVs, from connecting your smart TV to smart home devices to finding the right menu for adjusting picture settings or enabling some small menus, Sony offers known functions.

    Sony TV

    Here are two easy ways to find the model number of your Sony TV.

    1. Look for the manufacturer’s label on the Sony TV itself

    The quickest way to find your TV model is to check the label. You can usually find this label on the back or side of the TV, usually near the connector panel where you would find HDMI and other ports. This is usually an eye-catching label and has a very good print. Here you’ll find the TV’s full model number, device serial number, information on power requirements and FCC certification, and the usual customer support phone numbers.

    An easy way to easily get this information without pulling the TV away from the wall is to take a picture of the tag when you first set up the TV. You can then save the information for future reference.

    2. Find the model information in the TV’s settings

    Another place you can find your TV model is in your TV’s system settings. Start at the home screen and navigate to the row labeled “Applications”. Instead of scrolling right to browse apps on the TV, you move left to highlight the app menu icon.

    Under the application menu, you can open the Help settings. In the Help menu, open the Status and Diagnostics menu, which will have a System Information option where you can find the model number of your TV, details about the TV software version, and the software used to run the system diagnostics options.

    Before buying a Sony TV, remember to use the TV size calculator to choose the best Sony TV for your living room space and . If you already own a Sony TV, How to Download Apps on Sony Smart TV may back to be one of the problems you face when using your TV. You can send questions to users who also use Sony TVs, or discuss any difficulties you encounter with them in the Sony TV forum as well.

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